To-Do List

Nov. 30th, 2010 12:00 am
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To-Do List

20th Century Japanese History
1) "The Rise of Revolutionary Nationalism", in Sources of Japanese Tradition. Vol. 2. 1600-2000, eds. Wm. Theodore de Bary, Carol Gluck, and Arthur E. Tiedemann. New York: Columbia University Press, 2005, 948-979.
2) Peter Duus, Modern Japan. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997, 134-149.

3)Sydney Crawcour, "Industrialization and technological change, 1885–1920" in The Cambridge History of Japan, ed. Duus, Peter. Vol. 6. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988, pp.385-450.
4) Takafusa Nakamura, "Depression, recovery, and war, 1920–1945" in The Economic Emergence of Modern Japan, ed. Kozo Yamamura. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp.116-158.
5) Carol Gluck, "Japan's Modernities, 1850s - 1990s," in Asia in Western and World History, eds. Embree, Ainslie T. and Carol Gluck (Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 1997), pp.561-593.

6) Miriam Silverberg, Erotic Grotesque Nonsense: The Mass Culture of Japanese Modern Times. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007), pp.13-47.

7) Sydney Crawcour, "Industrialization and technological change, 1885–1920" in The Cambridge History of Japan, ed. Duus, Peter. Vol. 6. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988, pp.385-450.



8) Takafusa Nakamura, "Depression, recovery, and war, 1920–1945" in The Economic Emergence of Modern Japan, ed. Kozo Yamamura. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp.116-158.

Alternative Lives in Contemp. Japan
1) Upham, Frank.  1998.  “Weak Legal Consciousness as Invented Tradition.”  In Mirror of Modernity: invented traditions of modern Japan (S. Vlastos ed).  Berkeley CA: University of California Press.  [E-RESERVES]
2) Upham, Frank K.  2004.  “Instrumental Violence and the Struggle for Buraku Liberation.”  In M. Weiner (ed), Race, Ethnicity and Migration in Modern Japan (v. 2). NY: Routledge. (pp. 146-190)  [E-RESERVES]

3) Watch Go!

1) Revise concepts
2) Finish reading Rhys 
3) Read Tayeb Salih

Cold War
1) H.W.: Erenberg: “Things to Come”;
(Suggested viewing) “Swing: The Velocity of Celebration” (CDV 293-6R), “Dedicated to Chaos” (CDV 293-7R)
2) Continue reading Underworld
3) Revise previous week's readings
4) “Long Tall Sally: Spring-Summer 1992” pp. 63-150 +
5) Virilio “The Immaterials of War” from A Landscape of Events;
6) Edwards: Chap. 1 from The Closed World; Broderick “Nuclear Movies”;
7) Powers chapter from Prisoner’s Dilemma;
8) Paul Virilio “The Art of the Motor” from The Art of the Motor; Sterling: “ARPANET to Internet”

9)(additional readings) Edwards: excerpts from “Why Build Computers?”; Boyer: “Dr. Strangelove: Kubrick Presents the Apocalypse”;
10) William Carlos Williams selections; Beckett Endgame (if you wish to watch one of the productions we own in media resources, choose CVC 12767 or the performance on CDV 852-855); Beck Chap. 1 of Dirty Wars “The Purloined Landscape”

1. Foucault, Michel. The History of Sexuality Volume 1. Trans. Robert Hurley. New York: Vintage, 1990. 3-73 (excerpt).
2) Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. "How to Bring Up Your Kids Gay: The War on Effeminate Boys." In Tendencies. Durham: Duke University Press, 1993. 154-164.
3) Revise concepts covered in previous lectures
Rubin, Gayle. "Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality." The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader. Ed. Henry Abelove, Michele Aina Barale, and David Halperin. New York: Routledge, 1993. 3-44.
Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. "Axiom 1" and "Axiom 2." In Epistemology of the Closet. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990. 22-35.

American Lit
1) Revise Rober Frost (memorise some stanzas)
2) Read on Gertrude Stein and literary "abstract expressionism"

3) Read up on Wallace Stevens
4) Read Ernest Hemingway 

1) Camera Cabaret
2) Art Stage SG
3) MBS
4) Capella
5) Birds & Co.
6) Wanderlust
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Why are the lit people (and the non-lit people, but mainly the lit people) in LMH's gender class so amazing? I'd like to think that once, for a brief moment of time, I was nearly as brilliant.

I want to eat their brains.
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Click for a larger view.

Why I am utterly screwed. And probably have to do an ISM during Special Term.
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School has officially started and I'm supposing I'll have even less time to blog now, what with classes every other day and my weekends scheduled for some hardcore fun.

Still, I feel the need to record the good and bad of my first day at Waseda:

As expected, non-Japanese Language (that is, grammar+vocab+etc Japanese classes) are a lot less demanding than classes at NUS. This probably has to do with the fact that they have to cater to students whose first language may not be English, and the fact that their lecturer's first language might not be English; but I think it's more for the problem that there are little to no classes that actually create a probably 'building block' for students to work upon. So students end up knowing a lot in terms of breadth, but lack depth. But that's not my problem.

Still, it was pretty much an academic culture shock, walking into my Comparative Culture Class and being blown away by the sheer simplicity of it all. It cannot possibly get worse, after the only other semblance of Hard Work (the group project) was cancelled because of the massive class size. Right now we only have 5 worksheets and a Final Exam. I'm betting that it's going to be well, less challenging that I think it's going to be. The impression that it left on be was enough to make me and Shahida go up to the professor to request if we could actually increase our workload. Yes believe or not, I actually requested for more work. It's a waste if I don't actually write a proper paper on Comparative Culture/Literature. The texts are wonderful and there is so much potential in the topic, and we aren't writing a paper. The class is also, too big to have any constructive discussion going on, so another minus point. Then again, I'm not here to mug.

Creative Writing is, well Creative Writing. I've had my fair share of CW workshops and classes, so frankly, I just need a place to throw my ideas around and get people to critique them, like how it was in the USP-Piper workshop. Man, that place was pretty awesome. The class seems pretty raring to go too. And Birnbaum! <3 I'm sorry, I must dedicate a friends-locked entry to fangirling about him. I loved what he did with Underground and Dance Dance Dance and to interact with him in person is nothing less than amazing. Imagine, I am one degree away from Murakami now.

Anyway, got my ticket to the Metric LIVE (eat your heart out boss!!!) and am very poor now!!

I got placed into the shittiest level 3 class for Japanese (you see kids, it doesn't pay to have a goldfish memory!) and it was a bit underwhelming today. It's a repeat of Japanese 2 in NUS all over again. I refuse to re-learn things FOR THE THIRD TIME. I don't mind re-learning them by myself but not in a class setting. I REFUSE TO. I did it at NUS the last time for the stupid reason that they didn't let me go to a higher class because even though I passed, I didn't get like 90 marks. :\ So I sucked it in. I REFUSE TO STAY IN THIS CLASS IF I QUALIFY FOR LEVEL FOUR (only confirmed tomorrow)!! D: I need to keep up and challenge myself! Not just slack off for Japanese!

Anyway, got to finish some paperwork. I headed off to Ningyocho after class today and wasted 15 minutes wandering around lost trying to find the train station. :\
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It's not a lot, but it can help pay for 3 months' rent or a trip to Iya Valley or a stay at a Kyoto machiya. :)

Dear Student

Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the NUS Awards for Study Abroad (NASA) (Exchange Awards) AY09/10.

Okay lah, my temperamental God is smiling upon me once again. My religion is so fickle!
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Prof Pattana just finished his introduction on Thai Buddhism. Pretty interesting, but my extreme exhaustion has made me listless. But Auden has been keeping me company yay!

Next will be a introduction on Taiwanese Buddhism.

There is a strange boy in the class, who reminds me of a domesticated animal. Like, how he seems to hang onto every word that anyone says, eyes lights up when FOOD is brought into the room, opens the box and grabs food immediately. A bit um. Weird yes.

But I'm being judgmental.

So tired, I didn't have time to do the readings. Have to do Ikeya's response paper later when I get back.

The banana cake Michelle brought is good. Nom nom nom.
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Woo. Trying out XJournal right now, because it has pretty awesome tag-remembering features and I have too many tags to actually remember.

Anyway, I am unbelievably tired -- just finished doing research for Dr. G's paper (nearly 3000 words of research for a 1,500 word paper x_x) -- and I have four hours of classes in store for me. It's a warmup y'see, before I plunge into writing that Pamela essay that's due. Tomorrow. At 2pm. What I really want to do now is sleep, have a long nap, curl up in a pile of blankets (or just a mattress would be suffice), sink down into a nice armchair, put my head down on this table -- ANYTHING to get some shut eye.

Well, in anycase, I finished my never-ending Gender paper. I'm quite proud of it so here, let me shove a chunk of it down your throats!

Eat this! )

Yeah, you're probably snoring by now. I wish I was. I kind of want to write on how restrictive language is in Pamela or something original -- unpack the word "incarceration" and just play with it the whole time. But 1,500 words is rather short to do a full-blown thesis on characters being bound by language or something like that (1,500 is deceptively short. It takes a hell lot of time to write, sadly.) but how do I make it concise. Like poprocks.

'slike attended the Buddhism in Asia (henceforth known as BIA) pre-trip briefing yesterday and to be honest, it feels dodgy. I mean, it's a student-run affair, more so that last year's Japan trip, but still. Dodgy dodgy. I wish there were more friends/Japan people taking part. It seems like a good platform to get started on whatever pseudo-academic career path I have in mind so... yeah. Prof W-B was there (he's on sabbatical wtf) to give a talk and once again proof that Lit Profs are generally more interesting and witty than your average speaker. Or maybe I'm just biased lah.

Okay. Need to pack up and head for my Gender class. Sleeeeeepy. I'm really, absolutely, positively sure that I will fall asleep. Sorely tempted to not go for Dr. G's lecture and just head hope to nap write his paper. I mean, he's been rather happy with my work so far so I want to write a smashing paper.

wtf. Why is iTunes playing a lullaby.
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It was nice to be alone, not to have to smile and look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape.

I wasn't interesting. And he was. Interesting...and brillant...and mysterious...and perfect... and beautiful...and possibly able to lift full-sized vans with one hand.

And I couldn't stop the gloom that engulfed me as I realized I didn't know how long I would have to wait before I saw him again.

I can't explain it right...but he's even more unbelievable behind the face.

Trust me just this once--you are the opposite of ordinary.

It's the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way...the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...

Twilight Stephenie Meyer

....What the fuck indeed! No offence but I wrote like that when I was 13 and writing horrible Mary-Sue filled fanfiction in the Fushigi Yuugi universe. Tell me why I refuse to read the books. :\

Anyway, got back Walter Lim's first writing assignment. Letter grade was terrible (in my own honest opinion) but on the rubric it was "very good". Meh! I was writing like a child, for that essay. Like a child at a candy store for the first time. I grabbed haphazardly at anything I could lay my hands on and threw the grab-bag at him (100g, $2.40) and expected him to like my choice of sweets. Didn't really work. But now I know (thanks to Kerri, who I flailed in front of before Psychoanalysis), that Dr L likes nice in-depth essays - not the JC "Let's see how many points I can point out".

The most disappointing thing of course, is when I get comments like "you show a great deal of insight ... but not sufficiently developed", or "this was a good point, but you jumped to the next too soon". It's been happening since Susan Ang's modules (where she had this page long dissertation feedback telling me that I should've talked more about my first point because it was one of the more original points she'd come across). Shooting myself in the foot repeatedly. But I think I know what these professors (or at least, the great majority of them) want now and shall tailor myself - hem up every loose end - to their needs. Hur. Future is looking just a little bit brighter.

But not that bright, because I am severely behind on my Singaporea-men essay. I have about 1,111 words - no where near the halfway mark yet - and I'm having writers block. It's a very fun paper to write about, because I get to be the weirdo woman who thinks that Singaporean men are such marginalized and oppressed people (hahahahaah) and actually try to prove it. It's actually reinforcing the fact that they are pitiful creatures. Poor dears. I have a lot to say about this, and the whole pseudo-equality feminism advocates (really, I don't believe in much of it) but after the exams perhaps.

So anyway, awoke to an e-mail alert from Dr G who just returned our grades for the Wiki-Project. 7/10 for my presentation and then 10/15 for my wiki essay (I should have like, coded "Compiled by Alicia Tan" to grab more marks) but they're fairly good grades! He praised me, so I am a very happy fat cat right now. I am "excellent" :D, hurray. Very much encouraged by his comment to "press on". Press on I shall! I wonder what the dubious duo got...

!! I like this song!

Anyway, I'm tempted to not find any work for the three months and spend it writing an academic paper for this collective [ profile] zerotonin told me about. It seems like a lot of fun and I might just send in a proposal soon? I mean, I don't know. I'd love for anything of mine to get published because that would mean that the chances of me getting a postgrad scholarship would be :D:D:D - very good for poor starving student who cannot afford a PACO box and must live in a cardboard one.
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I think, I curse all the presentations I partake in? 

Wait. Today is FRIDAY THE 13th AGAIN. NO WONDER.

1) I arrived 15 minutes late for the Betsy presentation.

2) 1/2 of my group went AWOL before today. (Are USP students the only ones who are like, obsessive about work? LOL.)

3) One of our group members apparently (I wasn't there yet) talked about a person who did not appear in all 600 pages of the novel. Said person was a reference in one of the scholarly articles and is a real person.


To make matters worse, I was late for the Urasenke lecture and I cannot go in anymore. :\ Waiting out for the INFUSION photoshoot in Chatterbox where I sheepishly sit in one corner of the room. Sheepish is good for sheep.
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this is my week, and my next week. :( )

I'm trying to find time to do my TCO article (have to upload HOOKED articles too argghh), plus do research for my 5 upcoming term papers and finish my presentations (which all happen next week, stupid me!) in addition to not skipping school. Argh. I need to e-mail the director of the USP production, Leonard, to schedule and interview with him about the new play and stuff but arghhhhh no time.

Dinner and then work!
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So I was ready to present my analysis on Korean Tacos only to realize once I reached school, that er, this week is week 7. Midterm break wasn't counted as a week!

Anyway, I'm watching 12 Storeys right now and feeling very tired. Have to finish this and then get my fashion article (vomits blood) done before I head off for TCO's meeting.

What I really want, is to sleep right now.
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I am effing tired. I managed to finish approximately 10 pages of writing within like, 2 days and I can't say that I'm proud of myself. How I've wasted away. :( Right now I have to prepare for my sociology presentation tomorrow (10minutes of bullshitting) but I'm really kind of tired and have half the mind to skip my Renaissance lecture so that I can do a proper job. :\ Sigh. Tomorrow will be rushing my HOOKED article (FASHION WRITNG OH MY GOD x_x) and going for TCO's meeting at 6pm.

But what I'm really nervous about is my バイトon Tuesday because I'll be bringing 7 Japanese high school girls around Arab Street and Chinatown. I'm terrible with people so I'm really freaking out about this -- I mean, I have to speak in Japanese to them! >_< Sigh. Why am I such a retard. I need to find some time to research about the two places and figure out how to explain to them stuff in Japanese. D:

Tired. Nap and then work!

EDIT: Finished the presentation thingum. It's rubbish but HEEEECK CARE.
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There is some fundamental problem when the main reason (though, not only reason) why I cannot take part in global programes, and hence "give myself more opportunities" is because I don't have the money to travel to location XYZ. Of course the second other main reason is because Singapore is painfully meritocratic so hey, I'm not worth it no mater how much they try to deny that CAP is not the deciding factor.

So it turns into this whole nasty Catch-22 where I can't take part in programmes because I have never taken part in any of the previous programmes.

Random side-note: I've been trying to help my dad do the Pet Society moneyhack but it keeps timing out before we can save the damn game? I think PlayFish has like, resolved the damn hack issue. NOOOOOO. I want my father's pet to be insanely rich!

Attended the Young Writers Seminar yesterday and found it pretty inspiring for most parts (thumbs up to the LitSoc for organizing it!).

All-In ramblings )

Rest of the day was spent with T04 at Lau Pa Sat and the CBD area where we stuffed our mouths with food and then proceed to walk along the river. Fun times! Alvan (such a nice guy!) sent all of us home 'coz it was late.

Next week's going to be almost too-busy for me so I am going to SLACK AS MUCH AS I CAN NOW!

Note: I'm looking for a Korean shopping service, does anyone have any to recommend me? (I've emailed on LJ user who does a shopping service but she hasn't gotten back to me yet so I'm just keeping my options open!
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Ow. My shoulder and back are in pain from lugging my bag around today. Note to self, never ever attempt to carry Auden, 2 binders, Paradise Lost, one pencil box, waterbottle, wallet, planner and files in my bag along with the huge monster of a sociology textbook. I think it was easily 7 or 8kg - it felt more than a sackful of rice - and I don't really know how I survived the whole day.

So in a last bid attempt to give my poor shoulders some respite, I took a cab back from Armenian Street (more on that later) which cost me a hefty $18.60. Good God. The surcharge was crazy. Now I'm left wondering if that was worth the money. I don't think I could have handled public transport for the rest of the day though, what with the peak hour office crowds. I nearly died on the bus from NUS to Buona Vista MRT. Oh well. I'm going to try and redeem the $18.60 from my parents. I usually don't take the cab and technically my allowance is er, $10 a day so I definitely overspent. Hurhur.

Renaissance Lit was, well. It got a little interesting when everyone started debating about why Milton's God is such a horribly twisted fellow - I say irresponsible for refusing to claim any ounce of responsibility- to create mankind with the sufficiency to make choices. It got fairly... okay really bad in the end with people psychologizing the Archangels and one girl said something along the lines of "But Angels are good! They won't be so selfish to not sacrifice themselves for Adam and Eve! They're merely being modest!"

....Yes. I was much too WTF-ed and bemused to make any comments. (Note: Yet to speak up in Prof Lim's class. Darn. And Dr Roy's classes - which are frankly, impossible.)

Sociology was.... I don't know. There was a lot of forced sociologizing on very random things that I got a bit fed up in the end and just went "ROAR ROAR ROAR" at the class. I also said some rather blasphemous things about his Excellency LKY so maybe you'll see me in jail soon.

For reasons still unknown to myself, I decided to spend the rest o the day in Chatterbox studying and oh man, while I managed to study it was a rather traumatizing experience. But I have a feeling that it's rather quiet most of the time (most) so I'll still go there to study. I still have various pockets of quiet around the campus so it's not that bad. Coming home just makes me want to sleep amongst my nice fluffy blankets so that isn't very good.

Oh yes, Armenian Street! I will be honest, I have never set foot there and now I am just slightly sad that NUS isn't a city-campus like SMU and we don't have funky places to pop by between or after classes. I passed by a few nice looking cafes and lamented about how NUS should have more nicely decorated cafes for R&R. I'd love to have a bookstore there, or a little office.

Anyway, I went all the way down to grab a ticket for Dinner with Murakami. I was pretty worried that they might be sold out (I mean, it's Murakami!) so I called up the Substation box office at around 3pm to ask if I could reserve tickets. The guy on the line nearly burst out laughing when I was like "Um, it's for Dinner with Murakami..." and replied that I didn't have to worry at all because they only started selling the tickets today. How embarrassing. But still! It's alright being kiasu for Murakami! I would have thrown a hissy fit if the tickets were sold out and I couldn't get any. So er, yeah. I'll be watching yet another film by myself. LOL

I still have not bought Tristam Shandy or Olaquah Equiano and have yet to finish Betsy. Sobs.

Anyway, I shall go and sell my soul to the devil right now and finish watching the remain episodes of Gossip Girl before I eat my dinner and collapse into bed.
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Warning: Flippery ahead.

So USP has decided to hate me and all my applications for the summer school programmes that I can afford, and I'm left with no productive plans of any kind for my mid-semester vacation.

HOOKED is on hold because of problems with our servers so the whole first issue (and every other issue after that) is floating in some internet limbo and I'm pretty pissed off. I like my Twliight review a lot and I wanted people to flame me for slamming the movie. NOW NO ONE IS GOING TO READ IT. :\ And all the articles my team had to rush out. They are just, there. Somewhere. :\ Am. Very. Tired. I want more opportunities to write/publish my work (so hurrah for Moniza asking me to contribute to INFUSION!). Wait, let me correct that, I need opportunities that don't cave in on me. There's no point being an Editor if there is nothing to edit on/for/with/argggghhh. ARGH.

Angst. Will probably be spamming every respectable (and fluffy! Like TEENAGE, or TEEN hahaahahaha) publisher/magazine soon to grab some sort of internship from May - August. Maybe a different publication a month, haha.

I'm supposed to 1) nap; 2) eat my dinner; 3) go for a 30minute walk with my mum around the estate. I had no time to do (1). Dinner isn't here yet so (2) is left unfulfilled. My mum wants to go for a walk now (earlier this afternoon, her menopausal self declared that 11pm was a good time to go running around the streetlamps) but how can I walk without any energy!!!!!!!!!

No food leaves me sounding like a secondary school kid, a grumpy secondary school kid.

EDIT: Just called my dad, to ask WHERE IS THE FOOD? He hasn't bought dinner yet! ARGH. I NEED FOOD NOW.
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One of the gems from Psychoanalysis today. Dr Roy was asking the class what Napoleon said (Answer: "Politics is Destiny") and some guy said "THE CLITORIS ACTS LIKE THE PENIS" which made everyone just freeze for a while, because no matter how open we younglings are, works like "CLITORIS" and "PENIS" still elict childish giggles from us all.

Seriously, I do not understand a single thing that is going on in class. Or rather, I don't understand what Dr Roy says or what the readings say half the time. I understand Wikipedia perfectly (thank god for Wikipedia) because after I read it I can go, "Oh so that's what it's all about" and feel pleased with myself. This is horrendous. Things are made difficult and scientific for no other reason than to be difficult and scientific. What actually are rather simple concepts (THIS IS GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT!) have reams and reams of prose just talking about the same thing over and over again that it feels like my blog talking about the horrors of school over and over again. Sigh. Actually, the appropriate visual image of me in class would be that of this faceless creature whose head lolls about with a little trickle of drool dripping from the side of her mouth. Occasionally she'd gurgle and make inappropriate signs of life. Or even better, I feel like an INKling.

I'm trying very hard not to skip any classes, but going to school is becoming a chore. Just the act of going there and listening to my professors speak leave me tired beyond compare. I don't have the energy to study back home. I need to break out the coffee cans. Nescafe come to meeeeeee.

Okay. Need to get back to reading. I've whined enough for today. Grumpy.

I like Nurarihyon no Mago. Fin.
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Oh man. Oh man. I made a total fool of myself in my 18thC Lit class yesterday first, by coming in 10 minutes late and then coughing every 10 minutes. Interspersed with frantic gulping down of water. Oh but that's not the point of this post.

I was sitting in the back row and praying to our Almighty Father that I could go through this first class unnoticed because I didn't really have anything intelligent to say about Robinson Crusoe other than that I liked the old kiddies' versions of it where Crusoe didn't have such an enormous love/hate relationship with God. Pages, and pages of it. Nooooo. Well okay.

Dr G starts to talk about how some people felt that calling Friday "Friday" was derogatory because it's like having meeting person A on Thursday, you decide to call him Thursday. Or if you meet someone in a cafe and there's a teapot on the table, you decide to call that someone Teapot. Yes, that was his example. "I'm sure none of you would want to be called Teapots!" he goes on.

So the class is fairly silent for a while because I think we really don't have anything to say about Friday Teapots and he decides to call my name from the register. There is a brief confusion to whether I'm in the class or not (me having slinked in from the back) and then I'm left to fend for myself.

Note: I rarely speak up in classes. The last time I was loquacious enough was during my JS1101 tutorial because people were making very erroneous comments about Japan.

"Um, well. I don't think it's really derogatory," I begin, "I mean. It provides some sort of constancy for him doesn't it? There's a framework for him to work with. There's a Friday in every week so by calling him Friday, he establishes something like a routine -- unless he decides to get rid of that kind of calendar or something..."

At this point, Dr G decides to intercept my answer and go, "There are teapots every where too!"

And for the life of me, I don't know why I said this, but I immediately went (there was a 0.5 second pause): "Yes, and that's why its perfectly fine for you to call any of us teapots!"

Cue laughter from the class (D: I only know how to make the class laugh!!) and this very perplexed/amused/wtf/ithinkshelosthermind expression on Dr G's face. To cover my total embarrassmant I just went rambling on about how his whole life is governed by "like he said (gesturing wildly at the Exchange Student who talked about Time)" time and we can see how Crusoe's very dependent on schedule to get his crops ready on time and ETC.

Oh my god. I hope I haven't ruined all my chances for this semester.

BTW, sorry if I haven't replied any LJ comments so far! I will get to them soon!
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I woke up with my throat feeling a little scratchy and my nose dripping like a faulty tap. It has progressed - or rather, regressed - into a full-fledged attack on 2 tissue boxes and a couple of toilet rolls. I am in no shape to go for lecturess tomorrow, but I do love Prof I and Dr G.

My MacBook should arrive in about a month or two. I went down to the IT Co-Op to place an order for my baby and to book an appointment for the loan processing - which is tomorrow - and yay. I am happy. I am still thinking of what to name it though. YZ says that I should name it Nino, for obvious reasons but that would be fairly embarrassing. I'd really like to name him Marmite Molly Malone because then he'd be a complete drag queen. The Marvelous Molly Malone. Nutty Nino doesn't sound as catchy.

...The first Renaissance tutorial was um, well. I think I might be able to speak up a bit more this semester. Dr L was asking us for a genre that starts with A (context: Dr Faustus; answer: Allegory - I wanted to answer Aristolean play lol) and this very chirpy girl goes "ANXIETY?" ..... Kerri and Moniza were like, "THE ANXIETY PLAYS" after class. I would like to watch an anxiety play. It would make me feel ancious. But it was cute. In a Legally Blonde, pre-Harvard (or was it Yale) way.

Psychoanalysis was as usual. Dominated by a few voices and since I didn't understand my readings (I'm sorry Freud. You lost me once you put in scientific jargon and for the life of me I am physically repulsed by scientific jargon even though I will write a sci-fi epic in the future). Sigh.

Ugh. Going to drink my tea and then sleep. I shall do my Gender readings tomorrow when I'm flopping about the computer lab.
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The first week of school is over and frankly, I'd love not to use this particular userpic but the week has had a few sour plums popped into the onigiri. That said, the first week of school has left me feeling rather chopped up. Hence the chopped up entry. My brain feels very compartmentalized at the moment, everything's shrunk into a line or two: how do you feel? "good", what's the weather like? "passable, I suppose". That is all. No descriptors, no lovely play of words. Just straightforward. But boring things need to be emptied out of my brain too.

I've had yet another journalist leaving the magazine, which totally puts us in the red zone in terms of manpower. God, I want to stab something. 4 have left since reading week last semester. I'm very disappointed with young people.

The Co-Op is being very unco-operative (pun intended) and doesn't have the books I need. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FINISH READING ANYTHING AT ALL?

One of my favourite professors (who dosen't know I exist yet LOL) is leaving NUS (I hope, not for good) and I am devastated. My potential ISM has turned into a weeping willow. I am bereft!

My Gender professor however, is a peach and a darling, and I love her very much.

School looks to be painfully good, like I don't know, kinky sex or something. I went down to the IT Co-Op today to ask about the interest-free loan so in anycase, I'll be paying the downpayment next week. Hurrah, my knight in shining armor. I think I'll name my MacBook, Flycatcher. Or Ambrose.

Tired. Sleep. Now.

I missed Uta no Onii-san and am quite irritated by myself. I'll have to find the RAW somewhere later.
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There is a strange relationship I have with gaming and studying. The more time I spend on my DS, the more I read/study. It's a very odd thing that doesn't make sense because I shouldn't have enough time for the other but it some how works out. That said, I have avoided my DS for the whole of the holiday (minus the brief 3 days where I had to translate that ghastly Japanese letter) and am severely behind on portable gaming. I need my otome game fix.

School's started for me, and I arrived - late as usual - for my Psychoanalysis lecture and well, Dr Roy was great as usual. I like listening to her voice. It's like LUSH 99fm that just sits in my brain and spreads out like smooth velvety chocolate. I'm behind in schoolwork so the sociology 101 webcast is blasting in the backgruond right now, and I think I hear the lecturer talking to some students during the short break. It's surreal. I've never ever watched a webcast before because I usually just either go or don't go for lectures. Webcasts seem to be some sort of farce for me, where I pretend to be more hardworking than I actually am. But hey, I'm listening to one now.

I'm actually trying to avoid writing this pseudo-proposal I have to show Prof Ikeya, because I really don't know what she expects. It's all very very vague but if she ends her e-mails with a smiley, I think she should be a lovely person. (Haha, smileys dictate my structure of friendliness.) I have a few ideas at the moment but I don't know how detailed she wants the proposal to be and frankly I dont' want to do the 300 word proposal now because it's only due many many weeks later.

(Technically doing it now would be good because then I'll have one less thing to do later but I'm just, you know. Flaky.)

And ugh. I do hope the editorial meeting gets postponed to Saturday, so that I don't have to go to school on Friday. At 5pm. Actually, I just want to get the meeting over and done with and I want people to stop bailing out on me. What is it with young people and lack of commitment these days! Seriously.


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