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Why I am utterly screwed. And probably have to do an ISM during Special Term.
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You know how everyone used to complain that the Arashi fanclub had the worst looking membership card ever? A card so unworthy of the awesomeness that is Arashi?

Well, they finally updated it.

And I have the spankin' new card.

So kids, it pays off to do things my way, to take things slow and work at my own pace, to wait and listen. Because in the end, the reward is fucking awesome.

Best birthday present from Arashi ever and I feel fucking special.
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Not that I like it entirely, but God works in mysterious ways. For most people, they seem happy with the uncanny blips in their uneventful lives. I however, am most disconcerted when I find strangeity. I am not easily thrown off my feet but sometimes even He surprises me.

Who thought, who could even think, how could I think that things could turn out like this?

I don't really know whether to laugh or cry or to just stand stupidly and point, mouth gaping and left arm limp at my side.

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Today (which really is the day until about 4pm) saw me and Sim studying at Chinatown Point's Coffee Bean. Which has overpriced coffee and food. Not that Starbucks is any cheaper -- but it really is . Starbuck's coffee really is cheaper! At least, from my very bad memory! But oh well. Coffee + Vanilla is tasty tasty. So it was all good in the end.

What was really funny though, was how the counter staff (this hulking Indian man) convinced me to spend $10 on my lunch. 10 fucking dollars! Which I could have spent on MUCH MORE DELICIOUS FOOD. But yeah, I was considering pasta, or a cheapo piece of pie or cake but just looking at the menu had the Indian Man tell me how I should get their gourmet sandwiches instead.

"Um, I wasn't really planning on eating a sandwich for lunch...." I whimpered, because I am Chinese and Chinese people eat nice hearty wholesome carbo-filled meals for lunch (and dinner, not sandwiches -- which are awesome for every other meal).

The Indian Man will not hear anything of it. "These are not just sandwiches! They are gourmet sandwiches!"

"Ummmmm, I really want to get pasta instead."

"Our gourmet sandwiches are really really good! If you don't like them I will refund you your money!"

"Um... Okay..." Because I realized that the sandwich set was like $9.90 and my pasta was like $9.90 too (friggin' expensive, sigh).

"You get a free drink too!"

Hip hip hooray!

So I order a Rosemary Chicken gourmet sandwich (wtf) and get a Swedish (WTF) iced tea. Which was strange. Y'see the Swedish Berry Iced Tea tasted like, water, but everytime I took a sip, I'd get hit by an infusion of berriness. It's like, a smell, a feeling, but no taste. It totally confounded my senses.

Anyway, the rosemary chicken sandwich was good (boohoo cannot get back my money) despite the abundance of evil tomatoes.

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Went down to BooksActually after lunch and thought of getting my BBF, Robin, checked out. But since I went there rather unannounced, and it was the lunch hour, Kenny and Karen weren't there (hello! if you're reading this heheheh!) so I hung around with Sim and we tried to choose a present for her friend Prashan. Who I kept calling Prakash. In the end she left with de Botton's The Art of Travel (which I bought for my cousin for christmas); and I grabbed a book on design. Title promptly forgotten because my brother took it out to read. I think I might get Sontag's On Photography next for him to read.

(Yes, it is amazing. My brother, who only touched puzzle omnibuses, now reads! It's really Murakami who did it, because he saw me reading After Dark and was pretty enticed by the cover of a girl's neck [LOL], and asked if he could read it. So I lent it to him -- it, and all my books, come back pretty banged up, pun not intended -- and he liked it! He's now picking up and trying any book I buy, which is a feat in itself, considering how he abhorred books before. It's just encouraging to see him try to read anything, even if he doesn't like it in the end.)

So anyway, embarrassing moment of the day: I discovered a box of little notebooks at the back of the shop (where all the poetry and non-fiction are) and I started rifling through them because they were those first-line little notebooks that I have a few off. Lo and behold there were first-lines from nearly all my favourite books and I started picking them all up - like, 5 or 6 - and then went to the counter to ask how much they were.

The very nice girl there told me that they were not for sale because they weren't ready yet! OMG I THINK I DIED THERE AND THEN. Hahaahaha, I got too carried away with seeing first lines from Lolita (I devour their Lolita items) and Murakami and I can't remember what else I grabbed that I was like "OMG I'M SO SORRY I WILL PUT THEM BACK RIGHT AWAY".

Sorry, book nerdiness is not cool. :(

Anyway, 'twas a fun-filled afternooooon. Have to study now. I like cakes and pies. Nom nom nom.

Oh yes! Parting gift!

Sim's friend thinks that I am like this guy. LOL ORZ.


Aforementioned Penguin book on design is this! Design as Art! By Bruno Manari.

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According to ST, I am rather suicidal. :\

Don't panic if your child's blog contains morbid thoughts, say psychiatrists. It could just be that he is trying to get some attention from friends. These are the signs that show a child is really suicidal:

# Not eating and sleeping well

# Refuses to go to school for no reason

# Socially withdrawn and keeps to his room

# Frequently crouches in a foetal position

# Has a habit of punching his fist or banging his head against the wall

# Talks negatively - like saying that life has no meaning - not just in blog postings but in daily conversations with others as well

Well I don't punch my fist or bang my head against the wall.
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It was nice to be alone, not to have to smile and look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape.

I wasn't interesting. And he was. Interesting...and brillant...and mysterious...and perfect... and beautiful...and possibly able to lift full-sized vans with one hand.

And I couldn't stop the gloom that engulfed me as I realized I didn't know how long I would have to wait before I saw him again.

I can't explain it right...but he's even more unbelievable behind the face.

Trust me just this once--you are the opposite of ordinary.

It's the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way...the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...

Twilight Stephenie Meyer

....What the fuck indeed! No offence but I wrote like that when I was 13 and writing horrible Mary-Sue filled fanfiction in the Fushigi Yuugi universe. Tell me why I refuse to read the books. :\

Anyway, got back Walter Lim's first writing assignment. Letter grade was terrible (in my own honest opinion) but on the rubric it was "very good". Meh! I was writing like a child, for that essay. Like a child at a candy store for the first time. I grabbed haphazardly at anything I could lay my hands on and threw the grab-bag at him (100g, $2.40) and expected him to like my choice of sweets. Didn't really work. But now I know (thanks to Kerri, who I flailed in front of before Psychoanalysis), that Dr L likes nice in-depth essays - not the JC "Let's see how many points I can point out".

The most disappointing thing of course, is when I get comments like "you show a great deal of insight ... but not sufficiently developed", or "this was a good point, but you jumped to the next too soon". It's been happening since Susan Ang's modules (where she had this page long dissertation feedback telling me that I should've talked more about my first point because it was one of the more original points she'd come across). Shooting myself in the foot repeatedly. But I think I know what these professors (or at least, the great majority of them) want now and shall tailor myself - hem up every loose end - to their needs. Hur. Future is looking just a little bit brighter.

But not that bright, because I am severely behind on my Singaporea-men essay. I have about 1,111 words - no where near the halfway mark yet - and I'm having writers block. It's a very fun paper to write about, because I get to be the weirdo woman who thinks that Singaporean men are such marginalized and oppressed people (hahahahaah) and actually try to prove it. It's actually reinforcing the fact that they are pitiful creatures. Poor dears. I have a lot to say about this, and the whole pseudo-equality feminism advocates (really, I don't believe in much of it) but after the exams perhaps.

So anyway, awoke to an e-mail alert from Dr G who just returned our grades for the Wiki-Project. 7/10 for my presentation and then 10/15 for my wiki essay (I should have like, coded "Compiled by Alicia Tan" to grab more marks) but they're fairly good grades! He praised me, so I am a very happy fat cat right now. I am "excellent" :D, hurray. Very much encouraged by his comment to "press on". Press on I shall! I wonder what the dubious duo got...

!! I like this song!

Anyway, I'm tempted to not find any work for the three months and spend it writing an academic paper for this collective [livejournal.com profile] zerotonin told me about. It seems like a lot of fun and I might just send in a proposal soon? I mean, I don't know. I'd love for anything of mine to get published because that would mean that the chances of me getting a postgrad scholarship would be :D:D:D - very good for poor starving student who cannot afford a PACO box and must live in a cardboard one.
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I think, I curse all the presentations I partake in? 

Wait. Today is FRIDAY THE 13th AGAIN. NO WONDER.

1) I arrived 15 minutes late for the Betsy presentation.

2) 1/2 of my group went AWOL before today. (Are USP students the only ones who are like, obsessive about work? LOL.)

3) One of our group members apparently (I wasn't there yet) talked about a person who did not appear in all 600 pages of the novel. Said person was a reference in one of the scholarly articles and is a real person.


To make matters worse, I was late for the Urasenke lecture and I cannot go in anymore. :\ Waiting out for the INFUSION photoshoot in Chatterbox where I sheepishly sit in one corner of the room. Sheepish is good for sheep.
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Oh man. Oh man. I made a total fool of myself in my 18thC Lit class yesterday first, by coming in 10 minutes late and then coughing every 10 minutes. Interspersed with frantic gulping down of water. Oh but that's not the point of this post.

I was sitting in the back row and praying to our Almighty Father that I could go through this first class unnoticed because I didn't really have anything intelligent to say about Robinson Crusoe other than that I liked the old kiddies' versions of it where Crusoe didn't have such an enormous love/hate relationship with God. Pages, and pages of it. Nooooo. Well okay.

Dr G starts to talk about how some people felt that calling Friday "Friday" was derogatory because it's like having meeting person A on Thursday, you decide to call him Thursday. Or if you meet someone in a cafe and there's a teapot on the table, you decide to call that someone Teapot. Yes, that was his example. "I'm sure none of you would want to be called Teapots!" he goes on.

So the class is fairly silent for a while because I think we really don't have anything to say about Friday Teapots and he decides to call my name from the register. There is a brief confusion to whether I'm in the class or not (me having slinked in from the back) and then I'm left to fend for myself.

Note: I rarely speak up in classes. The last time I was loquacious enough was during my JS1101 tutorial because people were making very erroneous comments about Japan.

"Um, well. I don't think it's really derogatory," I begin, "I mean. It provides some sort of constancy for him doesn't it? There's a framework for him to work with. There's a Friday in every week so by calling him Friday, he establishes something like a routine -- unless he decides to get rid of that kind of calendar or something..."

At this point, Dr G decides to intercept my answer and go, "There are teapots every where too!"

And for the life of me, I don't know why I said this, but I immediately went (there was a 0.5 second pause): "Yes, and that's why its perfectly fine for you to call any of us teapots!"

Cue laughter from the class (D: I only know how to make the class laugh!!) and this very perplexed/amused/wtf/ithinkshelosthermind expression on Dr G's face. To cover my total embarrassmant I just went rambling on about how his whole life is governed by "like he said (gesturing wildly at the Exchange Student who talked about Time)" time and we can see how Crusoe's very dependent on schedule to get his crops ready on time and ETC.

Oh my god. I hope I haven't ruined all my chances for this semester.

BTW, sorry if I haven't replied any LJ comments so far! I will get to them soon!


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