Jun. 4th, 2010

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13:50 Taka Ishii なう #

15:00 恥ずかしい(〃д〃)I didnt have enough money for the Araki photobook so i asked to reserve it until the next time i go, which is soon. #

15:03 Should try interning at Taka Ishii one day. Visited Shugo Arts too. #

15:06 Araki's latest exhibition is... interesting to say the least. i've heard a lot of things about him and wanted to see if it was true,写真から。 #

15:34 @secretlipstick Tweet tweet! #

17:10 Nap, then heading to Santoku to buy dinner. #

20:47 @secretlipstick :D! In August, just in time for school! (<-- Not necessarily something I'm happy about, heh!) #

23:11 Photo: LANVIN PATENT METALLIC SNEAKERS | LIMITEDHYPE tumblr.com/x4wax2rre #

23:11 Photo: … as though in a miraculous hour it has become aware of the law… - but does it float tumblr.com/x4wax2t5m #

23:12 Photo: The Sartorialist: The Case for Pushed-Up Sleeves, Milano tumblr.com/x4wax2u42 #

23:13 Photo: 9-tsubo house | Spoon & Tamago One of my dream houses. I will design my future room like this. tumblr.com/x4wax2vjd #

23:36 Who's subscribing to Tokyo's new creative Tabloid? | The Japan Times Online tumblr.com/x4wax40ma #

23:37 Monocolumn: It’s The Wheel Thing - PSFK tumblr.com/x4wax41iu #

23:37 Photo: takayuki akachi: travelling denim tumblr.com/x4wax42t8 #

23:39 Photo: Flak Photo | Photography Online | www.flakphoto.com tumblr.com/x4wax469k #

23:40 Photo: rain-rain go away. tumblr.com/x4wax4720 #

23:40 "In response to Tate Modern’s exhibition “Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera”, “The City..." tumblr.com/x4wax47er #

23:41 Photo: Sinkhole (via The Photography Post : Natural Disaster Picture of the Day: Guatemalan Sinkhole. ) tumblr.com/x4wax48ie #

23:47 Photo: Simply Hue: Creative Spaces with Trisha Brink tumblr.com/x4wax4irm #

01:31 Usually bout of insecurity. Will be gone in about 10 minutes. #

01:53 @owen_s It's that time of the day when I feel like I'm utterly worthless. It's usually gone before 3am! #

02:57 @owen_s Not every night right? #

02:58 I'm watching Liar Game and argghh Nao is so naive! #

03:20 I'm watching the card game and ugh, she could have said the the double-faced card was always face up and didn't count! #

03:21 本当にバカバカしい!!! #

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