Jun. 2nd, 2010

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14:44 Especially in Waseda RT @gssq: My religious studies tutor: "What you learn in university: never believe course descriptions" #

14:59 @gssq Not so bad la #

15:09 アイヤー!「新参者」見たらいつも泣いてる!! #

21:12 @botandayu Good job! :D #

21:12 @owen_s It doesn't! Which means I either gloss over the kanji which I THINK I know, or I hunker down and actually check the meaning. #

21:13 @botandayu Not exactly the translator job you wanted (JP->EN) but! I think you're a lot more in demand now hahaa. CH --> EN --> JP? :D #

21:15 Just invoiced for my 12000円給料! #

23:20 @owen_s Not a bit! #

23:21 Snort. I'm watching "Coffee House" and hurhurhur, the President reminds me of me; other than the fact that she's gorgeous and I'm not. #

01:05 Video: iPhoneと絵本を組み合わせた「PhoneBook」 (via mobileartlab) tumblr.com/x4wat8ic7 #

01:38 @milkred I end up forgetting about "acting" whenever I watch TV... #

01:38 bit.ly/9xF6wZ Are you a Singapore Poet? A new publication is looking for submissions! #

01:41 @trufflepuff Eheheh, I feel like submitting! XD #

01:44 Edible.com tumblr.com/x4wata954 #

02:22 @trufflepuff Hahaha I don't daaareeee. Plus, I haven't written anything in ages. SHALL LOOK OUT FOR YOURS :D #

02:23 @botandayu Do you think you'll be free this weekend? I was wondering if you could take a look at a catalog I'm translating for my bookstore! #

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