Apr. 21st, 2010

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14:03 RT @jlist: Mark Hamill returns to his high school in Yokosuka, Japan moe.vg/ad13FQ <- awesome he spent time in Japan #

14:03 My prof sounds like he's speaking Cantonese. #

14:57 WTF. my friend just informed me that I might not be able to double count my USP ISM with my level 4000 requirements!!? #

15:00 @trufflepuff I DONT KNOW I AM

15:06 @trufflepuff ahh no! I'm going to be taking it back in NUS! taking an ISM here would be too much of a headache. #

15:07 @gssq Depends on coordinator and department right!!! There's no blanket rule right!! #

15:09 @trufflepuff USP ISM! should count as EN requirements right?! Our dept isn't that anal hahaha... >_>. Did you get it counted as level4000? #

15:10 Has most of her panic attack quelled by @trufflepuff ! Thanks :) #

15:21 @trufflepuff that's still a lot of pressure off my mind. I only can do one ISM for EN because I'm doublemajoring. #

15:21 @trufflepuff Not sure how that will affect me but I'll figure it out!! #

15:35 @trufflepuff Yeaah; I already have 3/4 of the MCs for my 2nd major and I have to stay back a sem eitherway, I figured why not! #

18:01 Jay Sario is so utterly fabulous it hurts. D: #

18:08 Ungapatch!! #

18:10 横浜のチケット買いたかったけど、最初から売り切れました!いやーー @stylefromtokyo is going to Lady Gaga's secret live concert!! I am uber jealous!!!! #

18:20 London: Looking for a silver lining? Free sights! - This Just In - Budget Travel - I kind of wish I was stuck... tumblr.com/x4w8ut7hz #

18:46 So many conflicting reports. No lvl4 ISM with HT, etcetc. I AM JUST GOING TO EMAIL THE DEPT SOON. WHEN I DONT SOUND NUTS. #

02:21 Photo: Sarah’s Loft » Blog Archive » Kandahar Street tumblr.com/x4w8v91yr #

02:27 Photo: Toshio Enomoto from the series Sakura | japan exposures tumblr.com/x4w8v9a8u #

02:32 Photo: Bloccon watering can | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4w8v9h7m #

02:32 swissmiss | Swedish Cinema tumblr.com/x4w8v9hmp #

02:33 Photo: I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid… - but does it float tumblr.com/x4w8v9ice #

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