Jul. 6th, 2010 02:14 am
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Yayoi Kusama's Pumpkin, at the Benesse House beach.

Back in February, or was it March, I made a 10 day trip around Japan's middle kingdom. One of the stops, was Naoshima of Kagoshima Prefecture, famed for being an art-island.


One of the houses in the Art House project. I've packed away my Naoshima books (I bought so many!) so I can't refer to them to find the specific names. I know there's the internet, but somehow I'd like to flip through the catalogs and read up more information that way.

Another Art House project; this time James Turrell's (who also has an installation in the Chichu Art Museum) Darkside of the Moon. One of my favourite installations. I have a soft spot for art pieces involving shadows and darkness, as cliche as that sounds.



It was a cloudy day when I went, and for short periods of time, the rain decided to have sporadic bursts around the island, and it was a bit of an ordeal trudging about in the winter wind. But there was something very calming about the island, and the weather. It was full of people, but not crowded and never once did I feel that there were too many people in one place. Walking about the island and discovering places not on the map, visiting the Art Houses, tip-toeing through the two main museums, I felt that I could live here and that I'd love to live here. One day I'm going to come back (next year?) and spend a night or two. What's the island like at night? How would the outdoor installations feel in the darkening sky?

Sadly my film photos of the island are all gone! They got mixed up with my Miyajima photos so no lovely shots of the teabowl (I had to climb the pedestal -- shhhh! -- to get the shot I wanted!) or other secret photos!

The full set of photos is here.
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say what?

May. 8th, 2010 11:10 pm
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I don't understand a single word they're singing except 「今夜」-- DBSK is so much better. :\
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More like I wish it was a countdown to super stardom. Not sure what I'll achieve in my remaining six months here but I'm going to make the most of it. I realized that I can't keep living on the dreams and plans I made before I came here, I need to let go and just go forth! Soldier forward! With gattling gun in hand!

One more week of school, and one more essay left. I've just finished my Epic Fable (the ending needs to be redone if it's ever going to be Very Good; right now it's passable I think) and most of my exams and papers.

Spring Break in a week! I can't wait, honestly. I wish I really could have seen the ice floes and ice bergs in Hokkaido but unfortunately I don't have a magical pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow*. In fact, I haven't found my rainbow yet. So yes, back to the drawing board.

(*: I need to admit that most of my money has been going to concerts, concerts and more concerts. Am I living it up? Probably, most certainly, yes!)
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And now I'm back from outer space from Nagoya!

Muse was fucking epic , even though the Aichi Prefectural Gym was small (it's smaller than uh, Bishan Stadium, seriously.) and we lacked the original round stage. STILL, OH MUSE. <3 Brings back so many memories of secondary school, of JC and then performing with Yen and Sim. <3

I love how music brings people together. Worth every second of the 6 hour night train back and 6 hour night bus there. Back and there again. Here and there. Ran around the neighbouring Mie Prefecture (neighbouring to Nagoya, that is) on Sunday to grab photos of the Ise Shrine and Meoto Iwa (Husband and Wife Rock[s]) at dusk. I need to figure out a way to travel lighter. My gear is killing my back.

I need a nap before my 9am class. And also, BOBO IS IN TOWN. :)
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Lately, I've been feeling like this.
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Technically I should post this right before the first of January, but seeing as how I won't be here to post it personally, and the scheduler is wonky, this goes up now. While I'm waiting for my stew to thaw.

Christmas and soon, the New Year, will be spent with my family as always. Do I regret (this is probably a key phrase in my 2009) not going off with other people (read: friends, people other than friends) and having a holiday season, or any other day for that matter, that might be more fun? Well 'fun' is a subjective word and lately, my version of 'fun' doesn't seem to correlate with the general population of people. So it's just me, not you. Classic break up line. My break up with people.

This year, I discovered that my intolerance for ignorance, laziness, and stupidity (arising from the aforementioned two) hit a new high. I always thought that I was a tolerant person, someone who could sit through the heavy pelting of rain on hours end and not complain. It turns out that being alone in a foreign land has lifted an invisible raincoat off of me and made me realize that I actually can actively dislike people and company. Which is why having friends like YZ, Yen, Sim (who might never read this, if she doesn't read my blog) and Bobo who are simply there means a lot to me. This 2009, I realized that family > friends and that Yen, Sim, Bobo, YZ > friends. It's a mathematical equation that I cannot square-root or divide. They drive me crazy half the time, both groups, but in the end I can count on them to pull me out of hot soup if need me. And I would do the same for them. No strings attached. (Hello this is my confession of the year, I will go and kill myself now.)

I discovered that I like people and things too easily. I get distracted by their shiny exterior and forget about those niggling paint chips and rough edges that when I realize that I'm actually not suitable for that person or thing, it's too late. My awesomely placid nature makes it hard to just stab people -- not to mention a lengthy jail term, which could be better spent! -- or simply mouth off. So when I discover that it's a reject, grade C good, I wonder, was I really so blind? More often than not, yes. So I'm back to simple things. No preservatives, no pretensions, nothing that I don't agree with. I'm taking a similar approach to 2010. If I like it, all systems go. If I don't, then I'll just get the hell out of there. There's no point wasting my time in things that annoy me, that irritate me, or that simply, well, aren't worth the effort. Is it cold? Perhaps. Is it going to save me a lot of grief and emotional, not to mention moral, dilemmas? Yes, I'm pretty sure.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be spending my money not on film, cameras, books and god knows what other things, and spend them on the all-you-can-drink/eat/insertgastronmyrelatedwordhere gathering that the kind International Club (a.k.a let's fraternize with gaijin) hosts every month or so. Twice a month, sometimes. I admit that sometimes I'm overcome with a brief bout of loneliness (self-imposed, I must always add) when I realize that I'm not going for all these events and meeting people, but then again, looking back on all my one-man trips and looking forward to 2010's 人旅, I'm more than satisfied by my solitary, nomadic lifestyle.

And I became a pretty fantastic cook if I do say so myself. I need to cook more in 2010.

Waseda. It took me more than two years to get here, but I finally did. All the sweat, blood, and tears paid off and I am here. The people here are fucking fantastic, and I'm glad I was for Waseda all the way. The classes are a mixed fruit basket but I'm not here to study. If anything, I'm here to learn, to siphon, to absorb off the cool froods that populate the halls and walkways. Learn about their lives, listen to their stories, get inspired. But I'm here, and right now that's all that matters. I remember the first time, two years ago when I first heard about the program and realized that "I need to be in this". This is just the start of something.


Butter Stew

Dec. 9th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I also had a smashing time with Elaine T and Beck (sp??)! :D Thanks for the dinner, and thanks for fangirling with me <3
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You know how everyone used to complain that the Arashi fanclub had the worst looking membership card ever? A card so unworthy of the awesomeness that is Arashi?

Well, they finally updated it.

And I have the spankin' new card.

So kids, it pays off to do things my way, to take things slow and work at my own pace, to wait and listen. Because in the end, the reward is fucking awesome.

Best birthday present from Arashi ever and I feel fucking special.
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I feel like this right now, waiting for the right chance to come by on a Catbus. It's okay, I have my trusty book and umbrella. You can never go wrong with umbrellas and books.
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Oct. 26th, 2009 09:26 pm
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It always starts like this: I wake up, with my own body clock ringing, get dressed at my own pace and head out for the station. From here on, the route differs depending on my mood. Sometimes I end up in a livehouse, other times I'm miles away on a rickety old train heading to a beach.

It's a lot different here, to be able to just jump on a train, or go on a walk in any direction. Back home it used to be only two directions I could go from: left or right. Here it's up down center right left diagonals criss-cross, so many ways I could change to, move from and into. To hell with the cliched feelings of 'belonging' and revelation that other people feel. It's simply not enough to say, "this is the place" or "I feel this". Fancy words don't cut it. You need to feel it in every bone, every pore, every muscle and sinew as you lift your leg to put it back down on the ground, moving forward ever constantly. Do I feel like this yet? Probably, I am nearly there. The sense of inertia is slowly coming off and while I know I will never speed forth into some dream-laced, figment of a future, I am plodding on at my own pace.

In many ways, I feel like Enoshima. Always patronized by tourists, predictably kitschy and quirky, but surprisingly exhilarating. I struggle to separate myself from the mainland, but even with the choppy strait between, I always have people crossing that damned bridge. Take cover, move out slow, there are always the cliffs to hide out in. The constant influx of tourists, tourists, tourists tires me out. They don't understand that I want to be left alone. Stop chattering, stop talking, stop touching me. I didn't invite you in: so stay out. But I'm like Enoshima. So they come, and I let them, sometimes (only sometimes), because of a freak of nature, they can't come in.

It is liberating, to be able to have fun and enjoy myself without anyone else. To know that I do not need anyone to make me feel something so intense -- it's the quiet sort of knowing as you lightly crack an egg and watch as the crack forms, breaks, and then white slowly dribbles out and then sizzles, as it hits the pan. You fumble as the egg white gets on your hand, but darn, it smells good. The egg's good just by itself. It doesn't need any other additives.

November's going to be rockin' for me. I was born in this month, and I will thrive in it. The air has gotten colder, and I find going out in sweats never enough now, but the biting cold speaks to me. I've got three live concerts waiting for me, and a few more on the way, when the tickets start to go on sale. Am I feeling down that I'm going to all of them alone? I have to be honest, yes. That is a miniscule part of me. Like the tiny drop of MSG cooks still put into their dishes and insist that it's "MSG-Free". But it is that subtle flavour that makes my day (and days) all the more better. People say "Oh you look like you had a wonderful time, can I join you next time?" to me, but they don't realize that I have such a good time because I am by myself. It's a strong statement to make, hence the strong coding (lulz html pun) but repeatedly I've been proven wrong that "the more the merrier".

So while things are bitter sometimes, fuck it!
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For many reasons, including the incredibly humid weather:


My dream Ninomiya coat is also on sale at Jiyuugaoka's Uniqlo for 2990yen. I needs it. If Takadanobaba has it too, I will SNAP IT UP.
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For Mindy

For my cousin!

For Yen

For YZ

For Tsu
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Current plans until the end of the year. I think I'll travel down to Kyoto, Osaka, the Hyogo prefecture and then Hiroshima during Spring Break. Hoping to head up to Hokkaido during Winter Break.

I'm pretty psyched about Enoshima! I've got a budget of 5000yen, inclusive of travel expenses, entrance fees and food (I think I am going to pack food...). Then it's about a week's break for my wallet before I head on out to Nikko for a day.

I think I have to forfeit the Sokei baseball match because the Saiyuki Festa is going on on the same weekend, PLUS Kimi-san's Halloween party. Which I want to go for, because I haven't been to Egg Farms in a month! It seems a bit rushed.

After that it's mainly in-Tokyo exploring, with Todoroki Valley next and then I might head out to Hakone and/or Izu depending if my parents want to go to Hakone to relive 10 years ago... But I do want to hit up Takayama, and Gunma, so I'll probably have to fit that in somewhere. Man, when will the seishun 18 kippu go on sale! I needs it now!
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I should be more tolerant. Either that, or just stick to my own path more firmly and not deviate from it. Sometimes, accommodation doesn't work for me.

In anycase, I have 江ノ島 and 中目黒 waiting for me!


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