May. 2nd, 2010

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08:23 Back in my room! Will take a nap (night buses do not promise you sleep of any kind) and will start doing my finances when I get up. #

09:08 I really want to go for Rock in Japan Festival 2010? But it's in Ibaraki. And 30,000yen for all three days. I am crushed. #

10:29 @botandayu Evon! Did you get a reply from FASS regarding the credit transfer email? #

11:12 Photo: Out of Print Clothing | DAYDREAM LILY #

12:06 I bought two Kamawanu tenugui in Matsushima, haha. #

14:02 @botandayu Which is the proper procedure right? Haha! I sent a slightly snarky e-mail to them saying that I will (cont) #

14:03 I'm going to buy all the remaining 大奥 volumes soon! Once I work out how much money I actually have left. #

14:12 @botandayu btw, do you have any tips for bidding on Yahoo! Auctions? I'm looking to buy something (under 4000yen) but it's overwhelming... #

14:21 @trufflepuff For a moment I was wondering who this "Bubble Tea" character on my twitter feed was.... #

14:36 Hmm what should I have for dinner tonight. I feel like kimchi. #

17:25 @botandayu Darn. D: I wish it was easier to navigate... #

17:37 Singapore Pavilion_the official Website of Expo 2010 Shanghai China #

17:37 In Which We Examine The Finest Magazine Runs In Human History - Home - This Recording #

17:39 Asimov's Science Fiction Now Accepting Electronic Submissions - Publishing - io9 #

17:44 "The SNOW Magazine Cafe will be a month-long celebration of art, design, and culture magazines from..." #

17:45 WiFi in Tokyo: Where to get it | #

17:47 "The Kabukiza in Ginza has been designated as an important cultural property in Japan, and also..." #

17:55 Photo: There is no foreground or background, only a continuity of… - but does it float #

18:16 I think I'll be participating in the Sanja Matsuri as a mikoshi carrier this year! :O #

18:28 @perpiewerpie This reeks of 'A' level mugging. #

18:58 This was one of my favourite films when I was a kid! But I don't remember it looking this! #

18:59 This, however, remains the same way I remember it #

19:05 @perpiewerpie Hahaha wtf Perpie! #

19:05 @trufflepuff Looking forward! :D #

19:10 寮なう #

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