May. 14th, 2010

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11:53 @owen_s Hahaha people should ask me more weird questions but I'm not popular enough. #

11:54 So I had an extended conversation with a rather dashing looking boy in class today. And I'll be showing him my photos next week?' #

12:26 @botandayu I promptly ran away after that. #

14:40 Photo: via #

14:41 Photo: My Granddaughter’s Cabinet // Lisa Hilland | yatzer | Design Architecture Art Fashion +more #

14:41 Photo: via #

14:42 "Unsurprisingly, these opinions failed to endear openly gay Elton to the head of the Egyptian Musicians’..." #

14:42 "48 Hour Magazine One of the most common complaints you’ll hear from the execs of the dying print..." #

14:43 48 Hour Magazine #

14:46 Video: Creative Review - Pantone Plus Series launches #

14:47 The Citizen Scientist - The Official Publication of the Society for Amateur Scientists - !!!!!! #

14:48 One of my projects when I get back: #

15:05 Need to e-mail Hara Museum as well as the Tokyo National Museum today! :O Should be doing it tonight after I've cleared up some work. #

17:08 Sent off my mapping form to the Language Centre. Sometimes I wonder if I should have piled on Grammar classes like my friend. I'm a slacker. #

17:12 Hmmm, how would you translate "She should have pushed herself harder" in Japanese? 「もっと頑張って」doesn't seem enough. #

17:29 @perpiewerpie I want xiao long bao! #

20:48 Not sure if I should send my sailor coat back. It's getting a little too hot to wear it out but... #

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