Nov. 23rd, 2009 11:34 pm
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I am a Gleek.
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I haven't had time to do a proper post but here's something that I need to read properly when I'm done with work:

In other news, after the BIA trip, I've stopped reading my friends list proper (I've just cut down to skimming my Journals Only list) and I'm missing out on a lot of fandom things? Not that I wasn't missing out on a lot of things before that. I'm strangely estranged from fandom. But fangirling is not a solitary thing and I must be more fandom-sociable?

(Is it me or do I hear strains from Truth in this?)
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Ninomiya (and Sho, but more Ninomiya) is totally hot in this PV. <3<3<3

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Instead of tackling the insanely annoying Psychoanalysis midterm I have, I'm watching the insanely funny videos of Aiba trying to speak English. OMG. ORZ



Feb. 17th, 2009 02:22 pm
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I was giggling throughout the clip.
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A Girl, She's 100 Percent (Video embedding disabled)

VS another100% Girl video:


Dinner with Murakami (will be shown in 3SIDF, and I'm hoping to get tickets!)

(LOL, am I too much of a geek to recognize every single line that's being recited within the first line?)

But really, the trailer (and hopefully the documentary) has inspired me to do something titled "Seeing Murakami in Ang Mo Kio".
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From [ profile] arashi_on


Even more :D. Neil Gaimen is so sexy. Buttons.

But the point isn't Neil Gaiman but rather his HOUSE. Did you see his library? (His downstairs library, to be specific.) Oh dear god, what I'd give to have walls of books!
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Man, can someone say best love song ever? Someone give this guy a mushroom for his effort! I'm going to figure out the chords for this song. And play it for myself. NINO I WOULD PLAY THIS SONG FOR YOU!
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In a few weeks (12 days to be exact) I will turn 20. I'd have just climbed over the fence and landed safely on the other side of the field. I wonder if the grass will be greener.

I asked my mum if I could have a Blackbird, Fly for my 20th - only because she's been chipper about giving presents this year. Last year I had a pocket of air - and was promptly turned down. A new computer and mouse? No problem. New pairs of shoes? A-OK. But a (beautiful) film camera? No.

So here's the compromise.

My brother will be getting me the Blackbird, Fly (the initials will now be known as Best Brother Forever!) -- praytell it's not an empty promise -- and mum will be giving me money to spend on books. Which is as good, or perhaps better, because I do love my books. I plan to spend around half of it at BooksActually, and then the rest on graphic novels at Kinokuniya.

I kind of want to do a pre-birthday celebration at BooksActually on the 29th, because that's the only time I can actually get out of the house to celebrate my birthday. Any other time would be too late, or having Exams to deal with. The woes of being born at the end of the year.

But what I reallly want for my birthday is my grandma to leave with dignity.


Things I have to do this week
  1. Do a bank transfer into my PP account (visit DBS on Wednesday morning?)
  2. DannyChooxAnimax Blogging Workshop on Wednesday morning
  3. STUDY
  4. Ethics essay
  5. AFA08
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And Nerdy!Arashi.

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I like Alice (in Wonderland).

I like Vocaloid.

I like KHR.

And I like them all together.

Lovely, creepy stuff.

And the purely Vocaloid versions! (I really want to do fanart of the Vocaloid family sometime. They are so delicious it hurts!)


and this one I like simply because of the Pokemon attack BGM at the beginning. ^^;;

The song Hitobashira Alice is sooooooooooooo dark. I like it. A whole lot.
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Awesome Remix is Awesome!

Do want! Shall get it.

More RA3 (lulz) goodness:

Hell, I'm getting this game after my exams.
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Masi Oka X Akihabara is my OTP! I loved it when he went "Ah!" when his robot fell. Shit shit, how awesomely cute are you when you speak Japanese?

Hearts for the almost perfect guy on earth!
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Anyway, layout change and LJ userpic update!


Homz. He sang Lovers Again!! (And Paku Romi is a screaming fangirl. How awesome is that?)
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I don't have a wii so I'm very obviously much more interested in the DS games (but omg Rune Factory for the wii looks beautiful) --

Very very nice line-up. I can't wait for 2009 already! And what's more, the new DSi is looking sweet. I've had my DS lite for about a year or so now, and it's starting to wear down. Maybe I'll get the new one and give the lite to my brother. ^^;;

moving away

Oct. 4th, 2008 10:17 pm
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I've more or less been slowly but steadily moving away from pure (mindless, I suppose) anime/manga otakuism. I don't know if it's because I'm gradually letting myself get caught up in the realities of well, real life, or the fact that I don't see that pressing need for me to fulfill myself in that way. What way? I see myself as having been collecting like a lemming. I like to collect, I have been for ages: stolen lego pieces from school when I was in kindergarten; old tacky badges, free from computer games and events when I was in primary school; Sailor Moon trading stickers and cards -- I managed to set up an awesome business in my class "selling" those stickers for a couple of bucks; then Pokemon cards, most of which I still have (even that $100 Charizard 1st edition foil when $100 was impossible to save and took many, many skipped lunches; then manga and lots of it; now it's turned to PVC figures, something I've dabbled in since 2005 but went full swing into around last year. And boy, it's been one hell of a ride.

I've been collecting mainly, to fulfill this impossible desire of mine to manifest my personality in some sort of corporeal form. It's as though I've always needed a container to stuff the stages of my life into, easy to compartmentalize, easy to put up on shelves and take a look at - but always hard to dispose of because you've always got that lingering attachment to your posessions.

But now I want something bigger -- a lifestyle to encompass everything. Something that will influence my whole way of living day to day. An aesthetic value of sorts. Something to live by. Other than these pretty phrases that I'm throwing out right now.

Right now, I'm about a quarter way there. Maybe a third. Not half though. But I guess it's a good start, now that I've weaned myself off impulsive PVC figure buying. It's a lot more calculated now: do I really want this?; am I getting this merely because it "completes the collection"?; why the hell am I getting this? Because, when it comes to collecting things, it's never really about a tangible need (like how I need to drink water right now because I'm parched - side note: strange how Parch and Parchment... okay nevermind) but always more of a want. I acknowledge that. But yeah, I've slowed down quite a bit. I deliberate, much to my annoyance because these are really trivial things, a lot more over what not to buy and what to buy. Why?

Well, I'm trying to turn my life in a differection - a different direction. I'd like to do a whole lot of other things, like set up my own online magazine, an online portfolio, seriously get into photography and not waste Kobain's (that's my stupidly named S3 IS) functions, I want to read more, I want to be able to buy a button press and make buttons -- a whole bunch of things that I want to do but unfortunately cost a whole shitload of money. So I need to cut something off. Like this crazy impulsive hobby of mine. ^^;; Really I don't even know why I bought that horrible Revoltech Tohsaka Rin other than for the pure novelty of it -- it is hideous, if you pardon by digression - - and the fact that "it came after Revoltech Rei, so I need it too". Whoop-dee-doo: thirty bucks gone just like that.

But yes, I need to get back to my unfornuate turn of events right now. Being Entertainment Ed for the school e-zine is a lot more harrying than I expected (by the way, if you have any film, music or tech events or happenings that you want to promote, e-mail me at mint at, haha) and I've been bombarded with full-time PR duties and part-time studying opportunities. Very bad for my academic career but it has more or less spurred me on to want to get my online magazine up and running. I hope the A7X and FFF collaborations don't bail out on me. I cannot take such shocks in the midst of a few more hell weeks I have to go through before the exam period and then holidays (say that with a huge sigh of relief).


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