Mar. 30th, 2010

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12:17 RT @cnngo: Tokyo based photographer who has been snapping host clubs speaks to CNNGo Interesting photos included #

15:42 I have a craving for macaroni soup. With chicken. Either chicken or tomyum stock. I am going to go SHOPPING after dinner. Comfort food yes. #

20:26 Looking for a Canon IVSB. :) #

20:30 @lbgoh Ah! It's one of Canon's old rangefinders! #

20:36 FN has an old chocolate SX-70 Alpha for 16800. It's within my budget and cheaper than the SX-70s I've seen. Should I e-mail and ask to view? #

23:35 Going to give the 'Figs and Leaves' soap a shot. #

00:35 Photo: The Meeting Modernity series of found photographs is the focus of Néojaponisme’s first traveling... #

00:36 Photo: For his second column, Johnny Strategy interviews legendary titlewriter Hideo Satoh. Catching the... #

00:36 Photo: Yoshitaka Amano — best known for his character designs on the Final Fantasy video game series — debuts... #

00:37 Photo: <書籍紹介> ニューヨーク~ジャマイカ~エチオピア~……... #

00:38 Video: SparkPlugged - Plugging the best of Japanese indie, rock and alternative music » Blog Archive » THE... #

00:40 Photo: Featuring Kitchen.’s aspidistrafly, songs of twilight is on sale! I can’t wait to get my hands on a... #

00:43 Wide Island View » Blog Archive » Bon appetit? What it’s like to eat Flipper - Greg Beck eats dolphin in... #

00:47 The Hazards of Haikyo and Urban Exploration – - I’d say this blog post contains very good... #

00:50 Photo: The Paths of Photography: Asphalt | japan exposures Asphalt, a photo-magazine I hope I can contribute... #

00:51 Photo: HOTSHOE ON GAKKENFLEX BY MIBOY FROM LOMOTION! | Circle Rectangle Sweet hotshoe mod! I would like to... #

00:54 Mocking Bird – Australian & Canadian photography blog » Some Of My Favourite Photoblogs - Damn, more blogs to... #

00:55 Photo: Upcoming exhibition: 195 (one nine five) « _valerian An exhibition I want to go to! Sypal inspires me... #

01:09 Photo: People at Work #1 « THIS IS NAIVE A wonderful peek into an embroiderer’s day. #

01:14 Photo: Limited-Edition Polaroid Posters by Andrew Faris « #

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