Feb. 9th, 2010

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08:25 RT @paperskyonline: 街の自転車ショップをめぐりながら bit.ly/cqjFEr #

08:26 ユニクロ DI for UT zechia(半袖)A - ユニクロオンラインストア[store.uniqlo.com] tumblr.com/x4w68gpw9 #

08:41 Hungry, but it's too early for lunch. I'm going to read in bed til it's time for lunch! #

09:07 RT @8tokyo: “Care Bears” large accessory pouch and a mirror set Supplements for CUTiE Magazine ff.im/-fzaGJ #

09:08 I need thicker skin and more guts. Anyone care to donate? #

16:24 Q:genital warts. is it my fault? A:completely. it is also the fault of the genital warts go... formspring.me/bookshopbear/q/138138662 #

16:25 Q:sharon au is in waseda university right? ... A:yeah i've ran into her a few times but i ... formspring.me/bookshopbear/q/138139313 #

16:26 Q:NIPPON Q Q???? A:hahahaahaha. i don't know how to respond to this. D: YES VERY Q Q! Q Q T... formspring.me/bookshopbear/q/138139988 #

17:12 @gssq He's cute! #

17:12 Everyone and their mom's are in Hokkaido right now :\ #

17:38 @gssq Not so easy leh! #

20:43 Gakkenflex is giving me a huge headache #

21:07 Yes! Problem solved! #

22:36 @gssq Not in Japan, where Japanese girls > other Asian girls #

00:12 @gssq Exactly! Hahhaah how could I stand a chance :P #

00:33 Is it me or do I have the same hairstyle as Xiao'an now?! #

02:01 Photo: Flight Of The Honeybee Terrarium by doodlebirdie on Etsy tumblr.com/x4w69a0ly #

04:04 Photo: Apart from the obvious which is allowing me to shoot some photographs and making them look pretty, I... tumblr.com/x4w69d8l6 #

04:08 RT @dannychoo: Photos from the previous Tokyo CGM Night 6 bit.ly/9o1OMV #

04:16 "Many people still think Japan is inscrutable. It’s a cliche reinforced on the Japanese side by another..." tumblr.com/x4w69dlsq #

04:17 SNOW Magazine » iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle tumblr.com/x4w69dmd3 #

04:18 Photo: Creative Review - Onitsuka Tiger Launches Tansu Shoe tumblr.com/x4w69dne4 #

04:18 Photo: Make: Online : Lego Solar Dynamics Observatory kit tumblr.com/x4w69dnot #

04:18 Photo: L.L. Bean Heritage Tote | Uncrate tumblr.com/x4w69dnz3 #

04:21 Photo: Caustic Cover Critic: John Squire’s 1980s Penguins tumblr.com/x4w69dqgx #

04:21 Photo: Setting Bowls by Hiromichi Konno | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4w69dqn0 #

04:22 Photo: Flavorwire Image Gallery tumblr.com/x4w69dr3o #

04:24 Photo: Flavorwire » Star Wars-Inspired Vintage Travel Posters tumblr.com/x4w69dt6d #

04:24 Photo: Antiques in China are the latest stars on a popular reality TV show, “Collection World.” It’s... tumblr.com/x4w69dto2 #

04:26 Photo: A Clockwork Orange by Craig McDean | theartistandhismodel tumblr.com/x4w69dvfl #

05:36 Hmmm, not sure if it's worth it to ship my notes back. Or should I just trash 'em and copy them from NUS if I do need them... #

06:05 F. Scott Fitzgerald Reads Shakespeare | Open Culture tumblr.com/x4w69h27n #

06:06 Photo: Snow sculptures at Sapporo Snow Festival 2010 ::: Pink Tentacle tumblr.com/x4w69h35m #

06:07 "5. Be able to have interesting conversations on any topic. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an..." tumblr.com/x4w69h3uw #

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