May. 15th, 2010

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15:23 Forgot to bring my handouts!! #

21:34 Have a translating job offer! Will see how it goes... It's probably unpaid as usual but no biggie. #

21:35 @botandayu @HelloNavi 返事してくれてありがとう!! #

22:58 @owen_s Yeah! I don't know if an article or two can chalk up to proper job experience but... #

22:59 @perpiewerpie I want Vitamin P! #

00:18 @owen_s Not in particular! I used to want to be one, but now I'm just content with being able to convey ideas effectively for other people? #

00:19 @usagijen Yeah! But this first one is proving to be a challenge! I should have taken more grammar and vocabulary classes this semester D: #

00:20 Hard translation is hard! But I'll pull through. Doing a really gross literal translation first before I edit it and make it flow properly. #

01:29 Thinking about Tisch after I graduate. #

01:37 Shouldn't have gone to NUS. #

01:39 Right now, I just really want to go to art school. #

02:00 If I work hard at my part time job for a year I can barely afford tuition for ONE class. Argh. Family, why are we not upper class! #

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