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". . . as I have said often enough, I write for myself in multiplicate,
a not unfamiliar phenomenon on the horizon of shimmering deserts."
- Vladimir Nabokov

Um, this journal is semi friends-only, because my journal entries are very boring. ):

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"The Song That is Everywhere", Ninomiya Kazunari
trans. Kaiten Soshi

I can’t see the difference between right and wrong*
You said, “Everything’s alright!”
Those words are making me disappear
and that’s what I’m the most afraid of.

Shout it with all your might,**
“I’m here!” as proof.
We’re not that weak. But we’re not that strong either.
So it’s alright if we cry.
There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
It’s something that only people with a future can do.
It’s a sign to move on.

I cry, wish, fall down, cry again.
You grew up, afraid of getting hurt.
You’ve always been holding back your tears and
Stopped being able to smile.

When I realized it, I was alone and afraid.
It was that time that your voice that reached out to me,
so gentle that it hurt, and I cried.***
“You’re such a crybaby,” you told me.
It found easy for me to say, “You too,” and we/I laughed.
Don’t say that it’s “nostalgic”, the way we joke around.
I want to grab the present that is here and now.

Look!  Breathe in and out, we’re alive.
Taking it step by step, that’s all we need to do.
It’ll be okay. We’ll be here, always.
Just let it all out**** and stand proud.
Because that’s us.
Always and forever.

General note: As with most of Nino’s songs, I’m not sure if he’s speaking or if he’s speaking on behalf of someone…

*It literally says “What’s right? What’s wrong?”
** Literally means “Shout it with all my life/energy”
*** I need to rephrase this better.
****Some lyrics point that it’s ’さらけだして” which is basically “lay it all bare”. I heard it as “叫だして”, “shout it all out”. 

Original Lyrics

「どこにでもある唄」    二宮和也

「なにか 正解で
なにか 間違いで
だから 大丈夫、なんて」
消してくから それが一番怖いことだから

僕はそんな弱くわない でも強くもないから
だから泣いて いいんだ

泣いて 求めて
転んで また泣いて
ずっと泣くの 我慢してたら笑えなくなってた

気づいたら ひとりになって

楽になってた 笑ってた

懐かし なんで言わないで今を
そこにある 今を握りしめて

ほら 息を
吸って 吐いて
生きている 一歩 一歩
歩いている ただそれだけでいい

大丈夫 僕らは ずっとここにいるよ
だから すべて 叫出してみて
さあ 胸を張って言えばいいんだ

ずっと ずっと ずっと


Please credit if reposting!

To-Do List

Nov. 30th, 2010 12:00 am
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To-Do List

20th Century Japanese History
1) "The Rise of Revolutionary Nationalism", in Sources of Japanese Tradition. Vol. 2. 1600-2000, eds. Wm. Theodore de Bary, Carol Gluck, and Arthur E. Tiedemann. New York: Columbia University Press, 2005, 948-979.
2) Peter Duus, Modern Japan. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997, 134-149.

3)Sydney Crawcour, "Industrialization and technological change, 1885–1920" in The Cambridge History of Japan, ed. Duus, Peter. Vol. 6. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988, pp.385-450.
4) Takafusa Nakamura, "Depression, recovery, and war, 1920–1945" in The Economic Emergence of Modern Japan, ed. Kozo Yamamura. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp.116-158.
5) Carol Gluck, "Japan's Modernities, 1850s - 1990s," in Asia in Western and World History, eds. Embree, Ainslie T. and Carol Gluck (Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 1997), pp.561-593.

6) Miriam Silverberg, Erotic Grotesque Nonsense: The Mass Culture of Japanese Modern Times. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007), pp.13-47.

7) Sydney Crawcour, "Industrialization and technological change, 1885–1920" in The Cambridge History of Japan, ed. Duus, Peter. Vol. 6. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988, pp.385-450.



8) Takafusa Nakamura, "Depression, recovery, and war, 1920–1945" in The Economic Emergence of Modern Japan, ed. Kozo Yamamura. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp.116-158.

Alternative Lives in Contemp. Japan
1) Upham, Frank.  1998.  “Weak Legal Consciousness as Invented Tradition.”  In Mirror of Modernity: invented traditions of modern Japan (S. Vlastos ed).  Berkeley CA: University of California Press.  [E-RESERVES]
2) Upham, Frank K.  2004.  “Instrumental Violence and the Struggle for Buraku Liberation.”  In M. Weiner (ed), Race, Ethnicity and Migration in Modern Japan (v. 2). NY: Routledge. (pp. 146-190)  [E-RESERVES]

3) Watch Go!

1) Revise concepts
2) Finish reading Rhys 
3) Read Tayeb Salih

Cold War
1) H.W.: Erenberg: “Things to Come”;
(Suggested viewing) “Swing: The Velocity of Celebration” (CDV 293-6R), “Dedicated to Chaos” (CDV 293-7R)
2) Continue reading Underworld
3) Revise previous week's readings
4) “Long Tall Sally: Spring-Summer 1992” pp. 63-150 +
5) Virilio “The Immaterials of War” from A Landscape of Events;
6) Edwards: Chap. 1 from The Closed World; Broderick “Nuclear Movies”;
7) Powers chapter from Prisoner’s Dilemma;
8) Paul Virilio “The Art of the Motor” from The Art of the Motor; Sterling: “ARPANET to Internet”

9)(additional readings) Edwards: excerpts from “Why Build Computers?”; Boyer: “Dr. Strangelove: Kubrick Presents the Apocalypse”;
10) William Carlos Williams selections; Beckett Endgame (if you wish to watch one of the productions we own in media resources, choose CVC 12767 or the performance on CDV 852-855); Beck Chap. 1 of Dirty Wars “The Purloined Landscape”

1. Foucault, Michel. The History of Sexuality Volume 1. Trans. Robert Hurley. New York: Vintage, 1990. 3-73 (excerpt).
2) Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. "How to Bring Up Your Kids Gay: The War on Effeminate Boys." In Tendencies. Durham: Duke University Press, 1993. 154-164.
3) Revise concepts covered in previous lectures
Rubin, Gayle. "Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality." The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader. Ed. Henry Abelove, Michele Aina Barale, and David Halperin. New York: Routledge, 1993. 3-44.
Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. "Axiom 1" and "Axiom 2." In Epistemology of the Closet. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990. 22-35.

American Lit
1) Revise Rober Frost (memorise some stanzas)
2) Read on Gertrude Stein and literary "abstract expressionism"

3) Read up on Wallace Stevens
4) Read Ernest Hemingway 

1) Camera Cabaret
2) Art Stage SG
3) MBS
4) Capella
5) Birds & Co.
6) Wanderlust
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Hey guys!

Oh my god!

I got in!

To the Top 23!

I've got to do a video now to convince YOU and THEM why I should be The World's Coolest Intern!

If you don't really know what I'm talking about, check out my blog post or follow me on twitter at kaitensoshi!
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For any of you who might have stumbled upon this blog after searching for information about Waseda and/or the SILS programme, I'll be updating this blog with my adventures in Japan :) I'm from Singapore and will be taking part in the one year exchange that Waseda has, from September 2009 - August 2010.

However, this blog is still rather personal so most of my posts will go onto my weblog In Your Basment.
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I'm trying to trim my fringe so that it looks like the short-ish crop I had in Japan but it's not working out very well. Looks like I'll have to pay the hair-dresser a visit. Speaking about going into town, I need to pick up my Ooku books.

I haven't given up yet, because Yen gave me a timely prod, so here is day 2 of the meme.

day 2 – where you’d like to be in 10 years.

If my math doesn't fail me, I'd be 31 going on 32 in 10 years time. It's a doubly scary thing for me, because another ten years would have passed me by and I'd be thirty. I can get away with being below 18 sometimes, when gregarious insurance agents approach me in the subway stations and ask me if I am old enough to talk to them and I can scoot away and say "no I'm still in JC." When I'm 30, I'm quite confident that I won't look like this anymore. Hopefully I'll be thinner, none of that paunch that comes from drinking and midnight snacking and in a better place.

I haven't decided. Do I want to be in Tokyo or New York? I know one large part of my postgrad plans are going to be centered around either place, but I still haven't decided. Or both. It'd be great if I could be like Naho and Yuri and shuttle between both places. Going through Yuri's mobile updates about her month in New York (on business, no less) and visiting her alma mater makes me feel that I should travel and experience the Big Apple, from the inside out. I'd like to be in a city -- with quick access to the country-side. Loud sounds and quiet people.

I miss Tokyo more than anything else. How the streets outside my dorm always had someone walking past, with their dog, by themselves on the way to the public bath-house, or bringing their laundry to the laundromat. I like watching the huge industrial washing machines and dryers whir into the night.

I'd like to be somewhere I can practice my art in. I'm caught right now, in between writing and photography, and while I want to pursue both wholeheartedly, I'm going to have to make a choice sooner or later. In ten years, hopefully I've found the answer -- and it might be the right one.
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Because I've neglected this journal for far too long, and I would like to practice writing -- that is, writing anything at all, because I've been abnormally tightlipped lately -- so Yen and I are going to do these 30 day memes!

I'm probably going to modify some of the questions because clearly this isn't a tumblr and I don't have time to tumblr around with tumblr questions.

meme questions )

Here is the first question.

day 1 – your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

answers here. )
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Why are the lit people (and the non-lit people, but mainly the lit people) in LMH's gender class so amazing? I'd like to think that once, for a brief moment of time, I was nearly as brilliant.

I want to eat their brains.
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17:34 My dad decided to add my friends on Facebook. :\ NO DAD, NO. #

18:20 Chicken rice is cooking in the rice cooker. My hands smell wonderful! #

21:59 @milkred You can feed me steak chunks! ;) But awww, lysacat byebye ;__; #

01:05 @milkred Doing the quiz now... the questions are disturbing... #

01:06 Just took "Which guy from Johnny´s are you?" and got: Tegoshi Yuya! Try it ➔ bit.ly/9sylB7 #

01:08 @perpiewerpie is mindy off twitter? #

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11:54 6 articles for S***.*** (3 due when I'm back in SG), 1 article for T*****g, 1 urushi + maki-e presentation (I need to recall what 服部先生 said) #

11:55 Also need to start on 1) Post-Meiji Haiku essay; 2) Lit & Art essay; 3) Paleontology final report. #

12:19 E-mail sent out. Hopefully they'll reply soon. #

13:04 bit.ly/b2IbQk
What would have awaited me if I went onto the second tunnel. The first tunnel freaked me out so I stopped there. #

13:05 ひとりで廃線・廃墟…やっぱり私ダメです。I'm paranoid about breaking my neck and having no one around to do my last rites. D: #

13:07 Didn't help that there were warnings like "BEWARE OF THIEVES IN TUNNELS". A bit of a waste though! I would have liked to see that bridge! #

13:37 @gssq First tunnel was okay. It was the second and third and the fourth which are like, no torch = no go. #

13:41 ミシェル・ジョンズ、LOMOLC-A+で撮る lmgr.ph/cMw0Ea #lomography (via @mijonju) #

13:41 @mijonju うおーおめでとう!! #

13:53 @gssq I didn't think that I'd need a powerful one. :\ #

02:11 親友告白ED難しい… #

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20:04 「Shury2liteを使用している製品は認証を必須としている為、インターネット接続環境のあるWindowsパソコンやPDA、
もしくはi-mode、Yahoo!ケータイ、EZwebにアクセス出来る携帯電話が必要になります。」じゃ…PCでもだいじょうぶだよね? #

23:13 今日のんびりしちゃった!D: #

23:14 There's something wrong with twitter... #

23:16 何でもない日を繰り返し歌い続けてから幾年が過ぎ/約束ばかりが増えていく空っぽの空のむこうに #

23:39 Someone please convince my mother that it is impossible to bring everything back under 40kg. #

23:40 @milkred negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro negitoro #

23:49 I am not very sure about how I should react to this photo of @GUBLERnation bit.ly/cGhSbK #

00:13 @electrictapirs 's friend's ramen place may involve some ass-whooping. I am psyched. #

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18:25 @milkred Hurray for Lysacat! #

19:05 If you love your cats, you will keep him safe. Keep him indoors. | Cat Welfare Society - When I read this, I... tumblr.com/x4wcuabsq #

02:20 Class then MOMAT for the Stain exhibition! finish the writeup and then pack more. #

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20:57 The cumulative lack of sleep has caught up with me. #

22:19 Photo: via 1.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wcs6blx #

22:20 Photo: New York Portraits: Inflatable Sheep, in Midtown tumblr.com/x4wcs6enj #

22:29 Photo: plussixfive | Online Magazine for Fashion, Lifestyle, Art, and Culture Within The +65 State » TOD’S... tumblr.com/x4wcs6v6g #

22:30 Photo: Maison Martin Margiela Patch Scarf in grey at oki-ni Maison Martin Margiela! Why are you so expensive! tumblr.com/x4wcs6wvv #

22:31 "Japan, birthplace of the workaholic salaryman, has long held the dubious distinction of being one of the..." tumblr.com/x4wcs6xm0 #

22:32 Photo: mercibeaucoup AW 2010: sneak peak! | blankanvas Sweet! I would like to have some their clothes… tumblr.com/x4wcs6zho #

22:35 N.B.: New Novels in Three Lines « The Owls tumblr.com/x4wcs750l #

22:47 In Which Ellen Page Fills Our Heart To The Brim - Home - This Recording tumblr.com/x4wcs7qh5 #

22:56 Photo: plussixfive | Online Magazine for Fashion, Lifestyle, Art, and Culture Within The +65 State » Nooka... tumblr.com/x4wcs88ir #

00:24 www.flickr.com/photos/ouchmyheart/sets/72157624427182616/ Photos from Naoshima. #

00:41 @Ruyu_ Hahahah! Have I infected you? #

01:27 So out of touch with Blythe releases. I think I'm going to get one before I leave Japan. Drag my mum and convince her that I should. #

02:21 My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Stars (77), RADWIMPS (51) and Prof. Moriarty & Smiley-Todd (35) bit.ly/bzBz7I #

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Jul. 6th, 2010 02:14 am
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Originally posted at my other blog

Yayoi Kusama's Pumpkin, at the Benesse House beach.

Back in February, or was it March, I made a 10 day trip around Japan's middle kingdom. One of the stops, was Naoshima of Kagoshima Prefecture, famed for being an art-island.


One of the houses in the Art House project. I've packed away my Naoshima books (I bought so many!) so I can't refer to them to find the specific names. I know there's the internet, but somehow I'd like to flip through the catalogs and read up more information that way.

Another Art House project; this time James Turrell's (who also has an installation in the Chichu Art Museum) Darkside of the Moon. One of my favourite installations. I have a soft spot for art pieces involving shadows and darkness, as cliche as that sounds.



It was a cloudy day when I went, and for short periods of time, the rain decided to have sporadic bursts around the island, and it was a bit of an ordeal trudging about in the winter wind. But there was something very calming about the island, and the weather. It was full of people, but not crowded and never once did I feel that there were too many people in one place. Walking about the island and discovering places not on the map, visiting the Art Houses, tip-toeing through the two main museums, I felt that I could live here and that I'd love to live here. One day I'm going to come back (next year?) and spend a night or two. What's the island like at night? How would the outdoor installations feel in the darkening sky?

Sadly my film photos of the island are all gone! They got mixed up with my Miyajima photos so no lovely shots of the teabowl (I had to climb the pedestal -- shhhh! -- to get the shot I wanted!) or other secret photos!

The full set of photos is here.
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13:53 Photo: Hayley Williams | Music News, Reviews, and Gossip on Idolator.com tumblr.com/x4wcpbk0n #

21:22 Not feeling this overnight karaoke thing but if I don't go people will be mad. How's that for new age peer pressure! #

06:32 帰ったばかり。9時授業あるぞー #

06:46 僕が総理大臣になったら
愛の営みのために使おう #

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14:37 I wish I could stay a little longer! id love to learn about japanese antiques from the hattoris #

16:45 Syabi isn't replying my e-mails in English so I sent them one in Japanese. If they don't reply by Wednesday I'm calling them!!!! :< #

17:11 一万年と二千年前から愛してる #

17:18 Video: Rango is coming. | Halcyon Realms - anime|photography|film tumblr.com/x4wcnfo9z #

17:19 Video: Rango is coming. | Halcyon Realms - anime|photography|film tumblr.com/x4wcnfoy0 #

17:22 Video: Jamiroquai Cup Noodle / Nissin Light commercial | Halcyon Realms - anime|photography|film tumblr.com/x4wcnftec #

20:38 @scyll24 @milkred omg my dad is actually entertaining the idea of adopting lysacat. #

20:46 @milkred @scyll24 I really hope it works out. I'm just really happy that he's actually talking to me about it :O #

21:29 @usagijen I'm so addicted to that song right now! :O #

21:53 Sidenote: Angels On Bare Skin is working wonders for me. D: This is not good because I will never get a steady supply of it back home. :\ #

22:01 caught the Full Monty Show this afternoon. Adrian Pang is HOTSTUFF; would totally do him if i had the chance hahaha (RT @electrictapirs) YES #

22:09 “Can there be art”-started "Roppongi Crossing 2010".Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition! #moriartmuseum (via @mori_art_museum) #

22:14 Photo: HI + LOW: L’AMERIQUE tumblr.com/x4wcnstti #

22:16 Most Boring Children's Museum in the World - Brand New tumblr.com/x4wcnsywc #

22:17 Photo: UPPERCASE - journal - Beautiful Binding tumblr.com/x4wcnt0jz #

22:18 Photo: Martin Wilson tumblr.com/x4wcnt1qq #

22:20 Photo: Vocal, Tatsuya Matsui and Yasumichi Morita for Louis Vuitton | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4wcnt4sq #

22:20 Photo: swissmiss | Hipster Fashion Cycle tumblr.com/x4wcnt5nx #

22:21 Photo: KN | Kitsune Noir » Postcards to Alphaville tumblr.com/x4wcnt6s4 #

22:21 Photo: “At the time harrier jump jets were at the cutting edge of… - but does it float tumblr.com/x4wcnt7fj #

22:22 Photo: They move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the… - but does it float tumblr.com/x4wcnt8zf #

22:25 Photo: tumblr.com/x4wcntecu #

22:33 Photo: via 4.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wcntsu1 #

22:34 Photo: via 1.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wcntu8r #

22:36 "Our mantra for this one is simple: Don’t take the picture, make the picture." - Tips and concepts for Taking... tumblr.com/x4wcntxxx #

22:38 "What I’m getting at here is that the key to making great photographs is not necessarily being the person..." tumblr.com/x4wcnu1h9 #

22:39 "With photography, as with any type of artistic craft, such as music or painting, I would say that being..." tumblr.com/x4wcnu2yf #

22:46 Video: Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man | Open Culture tumblr.com/x4wcnugmy #

22:47 Photo: “You gotta be alone and work alone. It’s a lonely occupation, if you wanna call it that.” (via Leon... tumblr.com/x4wcnuigm #

22:48 Video: Franz Kafka: The Animated Short Film | Open Culture tumblr.com/x4wcnujmq #

23:15 I am going to volunteer at Shakespeare & Co. once in my life before I die. #

00:30 Photo: plussixfive | Online Magazine for Fashion, Lifestyle, Art, and Culture Within The +65 State » Dr.... tumblr.com/x4wco02mm #

00:32 'Let Me In' trailer is a shocker -- the film actually looks good | Hero Complex | Los Angeles Times tumblr.com/x4wco07oa #

01:11 Number 1 frustration is never being able to get to participate in Arashi's shows. #

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11:59 @perpiewerpie I get tissue packets for free! :x But srsly man, I have a shitload of work to do on top of BMok's work. No sleep tonight! #

12:42 Srsly, Syabi, why are you not replying to my e-mails?! #

12:59 So um, on the spur of the moment, I ordered two vintage polaroid bags. They're hard-cased and <3 #

13:09 Art and culture in Tokyo’s creative east side | CNNGo.com tumblr.com/x4wckp7qf #

14:21 Once I'm done with this, I probably can read Japanese Legalese with less effort. If I had more time, I'd read up on (EN) Legalese... #

14:28 Video: UPPERCASE - journal - Art of McSweeney’s tumblr.com/x4wcku95s #

15:38 @perpiewerpie If you want other tissue payment uhhhh..... #

15:39 Laksa for dinner! #

15:40 I am also, very very broke. Need to take more jobs/write more articles but schoolwork is preventing me from doing so! #

18:08 I made laksa! campl.us/bDg #

18:51 RT @designersays: With most movies going 3D these days, once again it's just another example of art imitating life. (via @wallpapermag) #

19:13 @perpiewerpie It is! T04 cookout when I get back! #

19:44 @perpiewerpie NO LAKSA FOR YOU! #

20:57 !!!コウイチの告白も萌え!! #

21:10 「俺の女に、なってくれ」って!!!!うわー #

22:01 @owen_s It's TMGS. Though, I might watch Amagami if I need to 暇つぶし。All guys can learn from TMGS. True statement. #

22:01 2 out of 5 pages done. Starting on the 3rd page. I might be able to finish this tonight! #

22:01 Tonight being 3 or 4am. #

22:24 RT @gssq Being colour blind means laughing about George Bush looking like a monkey but getting outraged when Obama's a chimp #

22:49 @owen_s OF COURSE NOT! :O #

23:33 @owen_s www.konami.jp/gs/game/Girls_Side/3rd_Story/ For more information + voice samples <3 #

23:35 #gs3_m おお!TMGSもツイッターやってます!
bit.ly/9chSWo #

00:10 3 down, 2 more to go. #

02:16 Argh! I'm nearly done but I just HAVE to get the rolling ball of death. #


03:07 Didn't manage to study for my vocabulary test. Will cram later. #


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11:29 今日の昼飯 campl.us/bzF #

11:48 Mmm, that kimchi onigiri was good. #

13:59 So I think I got the job for the legalese translation (!!!) but they need it by Friday evening which is neigh impossible because #

14:00 I have classes until 6pm tomorrow. I took an average of 3hrs to translate one page (IT IS HARD.) So if there are 3 pages left, I need 9hrs! #

14:06 I asked for an extension to Saturday evening (which means I stay up all Friday because Saturday I have a 工芸fair in the afternoon + 日本語クラス) #

14:08 でも、初めてお金をもらえる翻訳の仕事(←変な文法!)だから、受けたいです。 #

14:27 @yokotkmt よかった!ありがとう〜:D #

17:38 At the debriefing orientation, sitting by myself. as usual. <-no not being emo #

20:28 RT @Durf: Kurodahan Press Translation Prize (¥30,000 + publication of your contest entry): bit.ly/aLiugg (via @japanecho) #

20:36 ポラロイドフィルム届いた!! campl.us/bAy #

21:35 I cannot figure out if Japan Post or Yamato is cheaper. I am also paranoid about my books getting damaged. I should go with Yamato... #

21:44 @perpiewerpie Got the job! #

21:47 To-do list: 1) Japanese essay on でき婚!(土); 2) translation job(土); 3)bit.ly/b4EEKe on 土曜日の昼; 4) Religion class application (日) #

22:33 @NoriakiYamada When I shipped with Yamato a few months ago it was quite expensive, but a lot faster & cheaper than JPost's EMS! :) #

22:33 @Heathe Hahaahah, probably because my twitter name is pretty alien! #

22:33 @perpiewerpie Private & Confidential! Haha, it's pretty good? #

00:17 @perpiewerpie Hahaha, I need to actually finish this one first then if got pay then can offer what ;) No money I can only treat tissues :P #

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12:04 Video: Cardboard Warfare (via pwnisher) tumblr.com/x4wcfw4xf #

16:20 ポリリズム(かんたん)のデイリーハイスコア更新!132130点だドン!すっごいド~ン! #taiko_app #

18:59 Need to set a translation fee rate... I have no idea how much to charge. #

20:33 Why am I translating Japanese legalese into English!?! 難しい〜〜〜 #

22:40 @perpiewerpie Don't know yet man! I'm still translating the sample. :( #

22:58 MATH + LEGALESE = NOOOOO. Any form of math! I cannot understand! #

23:16 Done with the sample translation! Never took me this much effort before. D: Now to write my ikebana report as well as the JASSO essay. #

23:29 @electrictapirs Pluck them out >D #

23:29 encirclement (photograph by tetsuo5) #osanpocamera flickr bit.ly/8WYiWH (via @f_osanpocamera) #

00:17 When feeling down and out and severely under the weather, turn to familial medication. #

00:18 @owen_s Are you serious?! Have you crossed into another dimension!? #

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15:36 One more period before school is over! #

17:25 @owen_s This is like, one of the things that irk me the most. #

19:48 Photo: Mitsuo Katsui tumblr.com/x4wce5j9n #

19:50 Photo: via poolga.com tumblr.com/x4wce5l6m #

19:50 An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla: TokyoScope Talk Vol. 5: JAPANESE SUPERHEROES! tumblr.com/x4wce5lzi #

19:51 Gloomy author turns hip during recession blues tumblr.com/x4wce5mxm #

19:51 Video: SparkPlugged - Plugging the best of Japanese indie, rock and alternative music » Blog Archive »... tumblr.com/x4wce5nq4 #

19:51 Video: SparkPlugged - Plugging the best of Japanese indie, rock and alternative music » Blog Archive » Toki... tumblr.com/x4wce5odu #

19:54 "For Santos, 41, chef and owner of pastry shop and school Ecole Criollo (School of Criollo, with criollo..." tumblr.com/x4wce5s51 #

19:59 SHIFT CITY GUIDE | TOKYO | THE MONOCLE SHOP TOKYO tumblr.com/x4wce62kj #

20:01 Photo: via 1.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wce66l5 #

20:02 Photo: Featured Photography Portfolio - Kurtis Wilson (Cheaper Show Edition) tumblr.com/x4wce67w9 #

20:03 Joker in the pack: Bruce Davidson's photographs of a Brooklyn gang | Sean O'Hagan | Art and design |... tumblr.com/x4wce69gy #

20:07 "In her work Andrea Stultiens tries to tell stories. Stories about people and their relation to their..." tumblr.com/x4wce6i3x #

20:08 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6jqv #

20:08 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6k5p #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6kfq #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6kv3 #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6l51 #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6lf0 #

20:10 Photo: Zander Hodgson by Kai Z Feng | Homotography tumblr.com/x4wce6nk2 #

20:11 Photo: A Photo Editor - No, You Just Own A Camera Now tumblr.com/x4wce6or7 #

20:11 A Photo Editor - Ask Anything – Showing Wedding Photography With Editorial And Commercial Work tumblr.com/x4wce6po9 #

20:14 Guest Blog: Everything You Know About Concert Photography is Wrong - The Photoletariat tumblr.com/x4wce6uvo #

20:16 Guest Blog: Inside the Promotional Music Portrait - The Photoletariat tumblr.com/x4wce6y09 #

20:16 Photo: via bferry.files.wordpress.com tumblr.com/x4wce6zjb #

20:20 Photo: Mountain Research A.M Jacket | LIMITEDHYPE tumblr.com/x4wce76vd #

20:21 Photo: Louis Vuitton x The Selby in Tokyo tumblr.com/x4wce797j #

20:23 Photo: Bird House by Katsuhiro Miyamoto | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4wce7cc1 #

20:25 Photo: (by hiyokoimai) tumblr.com/x4wce7f1d #

20:32 Todd Hido tumblr.com/x4wce7tbj #

20:34 The Japanese have done it again - a Menstruation Machine. bit.ly/9eJTXc (via @lbgoh) #

21:48 @electrictapirs All the best! Also, CATALOG is looking for design interns! #

22:17 「twilight」is singles of the week on iTunes JP tmr! RT @pdis (cont) tl.gd/271at0 #

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