Jun. 8th, 2010

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14:05 授業中!!! 日本語で恐竜の話はイヤだ! #

20:16 Have to turn down a translation job. I wanted to do it and actually said that I could get it done by the end of this week but... #

20:17 I'm taking a look at the length again and the 10 page paper I have yet to start and need to finish by Saturday... I not. #

20:37 UGH I AM SURE MY EDITOR HATES ME FOR CANCELING THE JOB. :\ I better e-mail Syabi and Akaaka soon. Like. Tomorrow. #

20:40 @botandayu Tell me about it! Closing (or leaving open?) bank accounts, canceling the phone line, checking out of the dorm, shipping things.. #

21:07 昨日 @yokotkmt が「BumpのSnow Smileを好き」と言って。その時、あの曲完全忘れてしまった。でも今日iTunesで聞いた、「ああ、あの曲だ!」と思った。私も好きな曲! #

21:51 @doublex2 まだ若い!我慢して!! #

22:12 Lesson: always limit dosage of @mijonju! Or my itch to buy a new camera will never calm down! #

22:14 That said, I should bling/customize my new-old Nikon F50! #

22:14 中古キャノン - For my future reference tumblr.com/x4wb4siq5 #

22:27 @HelloNavi My roll from the gakkenflex should be ready to send for processing soon! Am excited! :D #

22:27 @HelloNavi I do! Still, it doesn't beat having the actual cameras in your hand. I love how the old ones were/are built! Sturdy like a tank! #

00:24 Win the ultimate $10,000 Canon 5D Mk2 camera rig for the release of Camera+ for iPhone at WWDC tinyurl.com/camplus #

00:51 @perpiewerpie You betcha! You? :D #

00:58 @perpiewerpie Coincidentally, I'm there :D MacRumors I mean. #

01:35 @perpiewerpie Eeeenteresting! #

01:48 @perpiewerpie Print media is NEVER dying! :p #

01:51 Recommend any good photography schools in New York; 1-2 year courses? (NY because @electrictapirs and I are planning to room together) #

02:02 @trufflepuff Thanks for the rec! :D #

02:03 @milkred I'm REALLY leaning towards Tisch, even though I will readily admit that it's the name that sways me. I do like their curric too. #

02:03 @milkred If we all end up in NY, that would be awesome! Though, I probably will only be able to get my ass there, 2 years later, fastest. #

02:21 @milkred I need to finish my honours and most prob work for a year or two to save up SOME money before I go into debt. LOL #

02:22 @milkred I wish Singapore had a decent program. It's cliched but I would like to experience studying/living in NY. Sigh. #

02:23 @milkred Also YES 100% to the exhibition. Even if it's not for my grad school application, I would like to exp taking part in an exhibition! #

02:26 @milkred My friends might be heading to NY next summer for their grad trip & I might be joining them to visit campuses? XD #

02:46 @milkred KEKEKE you can refer to my terrible Twitter article on the whole AWARE nonsense from last year. You might spill more bloood ;) #

03:45 @milkred I send you some links later when I get up? :D #

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