May. 22nd, 2010

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13:41 Check out @BooksActually's latest deal with Vouchies! Grab S$100 of your favourite books for just S$70! #

14:08 "There’s a part in Lost in Translation where Scarlett Johansson bemoans her “photography phase.” “I tried..." #

14:23 @perpiewerpie Are yew visiting Tessa! #

15:07 "In an attempt at pedagogical methodology, I run my students through a selection of the forty..." #

20:23 "Tucked away in a corner of Ebisu’s quiet neighbourhood, Mika Ninagawa’s latest exhibition “Ninagawa..." #

20:47 Photo: Life could not change the sun or water the desert, so it changed… - but does it float #

20:48 Photo: The Hermès Scarf: History & Mystique on Cool Hunting #

21:06 Photo: via #

21:09 Ahhh! I need to stop buying more books! I think the best thing to do would be to uh, buy them but to ship them to Singapore immediately. #

21:15 @gssq Already too familiar with it. #

21:17 シンガポールで働く店「BooksActually」は東京に「Birds&Co.」の商品が売りたい!どこに、どうやってすればいい?情報やアドバイスあれば、ぜひ教えてください! #

23:34 "10th November Why am I forever insisting that the subject in my poem must be treated exhaustively,..." #

23:35 The Sartorialist: Men of Moscow #

23:37 Edward Cullen throws a vampire tantrum in new Eclipse clips #

00:31 Need to make use of the upcoming semester to suss out (a.k.a suck up to) willing professors for my ISMs. #

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