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Less than a month. I cannot wait.

I cannot relate to the people who dread leaving, but applied to leave in the first place. I mean, hello what

I reconfigured my iTunes library to run off Nirvana and now my permissions is pretty screwed up. Oh well. I shall overcome it anyhow. I've learnt that its not advisable to shift my WHOLE iTunes folder to my external hard-disk (because that practically wipes out your entire library =A=;; ) but to just shift the iTunes Music folder over (where all the wtf nonsense is at). I stupidly did the former and have to reimport all my music back in. OH WELL.

I have Murakami as the second backup disc. It's a sleek WD 1TB desktop disk that will hopefully survive the flight to Japan, once I surround it with soft things. Coincidentally, it matches Nirvana, who is a 120GB WD portable exthdd. I should change its name. It's temporarily called Murakami because I lack a firm, sparkle-filled imagination. I might want to call it Nabokov because it's hefty. Maybe not.

I'm leaving in less than a month, and I can't wait to say goodbye!
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Meet My New Boyfriend

Meet my new Boyfriend )

Currently tinkering around the LJ clients. Can't decide if I like iJournal or Phoenix better. Phoenix resembles Semagic more though...
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Okay, I need to sleep. Driving test tomorrow morning....
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Feburary's Fantastic Desktop )
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I miss the 90s!
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My beautiful Mac! Come to me!
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I kind of forgot that the Apple Keynote would be taking place later today (blasphemous I know) -- I had the idea that it was TOMORROW, but oh well. About 3 more hours before I either have a small heart attack or get bored out of my mind. Judging from the leaked photos, there isn't that much to jump around for yet. (Although if the rumors about having dual graphics cards in the MBP are true, I might do a backflip.)

So yes, probably tomorrow morning I'll be zipping an e-mail off to Sapura to ask if they'll be updating the notebook tender they have with NUS anytime soon (to reflect the delicious new laptops OR a price change). If they're going to do it like, next academic year, I'll just get the old MPB (that is, if there is a price drop) because hey, I need. And need >want right? I mean okay, the rumored new specs (along with er, bad grammar -- sorry, ripped it from HWZ forums) :

#  sleeker enclosure design
# Support nVidia Hybrid SLI = support OpenCL, available with next Mac OS X release = Long battery life!
# Sport a mini DisplayPort video output instead of the miniDVI & DVI o/ps.
# MBP Have 2 nVidia GPUs, 1 intergrated and 1 discrete = much better processing capabilities
# Have a BUTTONLESS, larger trackpad = Multi-touch and tap system!
# Probably have HD display, and much much longer battery life 'cos of SSD drives
# Have no Firewire ports, except for MBPs
# Will probably sell at current prices, or cheaper!

are all very lovely. (2 nVidia GPUs!!!!!!) but they probably won't be fully utilized by the n00bish me. I mean, even at the height of my graphics and possible music mixing I won't complain of the current MBP's capabilities. I'm not that good yet. So aside from heat issues, the new hardware is kind of eyebrow raising at most. (Which still makes me squee though!)

Worse come to worse I'll just grab the MBP from non-school sources. Which would be a bitch. Because then I'd forgo the awesome freebies that come with the school tender a.k.a Micrsoft Office and more importantly Adobe CS 3 (now CS4 is delicious too but half of the new additions, well I don't know how to use them so it'd be wasted technology. I do want a CS though. 3 or 4 doesn't matter right now.) Oh. And I forgot. 3 Years Warranty (a.k.a Apple Care, which would cost a BOMB in retail).

Anyway, post will be updated real-time once the keynote starts. Much like my old fangirling of keynotes.

EDIT @ 1:24am -- New MBP being announced! (The glass trackpad looks sweet!)


DECISIONS. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO GET NOW. :\ At least it was simpler last time :Just get an FRIGGIN MBP. Now I actually have a possible contender with the MB?! Argh. Arrgggh. I'm so holding out.

Bottom line? Well okay, I really don't like the glossy screen but I'm no pro at graphics and what not so I'm not giong to diss that. I am worried however about nasty scratches that might show up. So basically, I can't really like the screen (have you seen how hard it is to take photos of the damn thing?) but the graphics is something that I can live with. And something that I can wait for another year. Unless Sapura drastically lowers the price for their old MBP offer. Like instead of S$2974 to S$2500 or something. I'm dreaming but hey.
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Now, if I had over a hundred dollars, I'd so get this just for the heck of it because it's Suzuak's friggin Lancelot keythingum.
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  • diNovo Edge
  • G15 Keyboard
  • Cordless Desktop Wave

  • MX Revolution
  •  G9 Laser Mouse
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Thinking about getting a Canon Digital Rebel over in Tokyo because it is slightly cheaper. The only thing stopping me is that well, they don't have the trend of throwing in freebies like Singapore stores do. Which adds up to quite a bit of savings. So I don't think I'll get my dSLR anytime soon - I mean, really. People in the know would realize in Singapore vs Japan, Singapore tends to give better overall deals. The latter's point system is virtually useless to me because I won't be going back often enough to actually redeem anything.

Rather save the cash and get myself a Mac.
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So Dad brought back these wonderful Elecom goodies! I HEART ELECOM!

we all love elecom~~ )

I'm like a mini Elecom fan: have their ZeroShock laptop case (bright orange lulz) and one of their sleek mice (from the Palvo series). Awesome. Want to stock up on more Elecom stuff when I'm back in the Land of All Things Kitschy. XD

where did I buy my stuff last year... I think it was Yodobashi Akiba...

mmmm )
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:D The iPhone 2.0 software looks lovely - and it's free! I shall be extremely tempted to update my iPhone - though it means - oh god - messing around with the system again. :\ Shall have to decide soon.

EDIT: 3G iphone has been revealed. Wonder if Dad will switch over to the Mac Side.


The 8GB model is going to be $199, 16GB will be $299. There’s also going to be a white model. WHITE.



I am so glad I didn't pay the exorbitant prices Singapore importers were charging. I didn't get mine cheap but at least it was at the US retail price. HA. HA.

Now, I shall hint to my dad that we need a 3G iPhone for well, going to Japan. This shall be the start to Mac-ifying my whole household.


I'm checking out the iPhone official website and god, why don't they add PROPER messaging features?!

:\ Still, it's a whole lot cheaper than before. But very gimmicky. Very. Apple knows how to sell a product, even if its a mediocre one.

Yes. I think that the iPhone is mediocre.

EDIT: The iTunes store is coming to Singapore! Finally! Yes, I will pay for legit-music. Or rather, I'd love to get music I have no access to.


Ooooh. The new language pack looks sweet. Okay. I'm backing up all my data and doing an upgrade once 2.0 hits the net. D: Oh wait. I need to wait for the unlock too.


This sounds total elitist, but it's just me - I'm glad that I own a 2G iPhone. Like dude, all the new band-wagon jumpers, you can kiss my 2G ass. :D
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I managed to more or less solve the color-ink problem for my Canon Printer but now black ink refuses to come out.

It's a print-head problem I swear. I'll try to revive it before thinking about buying a new print-head. Seriously, I'm having bad tech karma.
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My internet has been on the fritz since Thursday. Or Wednesday, I can't remember.

It works fine (albeit with a few disconnections, read: one or two) when there are no other computers on - but when my brother and father start using the internet it's FRITZ FEST.

It's ANNOYING. The 'net has never been this unstable and it's irritating the hell out of the whole house?

AND APPARENTLY, SOMEHOW, IT'S MY FAULT AGAIN. :\ It's always my fault, or my computer's fault blah blah blah.

I need Tiera in a cup. Like, major essence of BITCH PLEASE right now.
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Edit: Now with a delicious poll!

Y'see my friend has trouble picking out a new layout for his blogsite and needs help!

huge ass pic )

Note: they are all magazine-styled wordpress layouts. for obvious reasons.

[Poll #1190336]

He appreciates all the input!!!! :D

And I'm still spreading germs like no tomorrow D:


Mar. 2nd, 2008 06:49 pm
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I need to start buying physical copies of Katekyo Hitman Reborn because it's erm, my new shounen obsession?? Just that er, there's no space on my bookshelves so I'll make-do with scanalations. I'm horrible!!!!

So to celebrate my new fandom (I've tried to er, draw some Mukuro and Chrome but hey just looked like deformed pineapples - MOAR PRACTICE IS IN ORDER), I pre-ordered the SRDX Hibari, which though slightly on the expensive side, looks to be a well-made Hibari figure. I just er, hope that Yujin doesn't screw up on QC.

One of my biggest flaws in learning Japanese is how careless I am. My in-class tests always don't reflect what I should get, because of stupid mistakes like missing out an い in 暖かい(あたたかい); or missing out the marks on 泳がない which makes it become 泳かない. That sort of inexcusable mistakes that I shouldn't overlook. Ugh, I'm in despair. Must be less careless. Especially on the coming Midterm. I mean, wtf, if I don't do well because I'm dumb/didn't study then so be it, but if I don't do well because of careless mistakes, I will try to make myself taller.

Anyways, I won't do badly because I'm awesome like that. *gets pelted by tomatoes and other rotten vegetables* (Yes, I'm trying to imply that totmatoes are rotten vegetables by nature.)

I just discovered Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume and I'm er, fangirling? Yes, I'm still a sucker for shoujo I admit. Lulz. I'm only up to Chapter 7 because there's nothing else online - need to get tankubon - but I'm rather intrigued by the fact that it's a French cafe with the typical "I have a cold exterior but I really understand you <3" guy who makes gorgeous cakes. Yar, okay I'm reading it because of the choux pastries and delicious foods. The heroine isn't as fleshed out as I like her to be, she's rather typical at the moment - I mean that in a rather iffy sense. But I hope she turns out okay? Which reminds me, I need to read more kissaten manga like Cafe Kichijoji de.


Online thingamajigs I need to do:

  • Update my Japanese blog, which is er, in it's throes of death
  • Get my kaitensoshi domain up by July-ish (plus all the ftp horrors that I abandoned ages ago. Must refresh memory of my HTML skills. Who knew I could play around with HTML code like lego blocks last time?)
  • Print my business/name cards around June. Before then, I'll have to hack out designs and stuff.
  • O: 100 USERPICS!!! plskthx.

I've been spending most of my free time (which is very little, sobs) trying to blast the hell out of people on Team Fortress 2 but I wish I could play more? The 40 over hours clocked in the past two weeks (EAGLES SCREAM IN YOUR FACE!) has like 20 over hours contributed from my brother, who's rather awesome, really. The other 20 is my very sad attempts at trying to play.

Actually I'm just joking. I'm not that lousy. Come on!

Everyone's been raving about GS4 (calling it PW4 is odd, because it's not really about Phoenix but about Phoenix at the same time) and I need to get started on ittttt. Apollo's ahoge makes me want to bat it around.

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The 2008 Mobile World Congress has delish phones.

Especially this baby. )


Jan. 16th, 2008 01:30 am
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Keynote in progress!!!!!

EDIT @ 2:11am:


2:13am : Haha. The engadget blog just broke. XD


2:15am :
"What is it? Well, as you know, Apple makes the best notebooks on the planet. The MacBook and the MacBook Pro."

"These are the industry standards. Today we're introducing a third -- The MacBook Air."

"What is the MacBook Air? In a sentence, it's the world's thinnest notebook."

10:10am - an 11 or 12-inch display, they also compromise on the keyboard, they make mini keyboards. They don't run the mas fast as they could. We looked at this and said what do we like? Where can we compromise? The weight's a good target, 3 pounds. But too much compromise to get there.

Less than a full size display, keyboard, and we want to put even more performance in this product. This is that Sony product -- one of the best in the field. This is the macbook Air. 0.76 - 0.16-inches.

10:11am - Unprecedented 0.16-inches -- the thickest part of the Air is still thinner than the thinnest part of the TZ series. It's so thin it fits in a manilla envelope. Let me show it to you now.

He pulls out a manilla envelope. Huge applause.

10:12am - "This is the new Macbook Air, you can get a feel for how thin it is. There it is." Unreal, that's almost invisible from the side



OMG. US$1799. It's pricey, but considering the size of the thing... woah. It's SG$2998 here. :\ Grunts.

I was, initially miffed that there was no optical drive, because I am a fiend in burning CDs/DVDs but if what Jobs says actually works, the whole wireless remote disc system, I am sold. (Still, one more USB port couldn't hurt! I shall have to get a multi-port connector...) But oh, and iSight! 2GB RAM! It all sounds quite lovely! (I might be just basking in MacWorldness now.)

.... I need this laptop. (Actually technically, I do. My laptop has been stolen by my brother and I am laptopless.) And now that I think about it, I don't really need all those extra things that were left out in the MBA. I just need it to work, take notes, etc, when I go to school. And I need it to be light. My bookbag kills me as it is. This, is a dream come true.

It's up for pre-order in the U.S. store! And the Singapore webstore is updating at the moment. I think I'm having an orgasm heere.


Singapore Apple MBA pre-orders up now! I wonder if there will be student discounts...

EDIT: and now the singapore website is down. :\ "taking too long to respond".

EDIT: I quite like the ad

EDIT (NEXT DAY): After sleeping it off, I realized that aside from jaw-dropping good looks and a nice concept, it doesn't really work out for practicality. Sure it's thin, but it compromises on so many other things - the optical drive being the least of them. I mean, dude, I can't replace my own battery? I have to send it in? While I might have the time to send it in to get the battery replaced, others might not have that temporal luxury!

And looking at the price again... It's friggin' sexpensive. SIGH.
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Nokia, I've been a loyal fan of yours for ages, but when the competition presents me with something that looks like this:

Look at these babies )

Oh man. Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I knew that reading all those CES feeds would reward me with unwholesome amounts of drool. I love the first one especially.

Finally, phones available here are starting to look like how phones should look like - Japanese phones-ish. Though, the lack of 3G on certain phones makes me a very sad fangirl indeed.

apple lulz

Sep. 6th, 2007 10:48 am
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So anyway a quick geek post before I head off to school with this effing cold. I'm sick, I don't want to go to school mommy.

Apple has come up with a whole brand new iPod lineup, in case you've still been living under a rock. Now I'm kinda iffy on the squat looking iPod nano but the specs are kind of dandy. Still, it could do with some improvements aesthetics-wise. I mean dude, pastel colours are kind of ..... phlegmy looking. Where are the old loud, in your face, but oh-so-vibrant Apple Colours?

The iPod touch is... well, the concept is absolutely lovely. However! The storage space is absolutely weaksauce. Then again, I'm a musicgeek too so I have too many songs to count. 16GB would temporarily satiate my needs but remembering that I maxed out my 30GB fifth gen iPod, it would never be enough. What's more, it comes at around the same price mark as the 80GB iPod classic!!

Now mm, 80GB. The only detractors here are that it's still HDD (which is a pain to maintain) and that there's no student discount available. HOWEVER! At $428 for a 80GB iPod, you can't really expect them to give much of a discount anyway. So basically, I'm a littled irked that it's still HDD. Or rather, why couldn't the iPod touch have a larger capacity of flash memory? Oh Apple.

Okay, geek out.


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