Feb. 7th, 2010

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This is the TEST shipment you asked for

01:45 Photo: 今日マチ子のセンネン画報 : 物差 tumblr.com/x4w44135c #

00:09 prof. moriary & smiley-todd の アイタイムはいつもリピートをして。すごくいい曲と思う。 #

00:03 Finished my kanji homework and prep, studied for my kanji and keigo quizzes. Now an hour of JLPT 2 grammar and off to bed. #

23:39 Photo: UPPERCASE - journal - Abigail Reynolds, folded photographs tumblr.com/x4w43yys9 #

18:31 RT @cnngo: 10 of the most grossest dishes in #Singapore....not for the squeamish! bit.ly/3jjJHu #

18:31 RT @ilovetypography: Excellent article ‘On Web Typography’ from @jasonsantamaria over at the superb ALA: j.mp/2zuZu8 #

18:30 Argh! Overslept!!! #

15:18 @PerpieWerpie The JS department has some of the funkiest readings ever! #

15:12 Video: Emily Levine’s theory of everything | Video on TED.com tumblr.com/x4w43rzsc #

15:11 @PerpieWerpie :D #

12:11 twitpic.com/py7am 今日のランチ #

12:07 Sweet!!! RT @patlaw: Converses' new Patta series is looking good! bit.ly/k584o #

12:04 Back from classes. Washing bedsheets and having lunch. Need to pay my national health insurance later!! #

12:03 @happytulle I WISH I WASSSSSS #

07:37 Need coffee #

01:39 Hello Wednesday! :) #

01:38 Why complain when you have something good going on for you! Makes me feel that you don't deserve it #

00:47 Photo: “Beautiful things often happen when you don’t know anymore” (top) and “Don’t forget to dream” (bottom)... tumblr.com/x4w439xa9 #

00:42 Photo: prettiest tea cup ever | blankanvas tumblr.com/x4w439utl #

00:05 Photo: Tim Burton Pours Out His Brain At The Moma Exhibit - Tim Burton - io9 tumblr.com/x4w4399j0 #

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18:39 Photo: via www.spoon-tamago.com I must have featured this before, but it’s one of my favourite photographs so... tumblr.com/x4w66my7m #

18:47 Photo: SNOW Magazine » COLORS tumblr.com/x4w66n2dq #

18:51 Photo: Tiger Claws for your Brooch? | TABlog | Tokyo Art Beat ….I’m going to be writing for them. tumblr.com/x4w66n4py #

18:53 Video: KN | Kitsune Noir » ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Trailer tumblr.com/x4w66n6de #

18:54 "Sometimes Timothy would include train schedules and other plans. Sometimes they included drawings and..." tumblr.com/x4w66n6jf #

21:35 @burnoutfirefly What did I do in my past life to deserve friends like you guys <3 #

22:07 I want to believe in this! RT @burnoutfirefly: I got some troubles but they won't last... & pretty soon all my troubles will pass #

22:50 formspring.me - why is the sky so high? because if we could reach it then there’d be no use for different... tumblr.com/x4w66rzxm #

22:50 Q:why is the sky so high? A:because if we could reach it then there'd be no use for differe... formspring.me/bookshopbear/q/129395572 #

22:56 @PerpieWerpie You said it brother! #

23:31 Photo: French Blast: Photography and math equations tumblr.com/x4w66t0w9 #

23:32 Virginia Woolf: Her Voice Recaptured | Open Culture tumblr.com/x4w66t1k2 #

23:33 The Best Science Fiction Would Work Without Any Science At All - Genres - io9 tumblr.com/x4w66t35k #

23:36 Photo: Make: Online : Pac-Man shelves tumblr.com/x4w66t5hc #

23:36 Photo: Make: Online : Hello Kitty chainsaw tumblr.com/x4w66t5o2 #

00:33 Tokyo --> Osaka --> Himeji --> Okayama --> Hiroshima? #

01:11 Video: 2+2=5 tumblr.com/x4w66vtjr #

03:50 Tokyo-->Osaka-->Himeji?-->Kobe-->Okayama-->Tottori-->Hiroshima #

03:51 Just realized that Himeji Castle is under reconstruction. #

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Feb. 7th, 2010 05:13 pm
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So I woke up early on a Sunday morning and spent the whole day at Sybai (short for the Shashin Bijitsukan or Tokyo Metropolitan Photography Museum) for the lhee Kimura x Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition! More on that in another post.

Right now, I just want to cam-whore(I never liked this word!) spam photos of myself for a bit.


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