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say what?

May. 8th, 2010 11:10 pm
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I don't understand a single word they're singing except 「今夜」-- DBSK is so much better. :\


Nov. 23rd, 2009 11:34 pm
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I am a Gleek.
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Apr. 10th, 2009 01:54 pm
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Looking at mmmg's products makes me so happy!


MMMG Goodness )

Here's to hoping that Sunkyung re-opens her shopping service soon~

In other news, I've um, procured Röyksopp's new album and :D I really like it! A bit too electronic-ish for my own liking but it's a really refreshing change. I do like the repetitive bits.
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I like Alice (in Wonderland).

I like Vocaloid.

I like KHR.

And I like them all together.

Lovely, creepy stuff.

And the purely Vocaloid versions! (I really want to do fanart of the Vocaloid family sometime. They are so delicious it hurts!)


and this one I like simply because of the Pokemon attack BGM at the beginning. ^^;;

The song Hitobashira Alice is sooooooooooooo dark. I like it. A whole lot.
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Srsly, Macross Frontier's soundtrack provides one of the best moods to study and write essays with. It's all lightspeed stars flying past me and catchy guitar riffs reminiscent of Deep Purple's Smoke On the Water. I picked up my DS today (after aaaaaaaagggggggesssss of not touching it other than to use Rakubiki Jiten) and grinded in Etrian Odyssey before remembering that er, I should be doing work and yes.

I finally found codes for EO2 and I'd like to say that as much as I like not using cheat codes, EO and EO2 are generally pain in the grinding-asses so I just well, give a little booster. ^^;; I'm bad, I know. I really should manage my time better so I can finish EO (I'm already at the last stratum!!) ad get onto EO2. Speaking about continuing, I HAVE YET TO FINISH PHANTOM HOURGLASS!!! I stopped at... level 10 I think, where Link has to repeatedly go back and forth that nasty invisible walkway - it's tedious, I'm screaming everytime I have to repeat it - and I have yet to complete it. D: Urgh.

My brother has had a recent windfall of $400 and has decided to spend it on a Holga and an acoustic guitar. Now I did tell him that a PS3 would be a good investment, owing to the amount of games that I want to play but can't because I don't own any current-gen consoles (SOBS) (no really! I can no longer call myself even a casual gamer because I have no gaming systems! Other than my DS. Which is Gamer Lite. And my PC, which er, can't handle anything decent.) -- or like get some much needed RAM so that my friggin' PC doesn't hang everytime he tries to play DOTA on it.

Why is he playing DOTA on my PC? Because his laptop shuts down everytime he tries to play anything on it (TF2 included, which utterly sucks, because I can't play TF2 anymore). Heat issues -- don't get an ACER. Seriously, PC's an ACER too and oh the laaaaggg. It needs to be fed RAM, and lots of it.

In anycase, I've decided on what topics to write on for the two horrible essays that I have to write for the Transport class and urgh, I'm getting sick looking at all the data. I was supposed to read Vathek and Frankenstein today but er, I guess I will do so before I sleep. Nothing beats reading creepy stories before bed.

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And if you like good music x 6, let's have it up for How Six Songs Collide:

Essentially, this is kind of like my musical life. Songs spanning from secondary school (Pachebel) to angsty Five for Fighting in my mid-teens, and my re-curring obsession with Jason Mraz.
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[livejournal.com profile] misswo0o THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

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Nico Nico Orchestra!!!! (You need a nicocnico to view this)

As a band geek, I really think this is awesome. AND THE SAXOPHONE SOLI. HOLY SHIT. MY BARI!!! IT HAS SUCH A LOVELY BASS LINE. I haven't heard my section play for soooo long. God. I feel like crying. Out of sheer joy, to hear the symphonic sound. The baritone saxophoneeeee <3<3 I want to marry that guy.

I really, really really want to play in a band again. And I want the score to this.

And who said otaku couldn't be cool?

Trying to find a youtube version so you guys can see how awesome it is.

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The words are a little iffy but ohh, his voice is nice.

I went for my PA3 class this morning and we were learning ~ずにはいられない and etc, there was an exercise where we had to modify words into the grammar form and there was 考える。 So it's supposed to be pronounced as "KAN. GA. E. RU." but, Mizusaki was going on about how most Singaporeans pronounce it as "KAN. GA--" (she wrote KANGA on the board) so as she was going around and asking people to pronounce it correctly, I decided to be a retard.

"KANGAROO." I said.

And lo, laughter.
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14班 wrote this in my notebook for me! <3 A verse, but still! すごく感動しました。超うれしい。
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i stumbled. )
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Aug. 15th, 2008 12:53 am
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Lyrics for my own reference, because it's so hard to find them!

THYME'S Fly Away (Japanese) )

I love this song a whole lot. It's my song of the moment! I'll probably find some time to translate it to ease myself into Japanese practice. This is the song that I listen to when I'm feeling down - it picks me up immediately. I am in love with the guitar riffs and it's like, oh so catchy with it's upbeat and cheerful vocals. <3

Ranks up there with my Ultimate Favourite Songs. (But I doubt anyone dethrone Konstantine as the epic winrar!)
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These past few days, I've had this unbearable itch to pick up my saxophone and just play some mellow, bluesy tunes on it. Jason Mraz's horn section sealed the deal for me and all I wanted to do that night, was to be that tenor saxophonist and blast out that awe inspiring solo.

It's strange how music runs in my veins despite having parents who aren't musical at all. My mum doesn't listen to music and my dad, well my dad is my dad. He just hoardes things. X3 Not exactly a connoisseur of music.

I haven't used my Sennheisers for a long time, and it's time to put it through the hamster wheel again. Running through my playlist of blues, jazz, metal, rock, alternative, pop... what do I not have? Hell, I even have techno and electronica. :D()

But what I really want to do, is create music. I've more or less failed as a musician. 中途半端, the half-hearted musician. Never mastered the piano because I hated my teacher, and was too lazy to master the basics of sight-reading.

Gave up after the failed jazz band auditions - I'm stuck in a rut where I can't audition if I want to, over a year of not-playing, I'm not sure if I can do it anymore - and there hasn't been an alumni band practice for ages so...

Anyway, the EML welcome tea has more or less got me hooked. I do want to try and learn some composition basics so I can at least one-up on my dream to compose a game soundtrack one day. 8-bit music, updated for the masses. Something like that. SUBARASHIKI SOUNDTRACK! One day I can do something like that, I hope.

Sat at the keyboard for some time and pressed some half-assed melody to the main one that was going on. It sounded okay, but I was doing rubbish anyway. I like repetitive tunes in electronic music. It's... soothing in a sense.

But of course HOOKED > EML. I am afterall, head of a desk. (I'm sorry, my ego can't stop me from saying it!) I can't sacrifice my hard work of one year for anything else.

Listening to old, old music that kept me alive during my secondary school years. Blink 182, Simpleplan - all rebellious punk-ish; then it was Sugarcult and more mellow alternative rock in JC. I like good lyrics (that make me go </3) and melodies. Everything else is just gravy. I just realized that all my Simple Plan and New Found Glory are in my CDs and not my computer. Need to get a harddisk for my muzak. Have to leave the house soon. I'll just blast a little more on my headphones and then head out.
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Feb. 29th, 2008 11:50 pm
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ASKA-san was all kinds of awesome. And I have to say, the press kit was the best I received so far. 'slike a proper press kit with 1 CD and 1 DVD. That's like wtf omg hi Japanese management, you guys kind of rock?

So anyway, I've got ASKA's latest solo album SCENE with me now (along with the My Game is ASKA tour DVD) and I'm loving it. Will probably do a review of it on IyB. It's definitely quite a big difference from his usual fare with Chage. A lot more jazzy, more internationalized. The rhythms can only be described with one word: sexy. It's really a very sensuous (read: not sensual) album, with very appropriate inclusions of brass instruments to contrast ASKA's very sultry voice.

Can sultry be used for male voice? XD

It'll be great fun writing the article for the press conference. If I can't get free review tickets, I'm really thinking of shelling out $98 for the concert. He's an enigmatic, charismatic, a whole lot of -matic kind of person, with a great sense of humor to boot!

AND I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH. On both SCENE and the A4 laminated photo that came along with the press kit. X3 AWESOME. I got ASKA's autograph! What more can I ask for?

Er, maybe Chage's autograph but this is awesome enough!?

So at the end of the press conference, we were told that those not having one-on-one interviews with him were allowed to get his autograph, everyone faltered for a moment - I mean it's ASKA - and then I dashed up much to my photographer's chagrin.

飛鳥: こんにちは!:D
Person-in-charge: Ah, Aska-san, this is Alicia from HOOKED magazine!
わたし: あ!アリシアと申します!:)
PIC: Oh! You speak Japanese?
わたし: ちょっとだけ.…
飛鳥:アリシアですか?どうゆ書いて…A.. L..
PIC: A..L.. I..C..I...A... (this went on for quite a bit. >w<)

I sounded really er, dumb. But omg. I talked to ASKA. :D HURRAH. I wanted to actually tell him that my dad's a HUGE FAN of his but I was all tongue-tied and the rest of the Japanese media contingent was all milling about behind me. XD OH WELL.

ASKA. <3

Anyway, I've been trying the hell to get past this particular level in Revenant Wings but fsking Mydia refuses to die? It's the stage where you're supposed to defeat Chaos and then defeeat Mydia? I can do everything up to the point where I reach Mydia and then the blasts the hell out of ALL MY YARHI with her magic columns of light.

It pisses me off, really. I've been at it for 34928034893 times but Mydia just keeps on picking me off. I'm probably going about it all wrong and I think I shouldn't send in EVERYONE to bust the hell out of her. XD I'll like try an indirect approach next. like bomb her with just Yarhi only. It's frustrating to use all my quickening spells on her just to DIE minutes later. D:

BTW, have I mentioned how adorable Kytes is? I don't know why but he's just adorable in the game. Probably my mage-partiality. And Llyud. Llyud is just <3.


Jan. 6th, 2008 03:33 pm
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Kojima Mayumi is my newest guilty pleasure.

Her jazzy, ecclectic style of music caught my ear when I starting watching Ghost Hound with Poltergeist as the OP. Okay, I admit. Anything with jazzy bass lines and boppin' drum beats are an immediate plus in my book but her style of music is a refreshing change to the cut and paste affairs we keep on getting, even in the wide varieties that JMusic offers.

Granted, her high-pitched voice might take a little getting used to, but her music is so infectious that I just can't help tapping my feet and wishing that I was part of her sailor fuku-ed band.

More videos behind the cut )


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