May. 10th, 2010

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13:33 蜷川実花の写真展覧会は素晴らしかった。 #

21:19 SHIFT CITY GUIDE | TOKYO | MIZUMA ART GALLERY - written by yours truly ;) #

21:46 @happytulle HUH WHAT D: In what way do you look older!? That's nuts. If anything, both of you look the same age (which is a compliment!) #

21:52 @trufflepuff It gets me extra cash sometimes. I wish more often! Haha. Strangely enough I've been writing lots of arts-related articles... #

21:55 @happytulle Yeah, and it's like "I shouldn't talk back because it's Mother's Day" but arghhh. #

21:59 @BooksActually needs a full-time elf (or animal of your choice)
Email your resumé: & #

22:01 @perpiewerpie I think we're used to it already :p #

22:16 Video: SparkPlugged - Plugging the best of Japanese indie, rock and alternative music » Blog Archive »... #

22:25 Photo: SNOW Magazine » Tokyo Ward Flags #

22:41 One thing I CAN'T stand is effervescent religious praises to God on Facebook. Once is nice, twice is okay, more than that is just oppressive #

22:42 Am I uncomfortable with religion? Yes and no. I just don't like having it in my face. Lay off the cloying love. #

23:20 "I like photography" is different from "I like taking photos of myself teehee". #

23:29 @jessiemac83 IKR? It's like, enough already, I get it! #

23:29 @trufflepuff Mmmm, Myojo Ramen? :D #

23:55 @trufflepuff Your rAmen reminded me of Myojo. I love myojo mee!! Hahaa. Pastafarians all the way~ #

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