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Wah lau eh. Why people want to copy until like that. Got no life of their own ah. :\ I damn pek chek when I see it lor. Okay lah, I not some big towkay or dua pai kia but still EH DON'T COPY ME CAN. Kao beh. Simi lan jiao.
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There is some fundamental problem when the main reason (though, not only reason) why I cannot take part in global programes, and hence "give myself more opportunities" is because I don't have the money to travel to location XYZ. Of course the second other main reason is because Singapore is painfully meritocratic so hey, I'm not worth it no mater how much they try to deny that CAP is not the deciding factor.

So it turns into this whole nasty Catch-22 where I can't take part in programmes because I have never taken part in any of the previous programmes.

Random side-note: I've been trying to help my dad do the Pet Society moneyhack but it keeps timing out before we can save the damn game? I think PlayFish has like, resolved the damn hack issue. NOOOOOO. I want my father's pet to be insanely rich!

Attended the Young Writers Seminar yesterday and found it pretty inspiring for most parts (thumbs up to the LitSoc for organizing it!).

All-In ramblings )

Rest of the day was spent with T04 at Lau Pa Sat and the CBD area where we stuffed our mouths with food and then proceed to walk along the river. Fun times! Alvan (such a nice guy!) sent all of us home 'coz it was late.

Next week's going to be almost too-busy for me so I am going to SLACK AS MUCH AS I CAN NOW!

Note: I'm looking for a Korean shopping service, does anyone have any to recommend me? (I've emailed on LJ user who does a shopping service but she hasn't gotten back to me yet so I'm just keeping my options open!
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Warning: Flippery ahead.

So USP has decided to hate me and all my applications for the summer school programmes that I can afford, and I'm left with no productive plans of any kind for my mid-semester vacation.

HOOKED is on hold because of problems with our servers so the whole first issue (and every other issue after that) is floating in some internet limbo and I'm pretty pissed off. I like my Twliight review a lot and I wanted people to flame me for slamming the movie. NOW NO ONE IS GOING TO READ IT. :\ And all the articles my team had to rush out. They are just, there. Somewhere. :\ Am. Very. Tired. I want more opportunities to write/publish my work (so hurrah for Moniza asking me to contribute to INFUSION!). Wait, let me correct that, I need opportunities that don't cave in on me. There's no point being an Editor if there is nothing to edit on/for/with/argggghhh. ARGH.

Angst. Will probably be spamming every respectable (and fluffy! Like TEENAGE, or TEEN hahaahahaha) publisher/magazine soon to grab some sort of internship from May - August. Maybe a different publication a month, haha.

I'm supposed to 1) nap; 2) eat my dinner; 3) go for a 30minute walk with my mum around the estate. I had no time to do (1). Dinner isn't here yet so (2) is left unfulfilled. My mum wants to go for a walk now (earlier this afternoon, her menopausal self declared that 11pm was a good time to go running around the streetlamps) but how can I walk without any energy!!!!!!!!!

No food leaves me sounding like a secondary school kid, a grumpy secondary school kid.

EDIT: Just called my dad, to ask WHERE IS THE FOOD? He hasn't bought dinner yet! ARGH. I NEED FOOD NOW.
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So there's this whole hoo-ha about the gah-men building a dormitory over here in my estate.

And there was a petition being passed around (by this horrid old lady!) asking us to not support it.

But frankly speaking, aren't foreign workers people too? Dude, your 1.2 million dollar houses were renovated by them, you bitches. Seriously, while I'm not too comfortable with the fact, of all the 17 years I've lived here and with all the hundreds of foreign workers I've seen, they've never been a nuisance.

Singaporeans on the other hand like to have loud parties and park their cars in front of other people's houses. :\ So who's being the nuisance here!

So anyway, that old lady was horrible. She demanded that my father sign the petition, and when he said that he needed time to think about it, she went "Think what think? No need to think, just sign!"

I'm sorry, my family aren't like lemmings. We actually believe that foreign workers (and my dad, being er one of the most bias people I know, said this) are people too and need a place to say.

So kudos to the people who did not sign the petition because they believe in that.

end rant.

Nov. 26th, 2007 05:49 pm
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Hurrah, Rune Factory and my ARIA neck-strap are on its way from Hong Kong and Japan respectively. And shall reach our sunny Singapore shores in a week! Going to break them in in Hong Kong. I bought Rune Factory especially for Hong Kong because I need a game to pull me through the plane-rides, train-rides, car-rides, any other vehicular rides; and the lack of an mp3 player to drown out incessant Auntie talk that will surround me.

While studying for my JS1101E exam (which is a pain because the past year papers are so irrevelant that I hope people do them and get the wrong idea I'm just re-reading my notes to refresh my mind), I suddenly remembered an exchange that happened a few weeks ago over Gloomy Bear.

Anyone who has known me since secondary school, or notices the things I carry, will note that I'm a rabid Gloomy Bear fangirl. I take great care in collecting merchandise and most importantly, bits of information about the character and other Mori Chax products. So when I was rebufed the other day, I was more than miffed.

I noticed a green gloomy bear key-chain on a classmate's laptop case and exclaimed "oh hey you like Gloomy Bear too!" and fished out my worn out GB pencil case (PHOARRR!!!!) to show the same keychain - but in blue - and sort of expected a fellow fangirl squeal.

Obviously, from the tone of this article, I didn't get that sort of response. :\ Instead, when my other friends questioned about why he had blood over him, I very enthusiastically responded with "That's because bears naturally attack humans" which is paraphrased from Mori Chax himself. To be put into context, what Mori Chax meant was that, the 'cutification' of animals was deceptive. In real life, a bear (e.g. Pooh, Yogi Bear etc) wouldn't allow a human to hug or manhandle it like we do to teddy bears and such. They'd maul us simply because it's in their nature as a defense mechanism.

But when I said that I got this horrified look from her and she went, "Noooooo!!!" and muttered something that totally went against Mori Chax's philosophy.

): I was saddened. And annoyed. because I are elitist!! Because I mean, if you claim to be a fan you should at least do some basic research via wiki! To me, the word "fan" has a connotation of at least doing some homework. Psh, I bet she doesn't even know that Mori Chax is the artist. :\


Nov. 16th, 2007 06:08 pm
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Referring to my past post on the whole dolphin fiasco, Japan Probe has lastest news about Hayden Panettiere's involvement against the Japanese fishermen.

Kudos to Japan Probe for probing (oh pun-nish me please) into whether the hunted dolphins are actually not "in any significant danger". And I love the comparison between Panettiere's statement vs the Japanese Fishemen's statement. Hurrah.

A quick check revealed that none of the species targeted in the Taiji hunt (bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, Pantropical spotted dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins, false killer whales, and pilot whales) are in any significant danger of going extinct, and it would be almost laughable to suggest that the small scale hunts conducted by the Taiji fishermen are threatening these animals with “annihilation.” It’s one thing to argue against the Taijin hunt on grounds of cruelty or a belief that intelligent animals should not be killed, but to claim Taiji’s fishermen are driving dolphins towards extinction could be considered “condemnation without investigation.”

Teddy-bears in the water? So pretty? .................... okay.

(Note, I really love dolphins but er, descriptions of "teddy bears" and stuff.)

Frankly, I'd be an angry fisherman too. I'm sure that the fishermen don't hate dolphins (well, they might since the dolphins might be threatening their livelihood) but if a bunch of people suddenly rush out and try to do something like that, I'd be fuming.

Why is it cruel? Because it's the killing of dolphins? What about foie gras, what about veal?

Is it not cruel or barbaric simply because they're ducks and cows? Is it because they're domesticated? I mean, what? WHAT? Look at it this way, if it was 'over-hunting' and 'overboard', wouldn't the Japanese fishermen - who depend on it for their livelihood - suffer? If they 'recklessly kill' or 'annihilate' the dolphin/small whale population, where the fuck are they going to get their high-paying paycheques? (For one, dolphin/small whale meat fetches more) My take is that yes, they do kill, but come on, this has been going on for hundreds of years.

The Chinese and Koreans have been killing dogs to eat for hundreds of years (maybe even thousands) and I think we still have a sizable population.

I can't stand it. It's too illogical for me to understand. Or am I the insane one here?

From here:
A 1994 statement [www.furcommission.com/resource/perspect3.htm] by Taiji Mayor S. Hamanaka directly addressed environmentalists in making the case for tradition and the legitimacy of the whale hunt:

We believe we know more about our own sea in Taiji than anyone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from us. We also believe we are more concerned with its protection and assume more responsibilities than anybody else in the world. We are sure that the same view is shared by Alaskan Eskimos, Faroese, Greenlanders, Icelanders, Norwegians, and Russians in Chukotka as well. We hope many environmentally concerned people in the industrialized nations will understand our views and trust us as rational and humane people, and stop making whaling a "scape goat" of the environmental crusade and making inhumane attacks on whaling people.”

Found this -

I lived in Taiji for one year as part of the JET program. I'm not for or against the hunting of dolphins. But what I did learn about is the long history of whaling in Taiji and how the whale was the most important resource to this small town for hundreds of years, especially for food. American whalers came in the 1800's and decimated the whale population, only taking oil. Perry opened Japanese trading ports so that American whaling ships could re-supply. I would say that Taiji's cultural history is as close to the whale as Native Americans are to bison. It's just that today, they make a lot of money doing it. The town government is very aware of the environmental concern of hunting too many dolphins, so they are limited by staying within Japan's coastal territory and a self-imposed limit on the number of the catch. But they hate protesters. Some people are trying to convert the industry from hunting to whale tourism. The town is shrinking -- by now the population must be less than 1,000. And all the young people leave for jobs in the city. In another generation or so, they won't be hunting so many dolphins.

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We had the 377A petitions, and now we have the "SAVE OUR DOLPHINS FROM SLAUGHTER!!!!" (yes, with that exact number of exclamation marks) petition.

I have to say that firstly, I love dolphins. I generally am a marine-biology kind of person so while I love sharks, killer whales and nice cute creatures like dolphins, I don't discriminate against things like sea slugs and barnacles. I don't support or condone the killing of dolphins but what gets me riled up is the reasons why people shouldn't be killing dolphins.

If it's because they're endangered, well I can't say anything.

But if it's because they're cute, loveable, cuddly, and did I mention cute again, then wtf. No seriously, what kind of STUPID reason is that? I'm not even going to start on the forests that are cleared/burned for humans - how many 'cute' and 'sweet' animals are displaced or killed that way too? I don't see any uproar about that. You get marmosets (ooh cute) and spidermonkeys (ahhhh so sweet) and I don't know, squirrels and runaway cats who take to the forests/jungle and poof, they all DIE TOO Y'KNOW.

And there's the whole argument about how dolphins are more intelligent than other animals, and thus should not be killed. Hi, humans are apparently the most intelligent creatures on the planet, so why are we killing each other? Ahem. How, in the first place, do you gauge 'intelligence' of an animal? Sure, dolphins can be trained to do games that require high cognitive abilities. What gets to be is that, the implication that other animals 'deserve to die' because they are not intelligent enough.

Dolphins are not sweet, cute and innocent. No, not innocent. I severely disagree on that last point. They kill. They do kill. Like every other wild animal. They attack humas, they're aggressive, territorial, and frankly, there have been quite a number of documented dolphin attacks on humans and dolphins alike.

Ugh. Some gems I found on the petition.

Stop the mindless killing. Japannese people are very bright and should realize how cruel this is.

.... So our leaders aren't really bright people because they haven't been realizing how 'cruel' it is to wage war on another country?

i think its disgusting that a country that is so advanced in so many areas is still resorting to inhumane killing of innocent mammals for there archaic reasons.

Archaic reasons. We've been eating pigs, cows for archaic reasons too.

I hope they stop Japan they defintly need to stop. Dolphins are so sweet and lovable. How can someone hurt an animal I cry when someone hurts an animal


There is absolutely no reason for the slaughter of Japan's dolphins. It not only shows that the Japanese government consistently has no respect for environmental concerns or humane treatment of intelligent, benign creatures.

..... No respect for environmental concerns. Hmm. Now wait, which country rejected the Kyoto Protocol? Dolphins aren't "benign".

So disgusting!! They kill everything, am I shocked?? No! They kill dogs and cats and every other living thing and it eat! Sick sick people!!

Hi, please take a look at China where dogs, cats, bears, tigers, and everything that walks on four legs is eaten. Even babies. I jest.

they should stop the dolphin's slaughter, they're smart animal, not something to eat, if they wanna eat fish they should eat salmon, not some dolphin

Smart animal = not something to eat.
Salmon = not smart = edible.
........................................................ Okaaaaaay.
So, you = not smart = edible?

I think it sad that a nation as advanced as Japan is still engaging in such a brutal, antiquated, and out dated practice. Surely there are other sea creatures they could get food from, and not harm these intelligent kind mammals.

Kind. How are dolphins "kind". It's the whole fallacy of how dogs are "kind" because they save people from fires. That's all dandy until you get a raging dolphin/dog in your face and then you go "OH MUZZLE THAT CREATURE."

Yeaaah. We could hunt the dumb salmon, and retarded tuna who er, are have population problems because of over-fishing. Hurrah!

The killing of any wild non-domesticated creature for profit is wrong and should not be allowed. If someone is killing a wild animal to for themselves and their family to eat then fine, but no to hunting for commerical purposes

This, is rather sane. Thank God.

People need to take a stand against the murder of defenseless animals. Not just Dolphins but all animals. Japan is just one one country that murders animals. what about our own country(USA or Canada). All countries are guilty of this atrocities. Look at the Seals for there skins, Look at the beers and wolves in our own National parks. And don't get me started on the wild horses or Mountain Loins. Mankind is the worlds worst abusers of animals...


If it is their "culture" to slaughter innocent beasts then they need to reevaluate how they define culture.

OH CULTURE. I can't wait to get started on this one. Like, when I finish my 2500 word essay, that is. America's culture seems to be that of "oh let's invade other countries on the pretext of liberation". Absolutely wonderful. Good show.
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I'm not intelligent nor well-read enough to pick apart Thio Li-Ann's horrendous speech, but I'm at least, intelligent enough to realize a good rebuttal when I see one.

This comment makes me go a little wtf:

With all due respect, I dont seem to understand in what way are gay people being discriminated? We all pay the same taxes, we all are entitled to free education.

WAIT HOLD ON A SECOND? This totally doesn't make sense! Isn't it because we pay the same taxes, we have have 'free' education and are subjected to the same laws that homosexuals should not be discriminated? Anyway, I posted a reply on that entry.

Cue the sad violin music where I'm once again unsure of myself and think that I'm really an idiot (when I might not be) and berate myself for (possible) incoherence and (possible) illogical statements. I need to get a bigger dosage of Self Confidence one of these days and stop dumbing down myself. And taking things a little more seriously.

I'm not "anti-gay" nor "pro-gay" - this may lead certain people into raising their eyebrows and going "then wtf are you you apathetic freak", but I respect the rights of individuals (homosexuals or not). Simply put, if non-homosexuals are allowed to have sexual pleasure (sometimes, anal and oral), why are homosexuals deprived of that 'right'? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't sexual urges one of man's most basic needs/instincts?


Oct. 24th, 2007 12:09 am
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Private, consensual sexual acts between adult males does not impact on the safety and security of society. Furthermore, it is accepted that the criminal law addresses activities that harm others, but the Government seems to accept that 377A does not cause harm. So how can 377A possibly be linked to a legitimate purpose of the Penal Code? The answer is that it does not, and it cannot.

- NMP Siew Kum Hong

Effectively summed up.
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I only have. skinny. jeans. which is er, not really that advisable I suppose.

My mum is telling me to go in my pajamas har har. And my dad is saying to borrow his tracksuit. Mind you, I would if my dad wasn't like well. Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Ugh. fakj;wke
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Crossposted at my geek blog Tachikomatic Days

E.g. Does watching Bleach or Naruto (or God Forbid, someone even mentioned Dragonball) make me a totally retarded otaku not even fit to be called ‘otaku’? I’m kind of annoyed by the reverse elitist ways that people condemn Bleach/Naruto/GenericShounenSeries.

Granted, I don’t really watch Bleach or Naruto very often except for particular events which I want to see being animated, because of the unpredictable animation quality and the incessant amount of fillers, but I avidly read the manga of both. On the other hand, I could be a totally respectable otaku and watch only ‘good’ anime like, I don’t know, Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei or Last Exile and be like “BOW DOWN BEFORE ME YOU NARUTARDS!!!!!!”.

Of course, the number of lower caste Bleach and Naruto fans outnumber the ‘higher class’ and ultimately ’sane’ fans, but still…. I’m tired. What brought me about to this whole shebang was partly because of the really stupid claims of some forumers who claim that the whole ODEX witchhunt started because of Naruto and Bleach downloaders (apparently making up 90% of total Singapore downloaders).

I’m sorry to disappoint you to all you finger pointers but, Naruto is licensed by Bluemax and unless ODEX (and AVPAS by proxy) is so… ‘kind’ as to ‘help’ Bluemax out, I don’t see how it concerns ODEX. Bleach of course, is licensed by them and so I can’t vouch for Bleach downloaders.


What do YOU think guys?
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I wake up, log into MSN and I am greeted by the foolish opinions of foolishly foolish fools.

I hate these kind of people the most.
cue rant here )

ARGH WTF? I absolutely detest these kind of narrow minded people!!!!!!!!!!111oneoneone

Singaporeans are so fsking superficial and materialistic. It's always and only about earning more money, who earns more money, and how much more money can we earn. I'm sorry to say, but starting salaries while important, are only just starting salaries. Prestige my ass.

I get riled up when people like this try to convince me that my choice is wrong and all that jazz. Dudes, if you can even get into NUS FASS, then we'll talk okay? Otherwise, just work your ass off for that examination later this year.

I'm even more determined to fucking succeed in this delusioned world now.

P.S. Whoever can spot the Phoenix Wright reference here gets bonus points!
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I wish I could kill this flu with a hatchet.

I wish I could kill myself with the same hatchet.

As much as I say that I won't get hurt again, every time I just feel a little bit more of that gnawing feeling eating away the black hole that's supposed to be my heart.

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You Are 32% Capitalist, 68% Socialist

You tend to be quite wary of businesses, especially big business.

While you know that corporations have their place, you tend to support small, locally owned shops.

As far as the rich go, you think they're usually corrupt and immoral.


I hate studying I hate studyingihatestudyingihatestudying.

Anyway, Perpie has a link to an awesome machinma video of the whole WSM saga. Go check it out. I'll rip the link off and put it here soon.



Actually, I just want to pick up the latest Kateigaho - - demoooooooooo~

EDIT @ 12:54am:

..... The more I stare at the meme, the more I realize how UNCANNILY THAT GIRL LOOKS LIKE ME. EGADS.

So anyway, I did go down to Kinokuniya and braved the long lines which actually ran all the way into the recesses of the Chinese book section. =A= All for Kateigaho.
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You know, if the haze doesn't abate, we can have a new IR and its selling point woudl be something like:

"Want to enjoy the unpredictability of getting lost in the Singaporean version of English Fog??
Want to discover the joys of lung cancer and eye irritation?
Get stoked and choked on our new Integrated Resort! Integrated with the nation's incorporeal wonder: HAZE!
The Haze Hotel incorporates the best standards of Haze (PSI:300) in the comfort of your hotel room!
Swim around in a haze-pool and enjoy our trademarked HAZE-lnuts."

Okay, I'm getting carried away here. Hurhur.

I spent 8 hours in school devouring a week's worth of Origins of the Cold War and a touch of Blake (sponging off some critics) in the freezer of a library and the comfort of my HD-201s. I can't believe I slipped behind that much for History.

What am I saying. I know, and believe what I'm lagging behind for fucking history. Though, I just need to refresh my mind on the content and question interpretation-styles (because I've got the skills down pat). But that doesn't give me an excuse to swallow a supposed week's worth of work (ALLITERATION WORRR) into 5 hours of reading and reading and reading. Okay I'll like, go study more on history tonight. And Blake. Today shall be NO ECONS DAY. Arrrrrrrrrrgh. Why am I such a retard? ;________;

So I spent the day studying with Mindy and Jiawen, after having a consultation session with Mrs Sng. zomg she keeps on talking about sex. Not that it's bad or anything - just disconcerting. Not exactly what I want to hear when I wake up in the morning. Still, it was good. Looking forward to the consulatation with JTan tomorrow. Not the 8am PC tutorial though.

i'm being a bitch here. )

zomg. Princess Hours is quite a lovely show indeed! I never thought I'd get into a Korean Drama, what with all the crying and more crying in most of their shows. ShinxCaijing is like the best tsundere couple evar. I can't believe I'm faithfully watching this - someone shoot me.

Next up, is the best forum letter I've ever read.

Taken from the Straits Times

. Dead man's shoes - about revenge;

. Silk - about spirits;

. Death Note - about death;

. The Departed - a crime drama;

. Wet hot sake - about sex, sleaze and sensuality;

. My Summer of Love - more sex and sleaze.

The other movies are about inconsequential events. These are time-wasters and sad to watch:

. Talladega Nights - about brainless and crazy people with fast cars;

. World Trade Centre - a disaster;

. Rob -B-Hood - no theme.

For the bolded parts: no shit Sherlock! I wonder why would Death Note be called Death Note if it didn't have an ounce of death in it. And wow, thanks for guessing that the WTC was a disaster. Is there a disaster occuring in your brain?

A movie that is worthwhile watching would give hope to the viewer about the meaning of life and its purpose.

A good movie should result in stirring a person's mind and heart to do good for society. It should focus on wholesome family values of love and care, and respect for the elders and the government.

While I can't say much for the rest of the movies without blatantly posting spoilers and screaming out rather obvious themes and attempts at deep and dramatic motifs (Death Note to me, is like a whole Machiavellian movie in essence hur.), IS "WORLD TRADE CENTRE" REALLY SO USELESS? Sure its probably boring to sit in a theatre and watch two men beat the odds of dying in a pile of rubble against them (mind you, it's like a whole building's worth of rubble) and emerge alive after an ordeal that even a cynic like me would say "you've got guts and spirit" to. No really, is it really unwholesome to see these guys attempt to portray heroism at its most down to earth level. Oh wait! Let's condemn their awesome effort to survive and not give and up just DIE. WTF GEORGE LIM?!

Note how he added in "respect for... the government". OMFG?!?! Yes, movies like "I Not Stupid", which you recommend, certainly does entolll us to support the education system that the government system has created for us (IT HAS LITTLE BOYS KIDNAPPED AND DISCRIMINATION FOR GODSAKE.). Let's not forget how it shows us how meaningful life in Singapore is.

How should we rate a movie for its value? We should not give ratings to reflect its popularity based on violence, crime and sex, but instead focus on good values such as kindness, gentleness, love, peace, goodness, faithfulness, self-control and joy.



Hhaha, I'm evidently, am a vindictive fool.

But the infamous gssq has a brilliant parody of the letter. Thumbs up.

EDIT @ 12am: ... I'm feeling... strangely deflated all of a sudden. Like the whole Offred-ian inflation deflation moments. This song sadly, suits the mood perfectly. I just need whisky.
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Ah, maybe.


Pshaw. I wish! But ah, such a strong wish.

School means GP which means torture. School means history, which means like NICE TORTURE. School means Lit which is uh... okay torture. School means econs, which is sleep.

So yeah, oh god. I'm turning out to be like some constipated flamingo in one of those Disney movies.

I spent the last waking moments (minus THIS MOMENT KTHX) watching Grey's Anatomy for all the lovely melodramatic melancholy that it is. I am returning to my roots and becoming a TV fiend again. I think we all take to the TV no matter what. I mean seriously, I have 7 new books waiting for me and I watch TV?

George O'Malley is probably one of the saddest little men I've ever seen. I want to hug him so badly. ;__; Geoooooooorge. (Coincidentally, I used to have an imaginary snail called George but just act like I didn't tell you all that.)

I know this is really weird and that some people might actually think I'm disgusting


Verbal salad anyone?
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What is modern man's hubris?

It is the fact that we are born into this world. Being thrust upon this... this whole cyclical nature of life and death.

We are born.

We are better off dead.

haha, i like this font a lot. very emo.
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Hurhur, as most of my friends would know, I've been whining alot about the whole S Paper fiasco. Yet ironically, I haven't approached Fahy yet for my BIG EPIPHANY of last week. Oh well, the next tutorial with him is on Thursday. I shall throw my thick-skinned face around a bit and see what he says. Shall wax-lyrical about Literature to him.
Hopefully I can get a... D and above for History and let's all jump-for-joy E for Econs because hahaha I suck.

I've decided that my study timetable, when I do come home will be taking a nap until dinner and then studying all the way til 2am. And when I'm not at home, well night study until 10pm will hopefully be suffice? I've got less than a week to get my act together.

Hurhur, I spent a good 10 minutes talking to Rachel Law during break today. I don't know why people don't like her but I think she's a very sincere person, albeit pushy. So get off her back will you? It's not like you guys are very normal/intelligent/unique. SHEEP. ALL OF YOU. She was telling me how ahahah she feels weird (okay bad choice of word) in the class because of the Super Intelligent People like AKW, AKN, IZZ, this SCHOLAR (I think... that one, you know who I'm talking about) and hahah how I must join her to represent the normal people of society. I will try! I will! But very tired already lah, of this whole academic ratrace.

Then again, it's for something I love and my ego's being injured here so it's worth going insane.

Rachel Koh told me to go write a book. HAHAH I SHALL GO WRITE ONE ABOUT 2T04 AND KOREAN MADNESS LAH.


Mkay NAPTIME. I am tres tired. Momentary Francophile.

Today wasn't very stimulating but nothing ever seems intellectually jolting anymore. I lie!

HEY OMG! I GOT QUOTED (why I do not know!).


!!!! O_O!!!


Change of mind, but not change of heart.
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Manda and practically half the band will be going off to Mawaii tomorrow. I'd be one of the group but oh well, fate has dealt me another hand of cards to play. Let's hope I end up with a royal flush in the end.

So this means rather disdainful nights without anyone to talk to (how sad) and oh hello more time with books.

I should really sign onto AIM then. But then that's a little bad of me to do so.

ANYWAY. Japanese class was surprisingly smooth, considering that the procrastinator inside of me took over and made me not do my homework. Haha. Blame everything on your alter-ego, that's what I say. I've got a 2 week break lovely present to study for the midterm test on 4 December. Kinda fucked up-nice in a way.

Have I eaten vegetables for the whole day? Let me think... I think I have. Bits of peas and carrots and corn count? I'm going to die a very unhealthy person. :D

Oh yay off to read HanaKimi and all its crossdressing bishounen goodness. <3<3<3
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Dear God,

Why are you doing this to me?


God, what is your HIGHER PLAN FOR THIS?



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