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Name:A Tan
Birthdate:Nov 30
About the Soshi a.k.a Miss Nomer

'slike Soshi, once known as Soshi Ken but now reduced to a more palatable Soshi, is currently on the verge of becoming an adult but would much like to remain in her gender bending teenage Otaku days.

Now an academic slave at the National University of Singapore as an English Literature and Japanese Studies major, this lowly spiderpig believes that her days of bumming around and being a hikikomori apprentice are now over, now that she's a pseudo-scholar of sorts. In other words, this geek is now going to evolve into a nerd (much like a Pokemon) - something she looks forward to only if it involves lots of instant food and cold libraries.

Her first loves are writing literary verbagegarbage that passes off as poetry and shortstories, fangirling on dating-sims for girls, increasing her collection of manga and Vertigo graphic novels, fangirling on bishounen, reading (fact: Soshi is nearly blind due to reading in dim light, like boho writers) and gaming on her PC, consoles and DSlite. So it's no surprise that her ideal job is to be a cyberpunk novelist based in Japan, writing for notable gaming and tech magazines on the side.

In short, Soshi is probably best known as the otaku geek who games casually (because her attention span is too short to actually hardcore a game all through except for Subarashiki Kono Sekai and Tokimemo Girl's side...). Her erudite knowledge of obscure topics (ranging from Jedi Powers to where Skittles were made) deceives people into thinking that she's intelligent, when actually truth to be told, she's very much a dunce at things. By default, she greatly respects Masi Oka as her number one motivation for all things geeky and otherwise. Obviously, she's a fan of Hiro and Heroes as well.

A complete failure at sports, the Soshi turns to the refined arena of music, and hopes of becoming a competent baritone saxophonist in the future. At the moment, this spiderpig is doing a stint in a campus publication where she can live out her dreams of "pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword"SOSHIDO BUSHIDO.


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