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I am a hoarder of t-shirts, but I would like to fill my wardrobe with this. Jeans and a good tee. Maybe a shirt to top things off.

From http://shop.ugmonk.com/

do want

Aug. 17th, 2009 01:35 pm
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I like these muchly! )

Practical and cute! :)
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dream shoes )

Placed an order for them. I hope my feet fit!
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I know that I have a blazer and a double-breasted coat already but this is the most adorable thing alive. It is.

It's about $160 if I remember, at ION's Topshop but I really want it. I wore it and looked like a little schoolgirl (the silhouette was all wrong) but I really, really like it. I like it so much that I kind of want to take $160 and get it for myself this weekend (hello yen or bonnie or kerri or bobo or moniza) anyone wants to go and buy this with me?!

My heart beats so fast whenever I think of it. I have never wanted a piece of clothing so very much.

(Yen! Can I borrow the Fashion Forward card from you? :) )


Apr. 10th, 2009 01:54 pm
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Looking at mmmg's products makes me so happy!


MMMG Goodness )

Here's to hoping that Sunkyung re-opens her shopping service soon~

In other news, I've um, procured Röyksopp's new album and :D I really like it! A bit too electronic-ish for my own liking but it's a really refreshing change. I do like the repetitive bits.
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Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:53 am
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First day of 2009. Seems alright. I'm feeling courage gathering in the corners of my self right now. Hopefully they'll fill out the rest of me by the end of the month! Have faith, Alicia - you can do this! My friends-locked End of 2008 post was emo enough, I shall try to be cheerful now!

Wishlist!, because resolutions are not for me )
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In a few weeks (12 days to be exact) I will turn 20. I'd have just climbed over the fence and landed safely on the other side of the field. I wonder if the grass will be greener.

I asked my mum if I could have a Blackbird, Fly for my 20th - only because she's been chipper about giving presents this year. Last year I had a pocket of air - and was promptly turned down. A new computer and mouse? No problem. New pairs of shoes? A-OK. But a (beautiful) film camera? No.

So here's the compromise.

My brother will be getting me the Blackbird, Fly (the initials will now be known as Best Brother Forever!) -- praytell it's not an empty promise -- and mum will be giving me money to spend on books. Which is as good, or perhaps better, because I do love my books. I plan to spend around half of it at BooksActually, and then the rest on graphic novels at Kinokuniya.

I kind of want to do a pre-birthday celebration at BooksActually on the 29th, because that's the only time I can actually get out of the house to celebrate my birthday. Any other time would be too late, or having Exams to deal with. The woes of being born at the end of the year.

But what I reallly want for my birthday is my grandma to leave with dignity.


Things I have to do this week
  1. Do a bank transfer into my PP account (visit DBS on Wednesday morning?)
  2. DannyChooxAnimax Blogging Workshop on Wednesday morning
  3. STUDY
  4. Ethics essay
  5. AFA08
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Ideal birthday present: Diamond VIP pass

I need to find a way scrounge up $118. I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT TO MEET MAY'N.
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Now, if I had over a hundred dollars, I'd so get this just for the heck of it because it's Suzuak's friggin Lancelot keythingum.
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And that is to be (t)here, this time next year.

I've been wanting to be there since ages ago and I just need to be there soon (I can wait a year!) or I think I'll just collapse internally. It seems all very trivial but a whole lot of my sanity relies on that one place, that plot of land where I could be will be spending my third year in. It's desperation, there isn't any other word for it. I desperately need to be there.

After that initial disappointment a week back, I just really hope (and I'm praying, hard) that I can get at the very least, this wish granted.

I do want this, but more importantly, I need this. The course of my life - the next 20 years or so - will depend on whether I'm able to get there. I sound delirious right now, I sound right at the other extreme of "normal" but argh.

Please God.

self-bashing? probably so. )
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  • diNovo Edge
  • G15 Keyboard
  • Cordless Desktop Wave

  • MX Revolution
  •  G9 Laser Mouse
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I'm kind of dissatisfied with how my room looks like at the moment -- too many implements from my primary and secondary school days (=A=;; I'm a hoarder!) and it's looking a little too chapalang for my tastes. (Doesn't help that [livejournal.com profile] tsubaki_'s room is totally awesome and inspirational! XD)

So anyway, it's that time of year again!

it's time for a wishlist! )
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I'm sorry but I am rather in love with the typography. I have a thing for pure text designs (a.k.a typographical designs) and that kind of translates into most of the designing things that I do undertake. I like, words. I like stylized words, words as pictures - that sort of thing!

So beautiful covers + beautiful books = oh dear, I do not have enough money to continue this lifestyle of mine! Books, booze, plastic. Sigh! Luckily I'm not rather into clothes -- wait, I am into bags (like rucksacks, backpacks and messenger bags) so that's another munny-sucking love. D:
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The packet of curry roux I had is more or less expired so I decided to take my day off to cook some, since my brother and I lacked lunch. I was a little too ambitious because I figured that I should use BOTH packets of Hokkaido White Curry roux since it'd be God knows how long till the next time I cook again. So I er, cooked too much. I still have a pot of curry left (probably going to bring some for Ying Zhi tomorrow) and I'll be having a Curry Week. =A=;; If I get served curry on the Ship, I will go mad hahaahha.

So anyway, yes. It was supposed to be white curry -- meaning that it had to resemble my other favourite, Cream Strew -- but I botched it up and it ended up looking like very mild curry.

Yes. My mom went and dumped brown rice (well it's not really brown rice but I don't know what it's called) into the rice cooker so it's like, brown + brown and very Un-White Curry-ish right now. ):

STILL! IT TASTES AWESOME! I won't say what I added (my sekrit ingridient) because YZ has yet to try it!

I'm stuffed!

EDIT: Tee hee, it looks like the Onion is going "No! I'm about to be eaten!"

In other news,

Here! GAAAH! )

She's gorgeous. But also 7,410 yen. Due December though, and I have nothing on order in December! Gah. Just when I thought I'd stop buying figures. BUT. THIS STILL KEEPS TO MY ONE-A-MONTH RULE (A.K.A S$100 budget)!!
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Thinking about getting a Canon Digital Rebel over in Tokyo because it is slightly cheaper. The only thing stopping me is that well, they don't have the trend of throwing in freebies like Singapore stores do. Which adds up to quite a bit of savings. So I don't think I'll get my dSLR anytime soon - I mean, really. People in the know would realize in Singapore vs Japan, Singapore tends to give better overall deals. The latter's point system is virtually useless to me because I won't be going back often enough to actually redeem anything.

Rather save the cash and get myself a Mac.
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I shall save up for a MK VII gas mask bag. Still floundering on whether to get the original or the reproduction. One thing for sure, the reproduction won't smell 60 years old. But the whole point of owning a MK VII bag is because it's 60 years old ain't it?


May. 9th, 2008 08:02 pm
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O: This set up has great ideas?

Currently, the basic layout of my desk is like this...

uh huh )


Oh this is an awesome list!


May. 5th, 2008 10:47 pm
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Had a really bad day and Dad brought me out for dinner at Waraku. I have the best Dad in the world!

Going to make a list of things to do~

I can watch anime! Blog about anime and all my geeky hobbies! Read books! (I still haven't read that Umberto Eco book finish Singlish lulz. I still haven't finished that Umberto Eco book because it's a chore.) Read books on theory and philosophy! Because even if I can't be bothered about talking about them, I should at least know what those obnoxious prats are talking about when they speak condescendingly to me. (Really they do, because I look like a hobo. But I'm not going to be an ignorant hobo any longer! LIBRARY HERE I COME!!!!!!!!) And most of all have nice long photoshoots with my PVC models!!!!!! I've got a fucking garden that I really should use, since I am incapable of taking indoor shots.
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Right now, I want this, very bad. Plus the Byousoku 5cm novel but THIS. I'm going to rack up a decent shipment of books from Amazon.co.jp and decide when I'll ship them in. June seems like a good month.

Of course, if I get to go to Japan in July I can probably just pick up the rest of my want-list.



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