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Day Two of Singfest starts in a couple of hours.

Day One ended with me feeling really old in knowing that I knew the lyrics to Welcome to My Life (I am embarrassed to say this but, I nearly cried when I was singing that song last night) and that I couldn't handle the 12 hours of pure moshing madness I managed to sustain last year.

And that I fell asleep during Travis's set.

It's now that time of the month and my plans to mosh for P!ATD are well, tossed into the rubbish bin (wrapped nicely in tissue paper) because it'd be very dirty (literally and figuratively) for me to do so.

I'm going to sit on the grass like an old person.

Maybe I'll get a beer this time.

I haven't been writing lately. On my wordpress blog or here. Everything's just swimming in and out of my mind at the moment, I seem to be preoccupied with "bigger things" but I keep on forgetting to do the smaller things that sustain me.

Like writing.

After tonight, I'll get down to it. Updating. Updating my life to version 2.0, August 2008.
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In the sense that I'm the one taking all the photos <3

So yes. Heading off to take my FTT soon - hopefully I pass (gaaah) and then off to SINGfest with my lovely GMUFC! 12 hours (or so) of pure musical bliss. Then I rush back to do website stuff and the press repeat for the 12 hour concert marathon again. I need to pace myself. Singfest is so very awesome in the fact that I really get to fill up my deprivation of concert-going but still. I shouldn't overdo it.

In other news, I am... well. I am not very well at the moment. I keep on having flashbacks to when I was 10 and this horrifically angsty girl (children should never emo when they are 10!) and started binging on food and what not. I was eating pasta for dinner last night and I thought, "shit. that really screwed me up." It's that kind of unexplainable phase in your life (probably only my life) where I decided that I hated everything in the world. Worst of all I started hating myself and well, I've never stopped ever since.

So to find... to find something or someone who can make me stop hating myself... It's a near miracle. I almost had that miracle. But you know, God likes to throw a monkey wrench in my plans.
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Having been to the inaugural Singfest last year, I'm definitely keen on going for this year's one!

The line-up is killer. Most of it is to die for, and the price tag reflects that. $300 for both nights! God!

Then again when you think about the number of artists you get for the price, it isn't that bad. Still, $300!

BUT JASON MRAZ. TRAVIS. P!ATD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And Alicia Keys but let's not fangirl about her there) and Crowned King! I can wear their shirt! :D And get them to sign my CD case again! hohohoho. [livejournal.com profile] spirylstatic and I had lots of fun chasing after random artists to get their autographs. I think I still have 'em somewhere. The Pipettes, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is <33. Who else did I get? I can't remember.

But ouchhh, $300. And Death Cab for Cutie is coming in the same month. And I'll be going to Japan before that. Seriously, expensive times kids.
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Photos come when I get sleep, go to school and harrass my academic advisor with bad hearing and get back home and sleep somemore.

SINGFEST Photos over here!

Close-ups to die for.

Now I just need to learn how to optical zoom-in without compromising the quality of the pictures.
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Mmm, a long time since I used the 'concert' tag! I'm so happy to use it again - ah my baby come here to Papa!

PLAY! A Video Game Symphony was absolutely awesome. Thanks GameAxis for the tickets!

More tomorrow when I get pulled away from my DS but highlights were obviously One-Winged Angel, the heart-rendering Kingdom Hearts Arrangement (using Utada Hikaru's song as the main theme) and the Final Fantasy rock-symphony - I think the title was... I can't remember at the moment. But I'm very very sure it was a Black Mages piece. Like AWEOME. If Uematsu was here to perform it with the Black Mages, I'd die happy.

Overall, kudos to the Singapore Festival Orchestra and Choir for a wonderful performance. The pieces were no easy feat (wtf the chords were freakin' complex on some arrangements, like the composer was drunk or something) and it took a lot of effort and practice to deliver such a performance. From a musician to musicians, thank you very much. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

One thing though, I think proper concert etiquette should be taught to all school-going kids and like adults too. Some people I feel, didn't even show the basic respect for the performers and the Conductor. Like what's up with that? These people put in hours of blood and sweat to give you this concert - the least thing you could do is show them a little respect by sitting properly. You don't have to sit like some uptight faggot from the upper ranks of the Army, but at least sit up. Dude.

Anyway, :D excellent stuff. Come back here some time later for a more detailed commentary on the concert. A.k.a give me time to remember the repertoire!

PLAY! A Video Game Symphony )

It's late, I've written alot and I should sleep so that I can blog about the GE Zouk event later. 'slong!
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When I'm down, I really go under. Where are you to see me through all of this?

'slike while I try and recuperate so that I can show up for work tomorrow, anyone wants to go to Play! with me? The 16 Jun 2:30pm matinee. If no one responds by like, tomorrow night, I'll go by myself.
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Apparently I've gotten an overall of 50 for my Econs midyear. That's a D. OMGGGG. I DIDN'T FAIL. Thank all the omnipresent Gods in the world. Hey, maybe I'll actually y'know, not fail Econs for my A Levels! It's a darn relief that I'm not a total wuss in the area of academics.

Anyway, Modest Mouse's This Devil's Workday is one of my favourite songs and you should all go give it a listen! I always welcome requests for me to send it to you, if you don't have it. Well, actually I just love the bass line for the song and the warbling of the trumpets at the end. It's justifiably very groovy in a back-alley sort of way - my kind of music.


Oh and CURRY FAVOUR gave me a foodgasm! I need to bring all of you foodies there immediately. :O~~

the super long meme )
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COLDPLAY WAS AWESOME x 1000000 (or rather, x INFINITY)




Since like, I'm feeling much more magnamonious and all - Congratulations Italy for a job well done. Oh well, guess you can never rely on Barthez. :\

wah, you think you're so cool, so hip, so happening, so in for going with the flow lor. you think you're so in right? WRONG.
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If yesterday was good, today was even better.

The whole band was wow. The atmosphere was really high, everything just fell into place. The audience was attentive, they knew when to clap (e.g when Sir pointed out the saxophone section, or Vignesh). The saxophones... Wow.

Can I relive this night again?

I want to thank WJ, Yen, Wen Han, Nana and Sim for coming down. I want to thank Mindy and Man Yan for supporting me too! And to all the others who I couldn't get tickets for. Thank you for the well wishes, the flowers, the CANDY WRAPPER, the hugs, the photos.

Thank you for supporting me in my musical dream. :)
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no time to blog properly about it but



Compliments from Nana and Sim: percussion were really good. and a certain snare drummer larh

Compliments from all my friends: I ROCKED the saxophones rocked. like hard. even though uh, we played rather softly and i kept on playing wrong notes

Only downside of the night? The audience NEVER shouted for an encore.

Wow. I'm so pumped up. The whole day, despite its downs was like UPPPP most of the time. I love you guys CJCSB. :)

If only I didn't have to do a proposal for tomorrow. :\
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:O Band was cancelled. I would be in school already, just that the whole school is locked up and Charles called around half an hour ago to tell me "not to leave the house". :\ I thought they wanted me to bring something. Damn. No band today. Well. I'm leaving the house soon to register for my Japanese Intermediate 1 class and buy some CDs at HMV.

And hey hey hey, I'm back already!! With 2 Rufus Wainwright CDs and a Swing Girls CD in tow. omfg, I'm so glad I found a Swing Girls CD. I never got around to watching the movie, and just listening to them play is a multisenory orgasm. It helps that there are 2 songs by Glenn Miller in there. <3<3<3 If I ever find the DVD or VCD, I'm so buying it. I need to watch it badly, especially since people have expressed a (weird!) opinion that I look like one of the swing girls. <3

The Sunday Intermediate-1 class is full!!! HOW CAN THIS BE! I feel so cheated. It only commences onthe 14th of August and it's full already? A wasted trip. Oh well, I did ask the receptionist to give me a call if there were anymore Sunday lessons available. With band and school, I badly need a Sunday class.

The SAF band concert was pretty spectacular last night. Well, the pieces didn't appeal to me overall. They were mainly classical-ish pieces and we all know how much I like more you know type of pieces, but it was really good. :3 I'm biased but kudos to the SAF saxophone section. You guys just rocked. And the bass line. I like listening out for it now, since I have a new found appreciation to non-melodic lines. Charles was a guest guitarist! How cool is that! Our very own CJCSB president a guest player! In a suit, at that! Phoar~!!!

I guess the only downside of the concert was the fact that there were this whole group of kids (mainly Malays, but I'm not trying to be racist here) who 1) arrived late, 2) made lots of noise, 3) kicked our chairs!! Mainly poor Immy who got the bulk of the chair-kicking. It was so bloody annoying! I mean, if you want to make comments during the performance ala "that tuba sounded flat! yeah!!" and other RELEVANT comments, do it softly! ARGH.

Other than that, it was hard to find anything bad to pick about. I mean, I sat with the coolest bunch of people on earth! (HAHA. HOW'S THAT FOR INFLATING YOUR EGOS.) E.G Sandie, Melvin, Immy, LB, Singyi, Chengyi, David... And that random shout during the percussion/drums solo. OMFG. I never laughed so hard before. You guys are nuts.

Nearly the whole band was supposed to go, but only around 20 turned up in the end with the usual gang being David, Sara, the Melvins, Nic, Liang Bao, Sing Yi, Vig, Sandie, Immy, Kevin, Wee Min, Mingfang and a few others whose names I'm too lazy to type out. Hoho. To everyone's amusement and my, well amusement too I suppose, Cheng Yi and I ended up wearing orange shirts together and we've become the Orange Girl and Orange Boy. HAHA. Too bad I didn't wear black or white. ;D

After the concert, we wasted some time milling about the lobby of the Esplanade theatre. The guys were all mock-fighting. "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!" with uh, crossovers from Street Fighter and Tekken. DAVID HAS TEKKEN 5!! I WANT. Sigh, more often than not, only guys know about all these stuff. It's fun talking to them about Pokemon and what not. Then the whole lot of us trooped off to Dhoby Ghaut and hung around McDonalds before rushing off to catch the last train. :3 I love band outings. They're so fun.

I've got to pop down the WEARHOUSE at Kallang to go find my Racial Harmony Day costume. Guess what I'm dressing up as? Come on, guess! Have you got it?

I'm going as an Indian man, decked out with turban and beard+moustache and all. I'll probably walk around the school barefoot too! I've never gone all out for Racial Harmony Day, but I was just thinking, why not start this year since I'm in a new school and all. Gosh. Imagine me walking around and sitting in lecture with a huge-ass turban on my head. X3

Is true love a trip to Chinatown
Or being held in one's opium gaze
Under the peach trees
There I'll sit and wait

Is true love a long walk through Bryant park
Or being held in the month of May
under the peach trees
There I will be, will be until you come and get me

Cause I'm so tired of waiting in restaurants
reading the critics and comics alone
With a waiter with a face made for currency
Like a coin in ancient Rome

And I really do wish you were here next to me
cause I'm going to see James Dean
There I will be
Under the peach trees with him

-Rufus Wainwright; Peach Trees


Jul. 8th, 2005 12:01 am
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Let me start off with a general statement:

I like waffles.

Unfortunately, waffles aren't too popular with the History department so I've got to stop bloody waffling in my History essays. I haven't gotten any news whether I've joined the rest of the cohort in failing, or whether I'm one of the handful that barely passed. However, the prospects are bleak with Narindar positively screaming her oesophagus dry on the first day of school. Just dandy. Averages of classes are hovering around single digits over 50. Not a pretty sight, and obviously my class isn't the exception.

Economics isn't doing too well either. I passed my MCQ, but frankly I'm not satisfied despite my obvious unaffinity with shading circles on the answer script. :\ Just so that none of you think that I'm some dunce in school, it's so freaking hard to get an A in Singapore, thank you very much. And I'm wondering what possessed me to set such high standards for myself at the beginning of this year.

The first day of school was, dreary I guess. I mean, after endless hours of studying (for me) and partying for others, the last thing you want is to be constrained by timetables and deadlines. Yeah, but PE made my day a little brighter for the fact that it was so retarded. Some hip-hop dance it was! I'm never going to look at the PE teachers the same way again.

Band was alright I suppose. It was going fine, well as fine as one could get playing a score full of low notes when all your low notes are out of commission, until I rushed off for the NJC concert.

WHAT THE FUCK MY BARITONE STAND GAVE WAY. The rubber part that supported the instrument? It popped out, sending my baby crashing to the floor. Now in addition to the screwed up screw-less bottom, the top rod is completely bent. BITCH. The more I think about it, the more I panick because I can't play a single note now. ;_____;

By the way, the NJC concert was okay. They played most of my favourite songs (JAPGRAFIV!!!!!!!) and Nana was performing. I got to meet up with my old section-mates too. <3 Rabu rabu.

Mmkay. Sleep time.
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Summary for the night:


Like wtf? Ronin. I'm not a big fan or anything but Ronin.

I guess the overall performances of the finalists were alright. After all, most of them are still wet-behind-the-ears. Kudos to the rock bands. They've got a whole lot of style, if not eununciation.

it makes me happy to just see you online
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i sold my soul to the devil )
I TAG [livejournal.com profile] gweenmeanie (HAHAHAHAHA), [livejournal.com profile] jennifurret, [livejournal.com profile] cherrylilwolf, [livejournal.com profile] izzyferret, [livejournal.com profile] blackpeace. And anyone else, if the said people on the list have done it already.

ARGH. Stupid iTunes update isn't downloading!!

Mmmyeah, so yesterday kids, we had a blast of a time at the Jubilate concert. Well, for most of it I guess. I will never know how to appreciate contemporary dance, and there were two dances. Anyway, the highlight of the whole event of course was the performance by the band! We had the largest amount and loudest of cat-calls and cheers! Ignore the fact that stage set-up took up a long time. I have to admit, El Camino Real could have been better. The trumpeters were nervous, you could tell from the awkward screeches and mispitching. The horns, I must say, have improved spectacularly. You guys actually sound like horns now! I'm not going to say anything about my darling saxophones because I'm evidently biased towards them. I still have a bone to pick with the lack of movement. Don't you guys feel anything? :o

I probably did the second most retarded thing, in addition to painting my nails opposing colours o_o||, by which I yelled "GO MS SIA!!!" after this idiot guy did it. I was supposed to do it first, but I have retarded actions. Human time error, y'see.

Anyway, it was a great girly reunion with all my ex-schoolmates and classmates. Wanjing came back from the UK! The bloody bastard has a 2 month summer vacation while the rest of us slaves-to-Singapore-education slog in the sweltering heat. Can't wait to spend time with her and correct all the wrong rumors she has been hearing about me. GUYS WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING HER. O_O

Today's the 1st of July! Hana-chan should be back from Japan, or at least half-way across the Pacific Ocean by now. Souvenier. I want one. JOKING. I didn't get you one from last year anyway. X3 Hey! I want pictures! :3

I know I'm supposed to post pictures. But eh, camera didn't function. :D Come back later. WAY LATER.


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