Nov. 20th, 2006 05:51 pm
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philosophical? i think not. )

Aw yeah! History is over!

Now I can have a complete casual and fun relationship with Tarling, Fieldhouse and all those crazy cats over at the IH side. Today's paper is going to save my ass. Majorly.

So anyway, I AM RARING TO GO for Literature now that the beast of burden has been left behind. Oh mannnn. :)

How ironic, and symbolic, that I dreamt of like the ultimate History symbol last night. IT WAS A SIGN FROM GOD.

Plus, I think it's totally funny because before I was sleeping, all I could think about was naming my future Shiba Inu, Tamaki. XDXDXD
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So my dad asks me "How was today's paper?"

I want to shout and say "IT WAS AWESOME, IT WAS GREAT! I AM GOING TO GET MY A" but I cannot.

Instead, I almost tell him "Because Cambridge got drunk on some hoochie mamas and decide, 'Fuck you Singapore! We're going to screw your Dragon babies up!' and gave us the weirdest batch of examination questions ever'"

So my mum tells me, "Why's your face like that, get over it!"

I wish I could yell at her, "AW FUCK! I CAN'T KEEP THAT GRIN OFF MY FACE, YO!"

Instead all I can do is say, "Shut up, can't I even have a few hours to get over it then?"

My best subject after Literature. My sometimes best subject before literature.

What the fuck happened? CHINA! WHY DID CHINA COME OUT AGAIN!
I can't fucking get lower than anyone in my class. My ego, my spirt, my self will be shattered.
My A is probably flying out of the window - unless my some miracle stroke of luck my arguments (I resorted to Raffles-styled arguments half way through) impress the pants off my examiner.

I'm trying to tell myself that Narindar assures me that my arguments are just fine, that my approach is a-okay, I'm going to do just fine and not fail or get a horrible grade or anything. And I know it sucks when I think "fuck, so am I going to get a C then?" But no, I'm trying to tell me that 'hey, I'm just going to be fine because I've been working hard all year round and God rewards smart and hardworking people with good grades.'


Anyway, SEA, honey, you'll have to save my sorry skin now.

And the saddest thing was that my legs were positively shaking for two hours after the paper. Totally numb, drained out of energy.

Oh God, please let me get my A for IH. Pleasepleaseplease.
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I've been saying that I'm going to be okay

for my ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is.

Whether that force is The Force, or God, or Jesus, or Pookong the Eagle... please don't fail me now.

Mid-chlorians AWAKEN IN ME NOW!

Odd, but I'm gaining more confidence as the night progresses.

Sad that I have to sleep soon.



Nov. 4th, 2006 09:29 pm
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While revising content for social impact, I just had a panic attack because I realized that I haven't had much practice for macro or micro Social impact questions! I probably can tackle macro better - but I'll probably quiver and die at micros. Pol and econ impact are more or less in the basket.


Michelle Tan!

I will be bombarding your e-mail address with outlines of the 'challenging prelim questions' soon! :D Be ready!!!

.... Hey kids?

Anyone remember the best show on Channel 8? (Besides the Vampire one, and Return of the Condor Heroes, and Purple Rain hahaha)

This video is disturbing on many levels. Especially the part where WSM shouts "WE ARE GODS".

Oh, the irony.


My brother's blasting Trivium on the hi-fi. D:


Oct. 1st, 2006 03:41 pm
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The weekend was supposed to be devoted to full and proper timed practices for History and Econs - well obviously I didn't follow the instructions of "proper timed practices". While I did do all my essays within 45-50 minutes, I did them at a fucking don't-know-how-many-hours interval within each other, switching from econs to history and so and so forth. God, brain freeze and brain drain of the massive kind. I wish I could just type all the essays out but I'd probably get snarked at by the teachers for being a lazy ass. Well sorry but I like to preserve the saddened state my hands are in and not make it worse.

So yesterday's family get-together was horrible. The aunts and uncles (the adults) were sitting around a table and discuss, very loudly, the bowel movements (actually the lackthereof) of my cousin who hasn't done her business in a week. Good God. I told them in an annoyed manner how their talk of bowel movements made me have indigestion and that I'd probably not be able to shit after hearing all that fucking nonsense. :\

Meeeeeh, I haven't studied in school for a long time. I need to plop myself down in the library sometime next week (other than Monday) and try and get more than 6 hours done in a row. Human studying machine eh? I hope so too. Besides, I haven't seated myself in the library since it reopened! Blasphemous I know!

meme? )

I feel like the Hitachiin Brothers in my userpic. Like all =_= right now. dafj;ejrke;rj;aejrqiwepq;zwe

Mmm. Listening to L'Arc~en~Ciel, LAST ALLIANCE, hyde and The String Quartet <3. Mika Nakashima is on the way.

ZOMG. MATA ASHITA BY THE OURAN CAST IS LOVE. I love this song so much. The little bits of conversation inside makes it even better. ESPECIALLY TAMAKI-SEMPAI HANI-SEMPAI. <3333333!!!!!
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Hahahahah I was reading through the colac whatchamacallit (which I graced with my presence only one pathetic time) and I found this answer by Ms Koh which tickled me.

"Lastly for International economy: 1)Generally speaking, was the impact of CW on the international economy more positive or negative?

--> What do you think? I've given you all the content. Come to your own conclusion. =)"

I think it might be the effect of a full stomach but hahahaaha.

Now I have to write my own damned testimonial for my graduation certificate. Watch me as I type things like "Alicia responds with alacrity and enthusiasm" and all that fucked up shit.
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[disclaimer: caplocks and bad grammar ahead]







SOUNDS VERY SPOOKY AND MYSTERIOUS. LIKE YOUR MOM. strange how it must be 'your mom' and not 'your mum' here.

YAR HISTORY HERE I COME. EH GUT FEELINGS BETTER COME TRUE OR I WILL COMMIT HARA-KIRI. T04 please don't refer back to my spectacular predictions of promos 2005. they don't counnnttt @_@ I will just quote Kevin Chung's "May God save us all" and remind you folks that this is the omniscient, omnipresent, and omni-everything God that doesn't really answer our prayers. Hello? Tsunami? What sort of messed up prayer was that!

my mum went ballistic on me because i don't possess the sixth sense that allows me to predict when the neighbours will greet me and thus, i can greet ahead of them. sorry mum, i am no psychic like you.


in other news I am estatic that the first volume of D/D is complete and HANS YOU CAN GO BACK TO YOUR NORMAL CIRCADIAN PATTERNS NOW. (and watch this because we are Hana Yori Dango fans!)


Jun. 13th, 2006 01:50 pm
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I'm such a dumbass.

Hey, does anyone know which set of notes Ms Koh distributed to those hardworking folks (like me~ <3) during her lecture? Y'know the one that other students could only collect during the last week of the holidays or summat.

kthx everyone! 'cause 'slike I forgot which set of notes was it.

maybe i gave it to melvin by mistake!?!?


D: I wish I was going to Jamie Cullum's concert. <3s for Jamie Cullum.

Okay don't complain! You're already going for Coldplay's concert!
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1. Analyse the view that superpowers’ intervention in the Middle-East was ‘a necessity and a tragic error’. )

My call out to the public, friends, enemies, whatever, if you have the time to go through it. Does my essay seem remotely argumentative? Nevermind the factual inaccuracies, if there are any. I'm more concerned about whether I'm actually trying to get my point, whatever you perceive it to be, across. I'm not the world's most effective writer, but I try my best and I'm proud to be consistent in what I do.

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I wonder if Ms Narindar watched the Doha Debates.


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