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Jul. 16th, 2009 07:25 pm
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I have a questionable sense of humor.

Yesterday, a caucasian boy (around my age I suppose?) came in with his Chinese friends and brought up Cyril Wong's The Boy With the Flower (In His Ass) (I can't remember if that was part of the title) and asked me if Math Paper Press was going to be producing any more publications.

Being the dunciad that I am, I responded that I wasn't too sure. And then I paused and said "The ass only has room for one flower at the moment."

He was silent for like two seconds and then burst out laughing.

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coffee + 4500 words (of which i have 2800) + 3 hours sleep + roaaarrr

bzzzzzt bzzzt )
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So I sit here, with Stars playing in the background, a cup of tau huay ju beside me. It's been two days already, and I'm just starting my third day at Polymath & Crust. It's been a wonderful ride so far, on a vehicle (lumbering, with loud music and soft cool upholstery) that I never want to get off. I'm a little sad that I'll be leaving all of this behind when I head off to Tokyo. The likelihood of getting hired by a nice, friendly bookstore is rather low. Still, I'll persist? Cow Books seems like a lovely place to try first. Otherwise I'll just roam around the bookstores and cafes.

Everyone is really nice -- I feel bad when I screw up (I've made a customer annoyed with my ineptitude in rolling posters - but I've perfected it already!; panicked over non-existent missing cash; fumbled with transactions, because money makes me jittery and other people's money makes me even more panicky) and they're nice about it. That makes me feel even worse. I mean noooo, please tell me off! No, I'm not masochistic much.

But still, I've learnt a lot and will learn a lot more as the days go by. I'm psyched about working here because I really do want to own a bookstore of my own in the future - something similar, but also distinct from Polymath and BooksActually - and this is like a postmodern apprenticeship of sorts.

I like meeting the people who walk in, the very different people who walk in (and of course, the people who stop outside, peer through the glass - sometimes smiling - but don't come in); just a while ago, two young girls came shuffling into the store, armed with huge cameras (where do kids get the money these days?!) and started snapping everything around. It was cute. It was nostalgic. I used to do that with the careless abandon that they have. I felt incredibly old when I looked at them and talked to them.

But yes, we are having an exhibition starting this Saturday (all the way until 17 July methinks) called "Wunderkammer; The Cabinet of Curiosities". It's done by Kenny and Karen of BooksActually / Polymath & Crust fame and it's positively... positively, I don't really know how to describe it. Pungent? Odd? Whimsical? Deep? Well, come and see for yourself. We're at No. 86 Club Street.

I need to get back to work - essay (oooovvveerrrdduuuueeeee) and real work. No more swiss missing around!


Mar. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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DS Fanboy is hiring!

But erm, I don't think I can commit, or I'd send my application in a heartbeat.

Maybe next semester/year... When I'm more comfortable with writing for an audience. XD
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I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to finish my Japan trip entry, haven't had time to do my figure photoshoots (CRIES), and jamming with the girls for the Jubilate performance zaps up whatever free time I have left.

While I love being busy, this is really exhausting. That and my moodswings have been driving me absolutely nuts.

In other news, I've received my interview day for the USP programme. Hurrah. I think things might be going my way.


(Except for the fact that I'm kinda ergh about having to take leave two days.)


Apr. 9th, 2007 12:18 am
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As much as I like money, I'm kind of dreading going to work tomorrow. Why can't I just bum around at home? O:


Feb. 18th, 2007 04:41 pm
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I so do not want to go to work tomorrow.
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I found this too cute to not post.

Was asked to do OT. Now the question is not whether I want to but whether, can I take the AKSDJ:ADJ:ASD feeling of being there for a few more hours? Just for a bit more pay? I don't know. Haha. Most probably not. So I declined. I want the money but to stay there longer would probably drive me mad - plus I have dinner with Ellyne at Curry Favor at 6pm so er, no thanks. O:

I think
I think I remember
(What did I just say?)

You whispered something
You - into my ear,
Leaving imprints upon my mind
A palimpsest of otherwise
(ir)replacable memories.

Because I only
I only (what?)
I forgot
What (what?) matters
In this goldfish brain
That only swims a round

Hard to remove, despite trying hard
Seven seconds isn't nearly enough to love
or erase you from

(Did you just touch my
Heart, and lodge yourself
in my artery of hope?)
That I may remember you
Seven seconds from now
Or just a glimpse, of what is
our past is our future.

For this valentines' day, I've compiled a list of songs to ease me through whatever angst and emo-lation I've got to go through. If any of the titles interest you, give me a buzz! I'd be more than happy to share them with you. Good music must always be shared.

  • Blue Mosque - Giles Peterson
  • Harvest Time - Herbie Hancock
  • If This Bass Could Only Talk - Stanley Clarke
  • Blue in Green - Miles Davies
  • Do You Love Me - The Contours
  • I Want to Talk About You - John Coltrane
  • Laura - Charlie Parker
  • Naima - John Coltrane
  • Nobody Does it Better - Carly Simon
  • Prelude to a Kiss - Keith Jarrett
  • Skylark - Wynton Marsalis
  • That's Amore - Dean Martin
  • Breezin - George Benson
  • It Could Happen to You - Monica Zetterlund
  • Princess Days - Rebecka Törnqvist

'slike hey guys, which Threadless shirts should I get?? O: Mmm I wish someone would bestow upon me the Threadless 12 Club membership. 12 tees for a whole year. I might actually blow some money on this next year for my birthday or something. Like an awesome present for myself. And not get a PS3 or Nintendo Wii? Am I daft?

Nerrgh. My JLPT result should arrive soon. I hope I passed, so then I don't need to take the frickin' re-entry exam for Pre-Advanced. =A=;;;; Althought I should because I'm awfully rusty. I had to assist a Japanese customer yesterday and I confused my rights and lefts and forgot how to say "turn" in Japanese. It's no use for me to understand and read/write but not fucking know how to speak it when it counts. Though, now I gained some (rather unneeded) attention in the workplace because I "rescued" Safiah from the babbling ojii-san. Hurrah, Super Baba to the rescue! Just ignore the fact that I felt so awesome when I could friggin' understand him and at least attempt to direct him to the money changer.

Argh! It's taking forever to download the Granado Espada client!!! I think I will have to drag myself down to like one of the shops to pick up the CD afterall.
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Where There's A Will, There's A Whalebone by Islands is chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll, even with the (rather nicely placed) rap part in the middle. One thing I like about Just type in whatever artist you want and you don't get that artist.

Oh, I better make myself clear!

What I meant was, you get everything similar to the vibe.

Plane tickets have been booked, accommodation reservations are nearly done, I'm having an off-day tomorrow - I think my days are taking a turn for the better. That and I'm getting sucked into the mindless drugdery of working at a commercial bookstore. People there work there not because they love books but mainly because, hey, it's a job. Rather sad, really. Otherwise, my job is going just fine as I eagerly await my next paycheque - which should be substantially larger than the first. If not, I'll have to resort into taking a loan (from my mum) to fund the trip. =A=;;

"I'm sorry m'am, but the book thief probably stole your book" I said, in response to a lady looking for The Book Thief and insisted that we were a horrible bookstore if we didn't have it (we did, its just that I was careless in not anticipating a complex lookup system). Oddly clever of me, but awfully out of hand. Still, it isn't in my nature to take shit from people. I like to talk back and I hate being made to eat my words because of rules and regulations.

Ellyne, I'm very sorry about your piano lessons but I will make it up to you in Japan alright?

[ profile] tsu_, are you free on Saturday, sometime in the late afternoon? I need to pass you your birthday present.

I found this unbearably sweet. Haha. I can't believe I'm still loyally reading MegaTokyo after so many years. The kitschy geek factor is somewhat retained but obviously with Largo's absence from writing, the major geek (not Otaku) element is gone. I love the comic any how.

I hope I write better tomorrow. Some signs that my brain is still alive and kicking.
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Okay, what a great start to a great post in a great day and you can tell that I'm being greatly bored by this great Monday.

I have cramps.

Now while I should be moaning and groaning about the trials and tribulations about being a woman, I instead am quite in the mood to jump for joy because having cramps means that I am fertile again!

No, actually, it means that I have reverted into being a relatively healthy if not slightly overweight munchkin.

Work is starting to get bearable nowadays - which terrifies me. I shudder to think at how I'm beginning to feel okay with working like this in this job and everything. Selling my soul, that's about right.

With regards to the Japan trip, Sim is confirmed to be NOT going, which makes me a very sad wookie. On the other hand, my very shameless advertisment on MSNMessenger has garnered me a potential travelling partner in my cousin. He's planning to go on a three week trip around Japan. With a girl. That's where I come in. The girl needs another girl along or she can't go. They're tentatively leaving on the 24th, which is a whole week earlier than what I'd planned. I'm not too chummy with my cousin so I'm obviously a bit hesitant. Otherwise, I'm all set to go alone and meet new people at the hostels. gosh, how i'd wish you'd offer to come with me, or ask me to go with you. but i'm hoping for too much.

If I am going by myself, I suppose I could extend the trip if I had the finances? Instead of 7 days, maybe around 10. I have to do some quick calculations...

I might free-lance for a men's magazine (thanks to awesome Eileen <3)! It's all "maybe"s but I don't really mind because hey, at least I've got a fucking chance at commericial, mass-market writing! 3 reviews by 2nd Feb (okay, this is a CRAZY deadline) for PC/console/handhelds titles. Problem? Uh, I don't own any current titles. HAAHAH. I have to go and buy some if I want to attempt a decent review. Watch my money fly away again! Then again I can totally cheat and base my reviews on haha, demos of the games. :D() Gotta check back with Head Honcho Eileen first. <3

LOL. Mmokay, she got back to me. Her editor wants like Xbox360 and PS3 reviews. Now while I'd LOVE to do reviews for those two consoles, I don't own either of them. And it's uh, not economical (although a very good excuse to buy both) for me to get either one now, so it's a no-go for me. LE SIGH. But I might be doing another article so... oh well. I mean, I'm a n00b at this, please guide me. Cue the cutesy, Engrish voice.

Writing's been hard. The words and ideas don't flow out. I'm in a brain-stump. My brain's stopped working. I can actually hear the cogwheels grunting with pain everytime I try to move them now. They've gone flaccid like me. ): I don't know how I'm going to finish this by the 31st. I'm absolutely nuts. What was I, and what am I thinking?

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday [ profile] phrotus!! :D
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Yes or no?

I think.

I will.


Send out.

My resume then.


Hahahaha. =A=;;;

Anyway yes, work tomorrow at oh-em-gee in the morning and goodness gracious me alumni band in the evening!! I want to blow my horn.
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I was given false information! The lady at Tenchi's Vivocity said that there were like vacancies and stuff but nooooooooo, I called up the head office and they have no jobs available. SADNESS.

"After I met him, I thought it's not time to give up on my life yet."

Argh, I'm damn fucking pissed of with the whole NTU MUN thing. I didn't happen to go for the 11 Dec Public Briefing (fuck lah, Borders ruins my life) because of work and now I'm totally lost. No one has contacted me at all about the Press Corps even though I know that I'm in. I don't know which division I'm in or who's my Press Head. I contacted the Sec-Gen but just got directed to the Press Director who hasn't been replying my enquiries. There's supposed to be a Pre-Council meeting tomorrow and I'm not sure if I have to go because "I have to check with my Press Head'.

Seriously though, why can someone just be a bit proactive and just tell me the information I want instead of pushing me around to different people?! Now I'm not even sure if my registration fucked up and I'm not in the thing? I'm irritated and I don't even feel like going for the main event since I mean, what are the Heads doing? Why are they not contacting their writers/editors?

Tried calling again. :\ If no one calls back well.

My dad says to go and gatecrash the thing but hi it's all the way at Jurong. Just a little bit far don't you think? I don't want to go all the way to the other end of the country at 10am only to find out fuck, I'm not in the thing (then why did they fucking e-mail be back in December), or fuck I'm not supposed to be there.


Spring in Fialta - Vladimir Nabokov  
"Look here -- what if I love you?"

That's probably one of the most... compelling lines I've ever seen. It's short, it's sweet, but it holds so much more. The 'look here' acts as not only directing the character into listening, but also the reader to subconsciously divert all their attention to that line. Gosh.

Yes it's Monday. I went out on Saturday with Sim for a crazy fun time stuffing ourselves silly at Sakae Sushi's lunch buffet and then window shopping at "Hi there I earn more that 2.5k a month" shops. I love hanging out with Sim, and it apins me that I might not be able to go to Japan with her because of her mom. D: She's probably the only person who I want to go with, other than certain people including GMUFC. All 9 of us have been through years of sorrows and joys together, and even as we don't meet all that often, I'd like to believe that we still have that level of understanding that we used to have.

Window-shopping with Sim's always fun. We don't have the exact same tastes or likes, but it just goes. We have fun, we make horrible jokes and we laugh. I count her as one of my very best friends and this post is turning rather sentimental, haha.

Well yes, while hanging out with her and just about 1/2 an hour before work started, Leon called to ask about some webcomic thing which he wanted me to partake in.

That's that and he forgot to go online after I came back from work and uh yeah I'm not needed anymore because of the awesomeness of free stripcreators. So no doodles at the moment folks! 9_9


It's only Tuesday and I'm friggin' excited for alumni band this Saturday. I'm always going to keep Saturday nights free no matter what, even if that means having to work on Sunday or on awful days. I miss my one true love, my saxophone so much, that I'm willing to give up food and money for it. Seriously though, it might be too sentimental and whacked out for me to love an inanimate object so much but I feel like crying everytime I listen to instrumental music. There is that feeling of "fuck, I used to do that" and the surge of emotion when you know what your fellow musicians are feeling in producing that piece of music. I miss playing in the band, I miss being controlled and controlling the music that's in front of me. I miss my bandmates. Work has stripped me of most of these things I used to revel in, that I used to take pride in. It'd be a pity to give up something that I worked so hard to attained. Even Sir told me that I shouldn't give up playing - perhaps, just a consolatory piece of advice - but nevertheless, I was satiated. I was talented in some ways, I am still talented.

Above all, I enjoyed it.

Today's Wednesday. I just came back from dinner with Clare.

I don't know.

I'd like to believe that...

But I know I can't.

:D OH WELL. WORK TOMORROW. I shall go make happy love explosions with books.
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I can't believe they had the audacity to ask me to stay back one hour when they jolly well know that I start at 8am tomorrow. And they asked if I was joking.


TAKING MY RESIGNATION FORM ON MONDAY. THAT'S IT. I'm not to be treated like a fsking robotic automaton. I refuse to let them screw up my body for minimal wage!
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Fuck, I'm tired. D:

I'm due to be out soon with an awesome afternoon outting with Sim, just that I'm too tired to properly enjoy myself I suppose. I have work from 6pm-12am later and then work tomorrow at 8am. No seriously, I think my life sucks. My circadian rhythm is going haywire and I'm starting to look worse than what I looked life after studying 12 hours consecutively when I was in school.
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I'm going through a bossa nova, chill out music phase now. Haha, maybe it's the influence from the Wii's hypnotic background music.

I've finally got a moleskine planner. It's not the moleskine planner I wanted, but it will do ("That'll do pig, that'll do"). It's been giving me joy on the long train rides and bus trips where I get to scribble literary missives and pen down little SD characters prancing around their little lines. I like how the rectangles are filling up with things to do; there is a sense of accomplishment that I am doing something about my life and not just moping about. This geek ain't a hikkomori that's for sure.

Though, when I get the Wii, I have every reason to lock myself up at home. Ah, the Wii.

I feel extremely outraged. I made a cold-call to my Primary School (not wanting to go out into the rain to get there) to ask about possible relief teaching jobs and WTF the receptionist is so fucking rude. "YAH JUST E-MAIL US". AND HANGS UP! OMG. What has happened to my primary school??!

Other interesting things that happened on my only other off-day this week? Well, I trudged down to Maju Lane in the rain (getting all drenched and all that) to set up a spankin' new bank account. God knows why I need access to the money that I've earned. 9_9 Still, it was something like a milestone or turning point for me. I'm in full control of my finances - to a certain extent; mum still has control of my trust account with oodles of cash - and I do plan to be responsible about it. Working at Genshipping and now at Borders has made me realize what an ass working for money is. I'd hate to squander away all my hard earned money into something frivilous.

Which is why I cannot quit Borders that easily. While I do have more than enough savings to travel in style to Japan, I don't want to - and can't - touch my savings. They are meant for bigger, more important things. Besides, Japan will always be a mainstay for me.

And uhm, I went out for a movie.

It was a rather sudden thing, sprung on me like an hour and a half before the movie started because there were suddenly abandoned tickets to Pan's Labyrinth.

Despite the gore (no, I do not find out-turned frogs appetising) and violent (neither do I find the cut, cut, stab, slash of knives wonderful), Pan's Labyrinth was artfully done. Violence was never there just because. There was always so deeper meaning, more 'symbolic' of sorts, and never put about in a slapdash kind of way. Even though I cringed when the slash, slash, stab cut was done, I have to admit that there was an odd beauty about it. How something so disfigured could look so perfect. Ah, the irony.

Now, it puzzles me, why couldn't I have said all that when he asked me what I thought about the movie?

"Nice" doesn't cut it. But I'm not really good with spoken words. I let my hands and fingers do the talking I suppose.

Simply put, I wasn't bowled over by Pan's Labyrinth, but it was definitely a nice breath of fresh air. I never did once feel bored, the pacing was good, the music was addictive. Still, I would've liked a better ending. It was somewhat... cliched. I think it was the subtitles. The way the ending scene was expressed in English lacked something. All in all, a great script and very very good acting by the cast.

I've had an.. overly exciting day and I should be getting to sleep.

That is, if I could!
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Hullo my freaky darlings! How goes the winds?

I am fading away langorously with my much commercialized job.

Whoever came up with the line "The customer is always right" should be shot and hanged, and doubly so if he's dead already. I cannot stand the sheer stupidity of certain customres, the immense of audacity and rudeness they have. It is their incredible insistence that they are Gods and I am a lowly insect that infuriates me.

Never had I such a loathing for a place. This place has turned me evil, vile, pessimistic. I want nothing but to end the day the moment I step in; slash my wrists with paper; hang myself with the phone cord.

The nice ones cannot redeem me from selling my soul.

I am Faustus.

The job is my Mephistopheles.

I am doomed.

Anyway, so much for the melodramatics which could have been summed up in: My Job Sucks. Three simple words, fabulously extended to a hundred odd worded piece. Wonderful, ain't it?

Right now, I only have an exciting day of Wii (YES YOU GOT THAT RIGHT) fun at Leon's house to keep me going for the next few days. I'm depending on the joyous after-effect of molesting his Wii to keep me going for the rest of the week after Monday.

Yes, it is that bad.

I must leave soon or I will develop an adverse allergy to books, much like the babies in Brave New World. I need to keep myself, myself.
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Ahhh! I met Fahy at Borders today! So it went abit like this -

Me: *walks past the philosphy section to see this old man (he is old) crouching down on the floor, flipping through a book* Hey... isn't that... *backtracks and stares* Omg, it IS.

Me: Hi Mr Fahy!

Fahy: *looks up from the floor* Oh hello!


Anyway, the whole conversation basically centred on how I just started work and how he apparently has seen me here before (what? fahy stalks me!!!) and does he need any help because I can help you check it up on the system, but no thank you he doesn't.

Hoho. I miss Fahy and my Lit teachers.

So yes, he hung around the philosophy section for quite a bit. I didn't get a chance to see what he was reading, sadly. Still, rather funny to see this usually tall upright man crouching down on the floor with a book in hand. Very appropriate for Fahy I must say.

In other news, Happy Birthday [ profile] gweenmeanie!!!

Work was exceptionally blah today. I'm sorry, I don't think I'm cut out to sell books like that. It's too commercialized. There's nearly no attempt at being a bookshop that loves selling books. At least Kinokuniya gives off that vibe. (Let's not get started on BooksActually.)

Speaking of BooksActually, they very kindly and promptly! replied to my enquiry about the RED Moleskine notebooks. Actually, at that point of time, I was so desperate that any old Moleskine Planner would've been suffice. They've run out of stock of course, but very kindly pointed me to the direction of Tango Mango and Kinokuniya (which I knew had no stock). In the end, I just ended up ordering it from I e-mailed them just before I e-mailied BooksActually and they replied me today.

THE NEW RED MOLESKINE SHIPMENT JUST CAME IN TODAY HURRAH. I already placed my order, along with an Info Book for the upcoming Japan trip, and will be eagerly awaiting it! I hope nothing slips up, or I will be one very angry and morose spiderpig.
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So alright, I can't multitask.

My campaign for Warcraft III is so totally dying. My heroes keep on dying and my gold mines are always collapsing. WOE IS ME.

But I'm having fun!

No seriously.

I haven't played a single decent computer game since around 3 years ago when my trusty old PC went whumph on me.

Yup, you guessed right. In my hands right now, is a shiny new laptop with ZOMG ATI RADEON X1600.

I've been playing Warcraft III ever since last night.

Well, technically the laptop is only half mine because I'm helping my brother pay for it. lulz where did I suddenly get so much money from thin air. =A=;;

Anyway, this means that gosh, I can play games like Granado Espada and WoW now! And DOTA. Yes, DOTA.

Speaking of being geek, I completely went on a rampage at the IT department of Courts last night and gave the salemen a hard time by asking horribly anal questions like what the RPM of the harddisk was.

Perpie, aren't you proud of me? :p

... I'm having so much fun that- that I don't want to go to work today. Ahehehehh.


Dec. 17th, 2006 09:16 pm
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FUCKING PISSED OFF. IF SHE EVER PICKS ON ME AGAIN, I'M GOING TO SAY "YOU NOT HAPPY? LET'S TAKE IT TO THE MANAGER THEN." No I mean seriously, if I was in the wrong, you have all the right to reprimand me as a senior. But have the basic etiquette to do so when there are no customers around and when I'm not serving one at the moment! Like wtf lah, just interrupt me like that. AND FUCKING SPOONFED SINGAPOREANS. WRITE INSTRUCTIONS, TELL YOU WHERE THE SECTION IS NOT ENOUGH ISSIT? GAHMEN FEED YOU WITH ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR LIFE YOU CAN FOLLOW, THIS SIMPLE THING CANNOT? My God. I hate Singaporeans and their infantile mentality. If I gave you crap instructions, or if I dismissed you when the queue wasn't long, okay I'm wrong. But hell, I asked for assistance TWO TIMES and no one came! If anyone wants to dispute this with me, there are surveillance cameras all over the place - go check them out. :\
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Tired. I did overtime till 1am.

My feet are killing me, so much to the fact that I ignored whatever melding of trees, lights, roads, cars into a blur, outside my taxi window.

A mere bagatelle, that one.

But yes, I got into the cab, sunk into the pleather seats and just stared at my feet.

My podders, my jiao, my twinkle toes, onkeybats or whatever you call them in whatever part of the world you come from.

Then again, my feet were encased in shoes. So much for staring at them.

While I was clearing up the calendars and doing General Recovery (what wondrous names humans have concocted for simple procedures such as organizing the place) I was slightly appalled at the extent of messiness people can endure.

I'm messy, no doubt about that. Take a look at my room (hiiii guys, this is SO not an invitation) and you can tell that I live in the post-1945 destruction and chaos. Yet, the sheer disorganization, the piles of books just carelessly laid around is just inconsiderate. Not for us who work to put them back, but for other people who want to look for these books.

Perhaps this is biased because I'm a book-lover.

Perhaps this is biased because I'm half-asleep and my hands are typing by themselves.

If we humans can't even keep a bookstore in order everyday, how the FUCK are we going to keep our lives in order? This directly parallels, this is a microcosm of society.

We are what are bookstore is.


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