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I woke up with my throat feeling a little scratchy and my nose dripping like a faulty tap. It has progressed - or rather, regressed - into a full-fledged attack on 2 tissue boxes and a couple of toilet rolls. I am in no shape to go for lecturess tomorrow, but I do love Prof I and Dr G.

My MacBook should arrive in about a month or two. I went down to the IT Co-Op to place an order for my baby and to book an appointment for the loan processing - which is tomorrow - and yay. I am happy. I am still thinking of what to name it though. YZ says that I should name it Nino, for obvious reasons but that would be fairly embarrassing. I'd really like to name him Marmite Molly Malone because then he'd be a complete drag queen. The Marvelous Molly Malone. Nutty Nino doesn't sound as catchy.

...The first Renaissance tutorial was um, well. I think I might be able to speak up a bit more this semester. Dr L was asking us for a genre that starts with A (context: Dr Faustus; answer: Allegory - I wanted to answer Aristolean play lol) and this very chirpy girl goes "ANXIETY?" ..... Kerri and Moniza were like, "THE ANXIETY PLAYS" after class. I would like to watch an anxiety play. It would make me feel ancious. But it was cute. In a Legally Blonde, pre-Harvard (or was it Yale) way.

Psychoanalysis was as usual. Dominated by a few voices and since I didn't understand my readings (I'm sorry Freud. You lost me once you put in scientific jargon and for the life of me I am physically repulsed by scientific jargon even though I will write a sci-fi epic in the future). Sigh.

Ugh. Going to drink my tea and then sleep. I shall do my Gender readings tomorrow when I'm flopping about the computer lab.

oh dear.

Nov. 16th, 2008 05:04 pm
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So apparently my paternal grandma has been sent to the hospital because she choked on her phlegm and was unconscious. WTF. HAPPENED. My dad just sent her there (I think he was visiting her at my uncle's house?) and is on the way home.


This post was really supposed to be about the three new Ariake Koichi icons I uploaded but um, looks like they aren't very important now.
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Will be MIA until further notice.

My flu has mutated into a 37.9 degree fever and I'm probably going to wear a face-mask to school tomorrow. D: Strange thing is that I feel cold.
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Still battling the flu bug. Why do I always catch viriviruses from my brother?

Apologies for not replying to comments or posts!
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vomitted all my dinner out last night.

i'm still feeling like shit.

i think i'll sleep some more now.
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I've got sore eyes.

Actually, it was just in my right eye? But then it swept my left eye in a raging fury so I'm blind now. :\

It fucking hurts , but not as much as you've hurt me.
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When I'm down, I really go under. Where are you to see me through all of this?

'slike while I try and recuperate so that I can show up for work tomorrow, anyone wants to go to Play! with me? The 16 Jun 2:30pm matinee. If no one responds by like, tomorrow night, I'll go by myself.
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Grah. My friends are all out playing basketball, there is a sumptious lunch spread out on the table - but I'm not there and I have no appetite.

I don't know how I'm going to go to work tomorrow. I don't want to, but I need to at least show up and clear some work. God. I don't know what shit I've gotten myself into to.

This caption would best sum up my weekend: it died overworked and lonely.

I probably expect too much from people because I give too much. So you know, the whole give and take thing? I should just sit back, relax and not bother about the nitty gritty details so often. Steamroller over them.

The fever refuses to go down. How symptomatic of my life.
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I feel like shit.

Clogged, stuffed, there's a bear twirling above my head;
I heave, I hurl into wads of tis
sue paper for the sceptic feelings I have.
What's more than a phelgmy concoction of black and
brown, sweet to the tongue but wreaks ha
voc on your mi
nd I wish I could kill this
with a hatchet.
I wish I could kill me with
a bow. And arrow.
(We cannot forget that arrow.)

For 10 minutes is all you have, and all I have to
fall into a unicorn horn and to play with its
strands of golden dust light
to caress the knobs of old bones (old dreams)
to make believe that everything is okay
and that the hatchet is blunt
and will make me live a nother day.

It doesn't help that I feel taken for granted. Note how I don't say I "think" I'm taken for granted. I know so. Friendship is a two-way thing and if you're reading this somewhere in your comfortable nook and cranny of Singapore or at the End of the World, just remember this - I am tolerant. I have swam just underneath the surface for fear of making waves. But I am not abhorrent to creating a tsunami that will sweep away everything that we once held dear. I'm at the end of my tether, holding the last straw, and all those lovely cliches that we love to use on ourselves and on others.

Yet for all these barbs I put up on my fence, I only know that I will take them down when you come to me again, because I'm like that. I'm easily satisfied but not so. I demand a lot, but not so.

What I want, my dear friend, is to treated like a person - and not some old teddy bear that is only pulled up when your shiny new toy isn't around to entertain you.

God, the cough syrup is making me talk crazy talk.
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I'm sitting here nursing a god-awful cold which decided to spring up upon me last night. Hence the immensely sleepless nights after getting good grades (I'm weird I know) and I'm poised to party spend the rest of the day out purchasing my Japan Rail Pass (and probably More Books), hopefully having dinner with people, hanging out with the class and a very expensive but I feel very worth it late-night movie with them. The only scar besides my flu? That we'd be missing the Man U vs Liverpool match.

But we all know who's going to win eh? ;D

As such, I will update much later in the day, when I manage to leech a connection off Starbucks or after I return from the movie. I surprisingly have an Off Day tomorrow (which makes it Thursday - Sunday off!!!!) so I get to lounge about a bit more.
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゜☆。.:*:・'゜★ *:。.:*:・'゜☆。.:*:・'゜★ *:。.:・'゜☆。.:*:・

So, today I woke up at 7:45am, had tuition at around 8:00am (my teacher came early wtf) and I went back to sleep at 10am because I am sick and my head hurt and blah blah blah blah.

So anyway, my clock didn't ring at 12pm for lunch and I slept all the way till 3pm.

And I felt good! Or rather, I feel good! I feel well-rested (as much as a stressed 18 year old can feel well-rested) and ready to study a little bit more tonight.

Though, today is supposed to be my "rest and recuperate" a.k.a R&R day so minimal studying!

I can't believe that I actually fell sick because of overstudying. Actually maybe it was just late nights and airport aircon but :D

I feel a little like an idiot because I thought Ztruk was ignoring me (games and TV, I profess, are much more entertaining than me) and when I went to check up the Chat Logs to demonstrate my immense power of RESTRAINT!, I realized that he actually did give an extremely delayed decoding! reply to my emergency query of geekiness (my wireless system went down) which never made it to my computer.

I know it didn't because I was awake at that time!

But you know, my computer's jealous.

Hiiiiiii Lit, I've been neglecting you for Econs and History, but don't worry darling, I will caress your spine and white skin soon.
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so yeah.

to whoever i've been ignoring on msn for the past day or so, i apologize. my digestion-system is fucking turned inside out and i couldn't pull myself to the computer to type out anything.


ugh. i rescheduled my jap final test to be on the 14th. >_< fuck lahhhhhh. i wish i wasn't so sick so i could have just taken it yesterday.


Aug. 2nd, 2005 09:23 pm
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This is not happening to me. One day before the Investiture and I fall even MORE sick? I was hoping to recover today but nooo, my nose has to turn on the waterworks on me. :\ THANK YOU BAND PEOPLE FOR SPREADING THE FLU BUG TO ME. <3

My 'I'm trying to act cool' picture on MSN is not working. Nearly everyone thinks that I look depressed and tired. LIKE NO? HELLO? It's supposed to be "oh hey my hair's really nice now, why don't i take an emo pic?"

:( Harry said I look like a guy. A tired guy, not a hot one. BAH. You people suck.

Auggghhhh tomorrow's investiture! STOCKINGS!!!!!!!! I'm done with the presents, I just need to finish writing three more letters. w3wt. There's no school tomorrow because the J2s are having some Career Day thing and well, us J1s will be spending the day doing our project and writing our GP essay. like wtf, gp?! Which also means no PE and virtually no books to carry, thus I can bring most of the presents to school! :D

Saxophone quartet rehearsal was :( today because I couldn't concentrate and my dynamics were all wrong and I'm sick. ARGH. I HATE THIS MAN. I hope I play better/fantastically tomorrow. Maybe I'll skip school on Thursday... Maybe not.
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Took a nap. I ended up throwing all my pillows on the floor and drooling on the bed. :( My habit of drooling has returned after a hiatus of 2 years. I wonder why.

I love blogging. It's such a cathartic experience. That's probably why I can stand writing everyday. It's sad in a way, my only outlet being bytes and wires. will you be the someone out there for me? my blank canvas to paint upon?

wtf? My father just messaged me and asked me what 'zhu1 wen1' is. I had to check the dictionary because I knew 'wen' had something to do with the body/medical stuff because of the way the radical was written, but I totally forgot how to read it. :( All my 4 years of higher Chinese is going away. I need to start reading Chinese books again, not Japanese. I feel the want and need to be at least effectively billingual. So anyway, 'zhu wen' is 'pig (communicable) disease'. I suppose it refers to the nipah virus and the weird virus that's going around in China at the moment. BOO! How can my father not know!

School went past me in a rather surreal and delirious state today. I shan't say exactly why, because the intarweb is a public place and too many people read this, so the reason's up to your imagination. I'm sure my classmates in 1T04 know why though. :x But yeah, today had a rather waffy feeling. I don't think I can go about everyday feeling so high. It's a nice change though, from the past few weeks of constant dreariness. I'd be emitting green slime if I didn't perk up. OH WELL. I'm going to sink into another fit of depression because the J2s are leaving band next Wednesday and I shall become a puddle of green slime. :(

stop me from stalking stop me from stalking stop me from stalking stop me from stalking

I think my classmates were kinda perplexed about the whole floaty self of me. Maybe it's the after-effect of jogging so early in the morning. I'm not going to do it SO EARLY tomorrow. It's insane. I might not even do it at all because it does the reverse and DRAINS THE ENERGY OUT OF ME. Tired + psychotic happy = not good combination. But yeah, I kept on grinning and just go "HiiiiiiiIIiiiiiIiiiIiiiIii *insert name*" and giggle randomly. I scare myself sometimes. Stupid Desmond used post-its and stuck onto my bag and sweater "EYE CANDY" and "I'M in <3" Uhhh, can anyone say girly behaviour? This is where I slap my hand to my face.

Econs remedial is fun and productive. As much as Mr Tan is a pansy most of the time, he does put in his effort to teach larh. So I give him lots of credit for that. It's more of a major chat/conversation session about economics rather than sitting down and drilling us. For me, it works better because I actually have a better understanding? I have a small spark of hope that I might be able to get promoted after Econs Remedial. Hahah. During History Narindar messed up my hair. She was like "AAHHHH *ramble ramble*" and grabbed my head and messed my hair so badly. I got such a HORRIFIC shock.

Update on the 'pig disease' thing. My father replied with a 'I KNOW ITS A PIG DISEASE. WHAT'S THE SPECIFIC NAME?' How the hell would I know. Then why wouldn't you specifically ask me what exactly it is in the beginning? :\ I just did a check on the WHO and Channel News Asia and apparently they've come up with the uncreative name of 'PIG DISEASE'. See. I was correct. So for added measure, I chucked in the scientific name of the bacteria that causes this disease. Streptococcus Suis. Hey, I can memorize it now.

crap. Blake mock exam and PC mock exam tomorrow. So what if the Blake exam is 'a written assignment'. It's still a bloody test. It was supposed to be next week!! Stupid Lit department pushed it forward to tomorrow. *MOAN* So it's BLAKE AND PC MOCK EXAM TOMORROW.
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and i'm melting...

WAIT A MINUTE, MAID! ah, I love Minute Maid. ;D

Band was insane today. Nic was limping around (AND DANCING, THE FREAK) on one leg because he injure the other by falling off stairs or something. Like wtf. Haha. Imran was walking around the whole room shaking the shaker-percussion thingy :\, Ian was made to wear a hairband and did funny poses, Clare now has a scandal with Bryan (tsk tsk, his TASHTASH)... What else? Ah yes, the playing. We played some funky Power Rangers piece, the title was "Ike! Rangers!!". Yeah, Japanese Rangers. <3<3<3 It was a horrible mess, but a fun horrible mess nevertheless.

I was a 'good girl' in Fahy's lecture today. Hoho.

In other news, I've got a heat rash. AUGH. It's breaking out like all over. I've got two pus-filled pustules (haha) on my right arm, and my whole abdomen is covered in little colonies of heat-rashes. Am I not disgusting? This is the bloody second time this year I've got it, and I'm mad. It ruined the Chinese New Year for me, and ugggghhhhhhhh. Spare me. That and having an on-and-off cold is not helping my mood.

I want to just express my gratitude to a certain someone who made my day, and week a whole lot better. Shan't divulge the person's name, but thank you very much. And thanks to a second person who made my day even better. It's those little things that count. I'm a difficult person, and a hard one to please. I can't thank you two enough.



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