Feb. 17th, 2009 02:22 pm
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I was giggling throughout the clip.
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There is a strange relationship I have with gaming and studying. The more time I spend on my DS, the more I read/study. It's a very odd thing that doesn't make sense because I shouldn't have enough time for the other but it some how works out. That said, I have avoided my DS for the whole of the holiday (minus the brief 3 days where I had to translate that ghastly Japanese letter) and am severely behind on portable gaming. I need my otome game fix.

School's started for me, and I arrived - late as usual - for my Psychoanalysis lecture and well, Dr Roy was great as usual. I like listening to her voice. It's like LUSH 99fm that just sits in my brain and spreads out like smooth velvety chocolate. I'm behind in schoolwork so the sociology 101 webcast is blasting in the backgruond right now, and I think I hear the lecturer talking to some students during the short break. It's surreal. I've never ever watched a webcast before because I usually just either go or don't go for lectures. Webcasts seem to be some sort of farce for me, where I pretend to be more hardworking than I actually am. But hey, I'm listening to one now.

I'm actually trying to avoid writing this pseudo-proposal I have to show Prof Ikeya, because I really don't know what she expects. It's all very very vague but if she ends her e-mails with a smiley, I think she should be a lovely person. (Haha, smileys dictate my structure of friendliness.) I have a few ideas at the moment but I don't know how detailed she wants the proposal to be and frankly I dont' want to do the 300 word proposal now because it's only due many many weeks later.

(Technically doing it now would be good because then I'll have one less thing to do later but I'm just, you know. Flaky.)

And ugh. I do hope the editorial meeting gets postponed to Saturday, so that I don't have to go to school on Friday. At 5pm. Actually, I just want to get the meeting over and done with and I want people to stop bailing out on me. What is it with young people and lack of commitment these days! Seriously.
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Man, can someone say best love song ever? Someone give this guy a mushroom for his effort! I'm going to figure out the chords for this song. And play it for myself. NINO I WOULD PLAY THIS SONG FOR YOU!
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooooooly shit. <3

I love Vitamin X, and have yet to play Vitamin Y but man, Vitamin Z is coming out! I love my B6. The new guys look awesome too! :D
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Awesome Remix is Awesome!

Do want! Shall get it.

More RA3 (lulz) goodness:

Hell, I'm getting this game after my exams.
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I don't have a wii so I'm very obviously much more interested in the DS games (but omg Rune Factory for the wii looks beautiful) --

Very very nice line-up. I can't wait for 2009 already! And what's more, the new DSi is looking sweet. I've had my DS lite for about a year or so now, and it's starting to wear down. Maybe I'll get the new one and give the lite to my brother. ^^;;
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Srsly, Macross Frontier's soundtrack provides one of the best moods to study and write essays with. It's all lightspeed stars flying past me and catchy guitar riffs reminiscent of Deep Purple's Smoke On the Water. I picked up my DS today (after aaaaaaaagggggggesssss of not touching it other than to use Rakubiki Jiten) and grinded in Etrian Odyssey before remembering that er, I should be doing work and yes.

I finally found codes for EO2 and I'd like to say that as much as I like not using cheat codes, EO and EO2 are generally pain in the grinding-asses so I just well, give a little booster. ^^;; I'm bad, I know. I really should manage my time better so I can finish EO (I'm already at the last stratum!!) ad get onto EO2. Speaking about continuing, I HAVE YET TO FINISH PHANTOM HOURGLASS!!! I stopped at... level 10 I think, where Link has to repeatedly go back and forth that nasty invisible walkway - it's tedious, I'm screaming everytime I have to repeat it - and I have yet to complete it. D: Urgh.

My brother has had a recent windfall of $400 and has decided to spend it on a Holga and an acoustic guitar. Now I did tell him that a PS3 would be a good investment, owing to the amount of games that I want to play but can't because I don't own any current-gen consoles (SOBS) (no really! I can no longer call myself even a casual gamer because I have no gaming systems! Other than my DS. Which is Gamer Lite. And my PC, which er, can't handle anything decent.) -- or like get some much needed RAM so that my friggin' PC doesn't hang everytime he tries to play DOTA on it.

Why is he playing DOTA on my PC? Because his laptop shuts down everytime he tries to play anything on it (TF2 included, which utterly sucks, because I can't play TF2 anymore). Heat issues -- don't get an ACER. Seriously, PC's an ACER too and oh the laaaaggg. It needs to be fed RAM, and lots of it.

In anycase, I've decided on what topics to write on for the two horrible essays that I have to write for the Transport class and urgh, I'm getting sick looking at all the data. I was supposed to read Vathek and Frankenstein today but er, I guess I will do so before I sleep. Nothing beats reading creepy stories before bed.

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Nerding out. )

My timetable, if anyone is interested in making lunch-dates with me! Wednesdays are taken by my Group B lunch (I'm probably going to schedule it in anyway XD) but every other lunch is more or less free! :D I didn't get my first choices but the timetable strangely facilitates me staying in the Mac Labs more often. :D()() Strange, how the world works.

I'm going to be very busy in the next few weeks: leaving for Vietnam on Sunday with [livejournal.com profile] superoldgranny; Project LaMB press conference tomorrow with fellow anime bloggers (this will mainly be for Tachikomatic Days, unless I get the heads up for HOOKED to feature it); IAHGames visit on Wednesday to check out FIFA Online 2 (this is for HOOKED, and the first Gaming Article ever!!) -- I have to get these articles written by Saturday --; I have to get down and finish my Travel Journal for class by Saturday too, before I leave.

Busy busy busy! Right now, I have to go through the media-pack sent to me and try to formulate some questions for the group interview. I should charge my camera batteries too!

Today saw me, Jasmeet, Immanuel and Jeremy crowding the Mac Labs again - heh. It's an extremely amusing combination and definitely one that distracts me from my work. Seriously, the video spamming (inclduing many of GS's many many questionable videos) and the exceptionally R(A) things that are being said-- *shakes head*

I'm kind of psyched for this semester because it's turning out to be full of exciting opportunities, and everyone knows that I like opportunities (whether I take them or not, is another matter). I have big plans, as usual, but I don't know if I have the energy to execute them. We'll see how.

In other news, I walked up from the Cardiff bus-stop back home today (again, for the 3902434th time in the past two weeks) as a sort of exercise routine and also to well, make myself feel better. :D()() I cannot be this fat lump forever! No one will love a fat lump!

Anyway, off to read my assigned poetry and be a general Nerd. :D

EDIT: Aaaah, the LaMB press conference is on Wednesday!!! And I have my Ethics class during that time! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
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Completed Summon Night : Twin Age yesterday - on to the extended story now!
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My belated review for TWEWY is up on Tachikomatic Days.

Really glad that I got my bro's friend to bring the game back for me last year. Pity he isn't older. XD
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I think I'm too stupid for Professor Layton. :\
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Ehhhh, the USE2305 paper was............. it was ".........".

The questions that I predicted would come out, came out. So that meant PREPAREDNESS. Well, more prepared than not prepared. :\ But wtf, I had NO TIME TO WRITE ANYTHING. Which left 15 minutes for my last question (yes hurray x_x) and I only managed TWO pages. oh em gee. On the bright side, my CA marks for the module seem to be good so hopefully my VERY HORRIBLE LAST QUESTION doesn't screw me over. The first two questions were painful, but still fine.

And my Shakespeare essay was a pleasant surprise. :D JWP > CW! Lulz. My affection is easily won by the changing of alphabits.

So anyway, going to take a nap before I chiong my notes for EN2111. It's openbook (wao. my first open book exam!) so I'm going to do reams of notes for me to bring into the hall. It's be advised that we have sort-of answers ready. Like, ready-made, instant answers. Just add hot water a lot of ink and hand cramps.

Etrian Odyssey news:

For reasons unknown to me, I suddenly picked it up again despite telling myself NOT to go into crazy dungeon crawler mode till AFTER the exams but look at me. I just spent an hour plus trying to kill all the friggin' FOEs in basement 20 but THEY REFUSE TO DIE and what's worse, they keep on multiplying. I've died two times and each time my painstaking hand-drawn map is erased from the face of the earth labyrinth. Not a pretty sight.

Nap. Then notes, not Etrian Odyssey.

!!! Oh! And my figmas and Death Note nendoroids are coming~ Hopefully they'll arrive by next Monday so I can have comfort-foodtoys for my post-exam trauma.

Speaking of comfort food, I shall have to do a post on the amount of food and snacks my dad bought for my exam-cravings. From Meidi-ya <3.


Mar. 25th, 2008 11:06 pm
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Love Revo is so hard to beat. It frustrates me! I still can't get the Wakatsuki Ryuutarou ending! >\


Mar. 10th, 2008 01:56 am
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Uh, okay. I have an 8am class tomorrow and a midterm quiz after that but really, I don't need sleep. :D() (It's Southeast Asian history. I should be able to smoke my way through.)

Why am I up so late? Nothing much except that I can't sleep really.

Plus, Subarashiki Kono Sekai's NA/PAL website is up! The World Ends With You. I'm still kind of iffy on the translation with the title - "It's a Wonderful World" would have sounded much more ironic. They've actually went and (translated?) remade the theme song into one that's sung/rapped by a male rapper. Which was kind of weird at first because the original one earwormed in me for weeks, but the new version grows on you. It's not too bad, and I kind of think the male rapper did a good job?

...That being said, I'm still on Day what, 3 or 5 I can't remember of the Joshua Arc. D: I need to complete the damn game! No time~
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Just spied on [livejournal.com profile] tokimemogs that these - along with Short Stories 3 - are going to be released at the end of this month.

Which would be fine minus the fact that I have Bridget and that humongously draining POP Alice coming in amongst other things. D: Terurin~ Taku~ I want to have your visual collection~~~~~ The shipping from Amazon.co.jp is horrendous and I'm quite sure that Kinokuniya will overcharge me slightly for it, so my last bet is Yesasia? Now I have to waffle over getting it.

That and I discovered Amazon.co.jp has a huge stock of Habataki Watchers so er, the next half of the year will be spent on Tokimemo books?

It's Japanese practice damnit! Don't look at me like that! But seriously though, TMGS has strangely improved my Japanese ability to at least, I can speed-read to some extent now. Hurrah!

Which reminds me, my test was er. iffy. I mean, I knew how to answer almost everything but at the same time I didn't know how to? Um, like the format. Especially for the effing Listening part. There were these brackets like this
18. (__________________) 19.(__) 20.(___________)

around and I'm worried that I didn't put the right things into the brackets? I know I answered the questions correctly, it's just that I hope they aren't too anal about words in brackets. >__>|||

And er, I missed one whole question because I was worrying about the brackets. How depressing. That A+ is er, probably out of the window but I'm HI TOKIMEMO GOD, I AM CHOOSING THE OPTION OF "STUDIES" RIGHT NOW, give me GOOD GRADES for this semester - especially Japanese because I need to shove it in my teachers' faces.

Oh well. :\


Feb. 29th, 2008 11:50 pm
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ASKA-san was all kinds of awesome. And I have to say, the press kit was the best I received so far. 'slike a proper press kit with 1 CD and 1 DVD. That's like wtf omg hi Japanese management, you guys kind of rock?

So anyway, I've got ASKA's latest solo album SCENE with me now (along with the My Game is ASKA tour DVD) and I'm loving it. Will probably do a review of it on IyB. It's definitely quite a big difference from his usual fare with Chage. A lot more jazzy, more internationalized. The rhythms can only be described with one word: sexy. It's really a very sensuous (read: not sensual) album, with very appropriate inclusions of brass instruments to contrast ASKA's very sultry voice.

Can sultry be used for male voice? XD

It'll be great fun writing the article for the press conference. If I can't get free review tickets, I'm really thinking of shelling out $98 for the concert. He's an enigmatic, charismatic, a whole lot of -matic kind of person, with a great sense of humor to boot!

AND I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH. On both SCENE and the A4 laminated photo that came along with the press kit. X3 AWESOME. I got ASKA's autograph! What more can I ask for?

Er, maybe Chage's autograph but this is awesome enough!?

So at the end of the press conference, we were told that those not having one-on-one interviews with him were allowed to get his autograph, everyone faltered for a moment - I mean it's ASKA - and then I dashed up much to my photographer's chagrin.

飛鳥: こんにちは!:D
Person-in-charge: Ah, Aska-san, this is Alicia from HOOKED magazine!
わたし: あ!アリシアと申します!:)
PIC: Oh! You speak Japanese?
わたし: ちょっとだけ.…
飛鳥:アリシアですか?どうゆ書いて…A.. L..
PIC: A..L.. I..C..I...A... (this went on for quite a bit. >w<)

I sounded really er, dumb. But omg. I talked to ASKA. :D HURRAH. I wanted to actually tell him that my dad's a HUGE FAN of his but I was all tongue-tied and the rest of the Japanese media contingent was all milling about behind me. XD OH WELL.

ASKA. <3

Anyway, I've been trying the hell to get past this particular level in Revenant Wings but fsking Mydia refuses to die? It's the stage where you're supposed to defeat Chaos and then defeeat Mydia? I can do everything up to the point where I reach Mydia and then the blasts the hell out of ALL MY YARHI with her magic columns of light.

It pisses me off, really. I've been at it for 34928034893 times but Mydia just keeps on picking me off. I'm probably going about it all wrong and I think I shouldn't send in EVERYONE to bust the hell out of her. XD I'll like try an indirect approach next. like bomb her with just Yarhi only. It's frustrating to use all my quickening spells on her just to DIE minutes later. D:

BTW, have I mentioned how adorable Kytes is? I don't know why but he's just adorable in the game. Probably my mage-partiality. And Llyud. Llyud is just <3.


Feb. 19th, 2008 09:49 pm
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I'm horrible but my copy of TMGS 2nd Season DS hasn't arrived yet (wtf. why are you taking so long!) and I was dying to have some skinship with my TMGS boys so I went and downloaded the ROM.

And I actually lost the whole walkthrough printout that I did ages ago. I'm refusing to waste more paper to print another copy - unless I find my old stack again - so I went and found the Japanese wiki for the game (and the first one too). So voila. Instant Japanese practice Tokimemo style!





Jan. 29th, 2008 02:06 am
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A little more till I complete Phantom Hourglass! And then I shall properly review it and all the other games I've played so far but haven't bothered to review because I'm apathetic like that.


I need a PS3 so I can play proper fighting games and button mash instead of torturing my poor DS when I play Guilty Gear and Bleach. D: (I should get a US console for the NTSC/U backwards compatability since I have a Japanese PS2 but D: )

And a Wii so I can get No More Heroes, Twilight Princess and Wii Fit Super Smash Bros. Braw STAR WARS STAR WARS in Q2 WOOOOl. The N64 one was addictive enough that my brother and I (what we were in secondary school?) stayed up all night secretly to duke it out.

We were such rebellious kinnids. XD


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