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Remind me to post something on photography. I feel very strongly about it and some things pertaining to it so I need to get it out there.
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coffee + 4500 words (of which i have 2800) + 3 hours sleep + roaaarrr

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Good god is it humid out here. I can feel the huge gobules of water condense onto my skin, underneath my clothes -- it's pretty gross. Wet and wetter. The rain doesn't help things. Some of the little rain droplets get confused, forget to hit the ground and evaporate into the muggy air even before they fulfill their life's purpose of racing at the speed of 5cm/s to the pavement. Or hit windscreens with the impact of a leaf hitting the surface of a lake.

Hope everyone will be on time. I've been pretty much bonded to Auden -- he's an extension of my brain and arms right now and I suppose I need to wean off this dependency. I mean, I seriously doubt I'll be bringing him along to Thailand and Taiwan; monasteries do no have an excess of powerpoints, least of all internet. Though I suppose Monks 2.0 would twitter their sutras and blog about their daily meditations.

Will be writing profusely in notebooks during the 2 week field-trip; I suppose I need to get more notebooks to write in from lovely places like BooksActually.

Which I was at last night, for Poet x Poet.

I don't remember going to any BooksActually events (shame on me!) other than some t-shirt exhibition when they were still at Telok Ayer. So around 20-30 people crammed (like sardines!) into their Ann Siang Hill premises, and listened to Lee Tzu Pheng and Ng Yi-Sheng (with Dr. G jumping in every now and then) talk poetry and life for 2 hours.

Actually, they could have been anyone else because apart from Ng Yi-Sheng, everyone else who spoke were disembodied voices to me. Bookcase blocked my view, but thankfully not their voices.

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Woo. Trying out XJournal right now, because it has pretty awesome tag-remembering features and I have too many tags to actually remember.

Anyway, I am unbelievably tired -- just finished doing research for Dr. G's paper (nearly 3000 words of research for a 1,500 word paper x_x) -- and I have four hours of classes in store for me. It's a warmup y'see, before I plunge into writing that Pamela essay that's due. Tomorrow. At 2pm. What I really want to do now is sleep, have a long nap, curl up in a pile of blankets (or just a mattress would be suffice), sink down into a nice armchair, put my head down on this table -- ANYTHING to get some shut eye.

Well, in anycase, I finished my never-ending Gender paper. I'm quite proud of it so here, let me shove a chunk of it down your throats!

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Yeah, you're probably snoring by now. I wish I was. I kind of want to write on how restrictive language is in Pamela or something original -- unpack the word "incarceration" and just play with it the whole time. But 1,500 words is rather short to do a full-blown thesis on characters being bound by language or something like that (1,500 is deceptively short. It takes a hell lot of time to write, sadly.) but how do I make it concise. Like poprocks.

'slike attended the Buddhism in Asia (henceforth known as BIA) pre-trip briefing yesterday and to be honest, it feels dodgy. I mean, it's a student-run affair, more so that last year's Japan trip, but still. Dodgy dodgy. I wish there were more friends/Japan people taking part. It seems like a good platform to get started on whatever pseudo-academic career path I have in mind so... yeah. Prof W-B was there (he's on sabbatical wtf) to give a talk and once again proof that Lit Profs are generally more interesting and witty than your average speaker. Or maybe I'm just biased lah.

Okay. Need to pack up and head for my Gender class. Sleeeeeepy. I'm really, absolutely, positively sure that I will fall asleep. Sorely tempted to not go for Dr. G's lecture and just head hope to nap write his paper. I mean, he's been rather happy with my work so far so I want to write a smashing paper.

wtf. Why is iTunes playing a lullaby.
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Finally done with my Psychoanalysis midterm. I'm not particularly proud or confident of anything I wrote so far (it's a mishmash of my notes, paraphrased and made to sound like I did it within 40minutes and a couple of hours), but hey it's finished. I'm praying to God Almighty that I can get at least a B+ for this midterm and hopefully an A- overall. I like Psychoanalysis (more Lacan than poor Freud) but I just don't understand how to explain things sometimes. Harhar, you could say that psychoanalysis makes me writer like Freud.

Which isn't good.

It's 2:30am and I need to get some sleep before heading to school later for an interview (I swear I will fall asleep!), 18thC project meeting with Moniza and two other classmates and try to watch Mee Pok Man and 12 Storeys before heading home to start and finish my Renaissance essay.

Ugh. I hate recess weeks that are not recess weeks.
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There is some fundamental problem when the main reason (though, not only reason) why I cannot take part in global programes, and hence "give myself more opportunities" is because I don't have the money to travel to location XYZ. Of course the second other main reason is because Singapore is painfully meritocratic so hey, I'm not worth it no mater how much they try to deny that CAP is not the deciding factor.

So it turns into this whole nasty Catch-22 where I can't take part in programmes because I have never taken part in any of the previous programmes.

Random side-note: I've been trying to help my dad do the Pet Society moneyhack but it keeps timing out before we can save the damn game? I think PlayFish has like, resolved the damn hack issue. NOOOOOO. I want my father's pet to be insanely rich!

Attended the Young Writers Seminar yesterday and found it pretty inspiring for most parts (thumbs up to the LitSoc for organizing it!).

All-In ramblings )

Rest of the day was spent with T04 at Lau Pa Sat and the CBD area where we stuffed our mouths with food and then proceed to walk along the river. Fun times! Alvan (such a nice guy!) sent all of us home 'coz it was late.

Next week's going to be almost too-busy for me so I am going to SLACK AS MUCH AS I CAN NOW!

Note: I'm looking for a Korean shopping service, does anyone have any to recommend me? (I've emailed on LJ user who does a shopping service but she hasn't gotten back to me yet so I'm just keeping my options open!
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Received an e-mail from my cousin IP (sorry, there is no "MAN" behind the IP) about the relocating of Tsukiji Market. It was only barely two years ago that I visited the damp but never dark seafood market at four am in the morning. Running behind our guides, and telling them about sotong and how it tastes delicious with chili sauce, and then lightly pulling apart flying fish wings to admire the delicate beauty of the one milimeter thin fins.

There's giong to be a jazz concert to be held, as a sort of pleasant protest against the relocation. I'd love to attend but flying myself out of Singapore just for the concert is a little out of my league. A pity I can't be there.

I've been making backups of my LJ archives lately, what with all the talk about LJ possibly shutting down. I've been on LJ for around what, six years and if it does go - I don't intend for any of my entries to go down with it. I'd probably relocate to my domain but still, it won't be the same. I'm pretty constant with blogging. I haven't changed my address since I started here and before that, I was always on the same blogspot site. So to uproot myself and plant new seeds on foreign soil will take some getting used to.

Maybe flower, this time.

oh dear.

Nov. 16th, 2008 05:04 pm
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So apparently my paternal grandma has been sent to the hospital because she choked on her phlegm and was unconscious. WTF. HAPPENED. My dad just sent her there (I think he was visiting her at my uncle's house?) and is on the way home.


This post was really supposed to be about the three new Ariake Koichi icons I uploaded but um, looks like they aren't very important now.
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So yes, it's 4:15am and I'm trying to churn out a decent presentation on Victorian novels (not forgetting that I have my Japanese class at 10am tomorrow, lulz I am dead) and I have a panda to accompany me.

And the panda is vomitting.

Yes, it is: over here. Enjoy.


Aug. 19th, 2008 11:20 am
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I forgot to log out

I love my bob


EDIT @ 10:00pm --

Seriously, I did not type that. Whoever it was er, hi?
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Confessional writing is a tricky thing. Do it the wrong way and it seems like too whiny, too self-absorbed.

I can't believe that I woke up at 11am.

In anycase, I just realized how effing heavy my Comiket 74 catalog is. It's definitely more than 2kg, since it feels a lot heavier than my 2.4kg laptop. I can't believe I lugged this monster home. Actually I can't believe I bought it - from Toranoana - because of the moe bottle holder they were giving away. =A=;; Lucky I had two guys around to help me ferry it around Akiba.

My table's a mess again because I dumped all my goods onto it last night. =A=;; I need to re-clear the table and I don't know. Find a place to store all my haul. What a headache.

Other plans for the week, because I'm a scatter brain-

Today: Heading down to school for the EML Welcome Tea with J. Shudder, meeting new people. I'm not good with that. My motto is "Hell is other people" and really, what am I doing going out of my comfort zone?
Tomorrow (Wednesday): Going to J's house with YZ, Jas, Yoga and Calvin to steal photos and play with his rabbits.
Thursday: Hyogo Ship briefing in the morning
Friday: Tagging along for paintball fun and etc with the class who's bringing Shun around. (I just realized that I have er, my period and er, paintballing would be a painful and messy affair. Darn. I hate being a woman.)
Saturday: Party at J's house! I will be bringing the booze! Have to coordinate the supplies list and guest list I guess.
Sunday: PA3 class starts, I think. And Rock Band party at my house in the evening. I'm sorry but I'm psyched for this. T04 x Rock band = Pure Pwnage.

....Wow. Ain't I busy! And I was worrying that I didn't have much of a social life :D(). I just remembered that I was supposed to complete Okami this vacation but I never got around to doing it.

I was worrying about how TechBuzz would be able to do game reviews because I don't own any of the latest consoles (old skool love!) and I'm not sure if I can actually get any writers to do game reviews for me - but I spotted this company at Singfest which does console rentals? It's a viable (though maybe costly) alternative but maybe I can get a tie-up with them? O: Anyway yes, I'm brainstorming at the moment. Should come up with a Plan of Attack for the three sections I'm in charge of.

Speaking about T04, I really miss my JC class. The amount of crazy shit we got into. The whole atmosphere is almost replicated with the Transport Class guys, which is awesome and yet, horribly nostalgic at the same time. If I ever get these guys together in one place, there will be Hell on Earth. X3

Actually, I don't know the point of this post. I just started and I couldn't stop. It's my fingers, they're moving on their own. Probably held them for too long and now they are UNLEASHED. D: My mood swings are crazy these days.



May. 20th, 2008 08:51 pm
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So in order to prep myself for Indy Jones, I thought I might've a gander at catching the previous 3 films. Illegal, online means aren't working well at the moment so I thought to ransack my Dad's massive DVD collection to see if the George Lucas fan that he is, might have copies.

(I know we have LDs somewhere but our LD player is senile so ... yeah. No LDs.)

While sweating it out in his stuffy study, I climb up tables and chairs to the shelves that house mostly unopened DVDs and boxsets. I always knew that pops had a thing for hoarding things - his 1980s computer game collection is mindblowing and I think we still have one of those 1st gen consoles that he used (I was probably still floating in the ether) - but this DVD collection is nuts.

Or rather, I didn't expect my dad to own any of these. He's not a film buff in the modern sense. But wtf, behind a Gloria Estefan Concert DVD, I found two box sets of Alfred Hitchcock's movies. I MEAN WTF HITCHCOCK + ?!?!??! = DAD !?!?? Also, entire boxset of the nasty Alien series (I say nasty because it still scares me). No Indiana Jones yet (curious enough, no Star Wars either. They're all in LDs only. Gah.) Going past the scary amounts of Pokemon DVDs he got for us (Gotta Catch'em All!), there are more surprises in store: Capone (1975), Saving Private Ryan, Gattaca, the entire James Bond series (minus the latest one because he's off DVD collecting now) and Fiddler on the Roof.

There's 38492317923more titles he has stuck there in musty shelves and HEY I CAN START A FRIGGIN' DVD RENTAL SERVICE HERE. I shall catalogue everything and like, rent things off to locals. Seriously, other than selling them online (other than being dusty, they're in mint condition and most still shrink wrapped) and blinding myself by watching every single one (omggg hurrrah), I can rent them out! For like a week? I don't know. I have to see what titles he has first and whether he allows me to do this first.

Dude. I have the coolest Dad on earth.

Though if he had those Indiana Jones and Star Wars DVDs, he'd be AWESOME?


May. 19th, 2008 04:46 pm
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I just sold my soul to the Establishment. D: All for the sake of PORTFOLIO-BUILDING.

Looks like I just passed Hypocrisy 101.

Actually it should be level 2293091208 now because well.
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D: I think Recess hates my camera. The lighting was deliciously dim and lovely, but absolutely brutal to my camera's focus. Nearly all my shots there were blurred out by unsteady hands. Egads. The curse of shaky hands. D:

So I'm post-processing all my photos in photoshop in an attempt to remove the blurs. Why am I plagued with shaky hands? And it was supposed to be a mini-shoot for Haruhi and Lelouch. D:

I really shouldn't be procrastinating on more important stuff.
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It's a crime for Chinese New Year to be so hot.

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I'm killing time here, before Criminal Minds starts in about 10 minutes (oh Spencer Reid, I haven't seen or heard from you in two weeks! Please shower me with your awkward witticisms!) and for about one hour since 1am, I've been juggling things to keep myself busy. Well, multi-tasking is probably the right word and we all know how women can multi-task. Except that I'm not painting my nails and talking on the phone and watching TV all at once, but more like playing Rune Factory (my Rune Factory 2 won't arrive until around 2 weeks later sobs), studying the "A" section of my Japanese grammar dictionary, typing this entry and observing how residue from your lips form weird impressions in ice-cold water.

Strange? Yes. Insanity? Probably not.

I finally resumed my driving lessons as of yesterday, and thankfully I'm not too rusty. As Perpie says, we all should drive half asleep and that's how I've been on the roads for the past two days. Seriously, when you go for 8:15am lessons, and you're a night owl, you're bound to be sleepy at that god forsaken hour. Holidays demand past noon wake-ups. I refuse to wake up before 12pm.

I have this really odd dream of transforming the space under my table into some-sort of massive entertainment centre. Of course, it's just going to be under the table so it's "massive" but not massive. I'm toying with the idea of building shelves under my computer desk to house my PS2 and future game systems (oh man, a huge electrical nightmare) and possibly setting up a pseudo photo-studio under my study desk so that I'll have decent amounts of space to do figure-shoots. It's all a dream - a very possible dream I might add - so I'll see what I can do. If I can complete this mamoth project by the end of this year, I'll probably never emerge from the house ever again muahahahaa.

Sitting on the bus back home today, I had a sudden attack of insecurity about what the fuck I'm going to do with my life. I'm slightly panicky at my mode of survival after I graduate from the safety net that is University. There's no way I want to mooch off my parents, and there's no way I'm going to be an ESL teacher my whole life (if the whole JET plan works out). It's a whole lot of "nopes" at the moment and very few yeses. But ah what the heck. I'll enjoy my last year of irresponsibility as a teenager and then start to worry well at least, when school starts.


end rant.

Nov. 26th, 2007 05:49 pm
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Hurrah, Rune Factory and my ARIA neck-strap are on its way from Hong Kong and Japan respectively. And shall reach our sunny Singapore shores in a week! Going to break them in in Hong Kong. I bought Rune Factory especially for Hong Kong because I need a game to pull me through the plane-rides, train-rides, car-rides, any other vehicular rides; and the lack of an mp3 player to drown out incessant Auntie talk that will surround me.

While studying for my JS1101E exam (which is a pain because the past year papers are so irrevelant that I hope people do them and get the wrong idea I'm just re-reading my notes to refresh my mind), I suddenly remembered an exchange that happened a few weeks ago over Gloomy Bear.

Anyone who has known me since secondary school, or notices the things I carry, will note that I'm a rabid Gloomy Bear fangirl. I take great care in collecting merchandise and most importantly, bits of information about the character and other Mori Chax products. So when I was rebufed the other day, I was more than miffed.

I noticed a green gloomy bear key-chain on a classmate's laptop case and exclaimed "oh hey you like Gloomy Bear too!" and fished out my worn out GB pencil case (PHOARRR!!!!) to show the same keychain - but in blue - and sort of expected a fellow fangirl squeal.

Obviously, from the tone of this article, I didn't get that sort of response. :\ Instead, when my other friends questioned about why he had blood over him, I very enthusiastically responded with "That's because bears naturally attack humans" which is paraphrased from Mori Chax himself. To be put into context, what Mori Chax meant was that, the 'cutification' of animals was deceptive. In real life, a bear (e.g. Pooh, Yogi Bear etc) wouldn't allow a human to hug or manhandle it like we do to teddy bears and such. They'd maul us simply because it's in their nature as a defense mechanism.

But when I said that I got this horrified look from her and she went, "Noooooo!!!" and muttered something that totally went against Mori Chax's philosophy.

): I was saddened. And annoyed. because I are elitist!! Because I mean, if you claim to be a fan you should at least do some basic research via wiki! To me, the word "fan" has a connotation of at least doing some homework. Psh, I bet she doesn't even know that Mori Chax is the artist. :\


Oct. 22nd, 2007 11:15 pm
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It's raining! :D
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Just a thought:

Is everyone wanting to repeal 377A simply because everyone else is doing it?

I'm wondering about this well, because I've seen some questionable people trying hard to champion the cause. It is admirable, yes but do you - do they - really believe in it? Or are they doing it because they want to fight for rights that everyone is fighting for. What I'm trying to say is, is there something romantic about going against the government? Are you doing this so you feel better about yourself?

I'm being cynical here, but that's my job ain't it?


Here's a unique point of view (or rather, just one I chanced upon) from theCollectiveUs:

In all objectiveness, trials for consensual anal/oral gay sex, if any, don’t happen frequently at all. The penal code is just a stand the govt takes that is in line with our locale and our values as dictated by history and tradition.

As PM Lee has so glibly put it in one report recently, there’s as much objection against the code as there is support for it. As much as we’d like for the nation to take a more liberal standpoint, there’s always going to be the sprinkling of anti-gay conservatists.

Then again, there’d be the argument that we can make the difference, etc. Campaigning against rules is so Singaporean. The bottomline is, regardless of what the laws are, it’s not going to change anyone’s mindset about gay people - gaybashers will not suddenly decide to embrace pink just because ‘the garmen says so’.

It doesn’t seem to make sense for the penal code to be changed for a vocal minority. Strict, albeit controversial at times, laws like this are what define Singapore. It’s not a bad idea of course, to make yourself heard and in this case, it’s not the result that matters but the fact that we, as a people, are moved enough to make a stand for our country’s policies is what really makes the difference.


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