Apr. 5th, 2010

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12:27 Finished with the kanamara matsuri aka penis festival #

14:09 @trufflepuff UPLOADING SOONZ #

14:18 @gssq You would enjoy it! #

14:19 I have a ちんこlolly that I'm not quite sure what to do with. #

14:19 Editing Kanamara photos now. I think I'll do a blog post later tonight. I am epically tired. #

15:47 @gssq Album up on Facebook! #

16:27 @rainbowtrippin I do that too. #

23:30 "And while I can’t completely agree that it will destroy anime as a whole, I do think that shit like this..." tumblr.com/x4w87852j #

23:32 Photo: In his latest “A Few Things” entry, Alastair Townsend takes a look at the use of roof gardens as a... tumblr.com/x4w8787g5 #

00:01 @rainbowtrippin It's so hard to get out of it though? I wish I was more at peace with myself... #

00:01 Kichioji and Mitaka with my Nikon (and Gakken?) tomorrow? Sigh, more film I cannot afford to process. #

00:25 Photo: I ❤ Ecru x White « THIS IS NAIVE Gorgeous gorgeous! If only this color looked good on me! tumblr.com/x4w87a6xp #

00:26 The Penguin Blog: Penguin's 75th - Pass On A Penguin: Messages from February tumblr.com/x4w87a8ha #

00:28 Photo: Art Fair Tokyo 2010 | TABlog | Tokyo Art Beat Photos generally weren’t allowed at AFT2010, but the... tumblr.com/x4w87ab4q #

00:32 Photo: Roppongi Art Night 2010 | TABlog | Tokyo Art Beat One of the many and few, if that does make sense,... tumblr.com/x4w87afvb #

01:45 "Creative unit Drill Design, along with furniture designers Full Swing, have, since 2007, been working on..." tumblr.com/x4w87d805 #

03:52 I don't understand how people can wnt to meet at 9 in the morning on the last day before school. SERIOUSLY? #

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