Nov. 16th, 2007 01:24 am
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Got back my India short papers: mediocrity established.

Got back my Lit essay: Confidence restored.

I need the confidence. I have two papers due and I've barely started.

SEP prep is raping my brain and the scariest thing is that: this is only the backup plan.

Getting the DDP is a do-or-die thing. A 1 in 2 chance.

I need to be that One.


Other interesting news? Nerney has lived in Japan for 2.5 years back in the.. well, way back, and HE LIKES ANIME. ON ARTS CENTRAL. (Which means Cowboy Bebop included!!!!) NO WONDER HE'S INCOMPREHNSIBLE! He's like ME! Hahaaahahahahahaha.


I suddenly had this thought: should I postpone my SEP application til next year? :\ Oh well. Whatever.
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I think I have a screwed up sense of humor. I'm making notes for my Literature Essay (LOL, due on Wednesday and I'm still leisurely typing out references and notes and I have six pages! Hurrah!) and since I'm doing the Hiroshima Mon Amour question, I've decided to take a stand that deals more or less with trauma.

So what do I go and do? I name my notes-document: Traumatic Notes.


Yeah, it isn't that funny, I realized. But I was kinda amused.

Other than that, I went for a swim with my mum and we attacked the bakery section of Carrefour. Hurrah for Snail Buns and Cheese Cake that doesn't have any Cheesy Taste! =A=;;]




Since I'm procrastinating, here's a flashback to the past.

MEME TIME, circa 2002 )

Other nostalgic stuff )
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So anyway, I chose this in the end.

2. Byousoku 5cm – Makoto Shinkai
Rationale: To examine Japanese and the notion of ‘distance’, internally and externally (also spatially and temporary), and how it relates to Japanese youth in the 21st century.

Right now I'm thinking of expanding(/narrowing?) the whole notion of distance into an emotional thingamajig that has to do with 'love' and 'pure love' in Japanese society. Blame it on the book I just finished that rants on and on about love in Japanese society (from ancient orgies to erotic poems, prostitution, enjo kosai and much more! woo!).

Well I mean, even from a superficial point of view, Shinkai does use the idea of 'love' as a medium to transmit his theme of 'distance' between people no? Affection, romantic love, family... It's all in a way, vehicles for him to use in expressing his overall theme.

Gah. You know, 8 months out of school and I lose every ability to write about anything abstract and end up sounded like a retard. E.G how I screwed up my Literature midterm because I went on and on about things not relevant to the question. (WHICH IS ONLY WHAT KIDS DO SOBS.)

So anyway, does my incoherent linking make sense?

I totally forgot that KKnM is closed today and had actually made plans to go down with my brother? But anyway, since they're closed I'll have to rush down tomorrow after my first driving lesson to place the order for NEKOMIMINENODOROIDAKSJDKWE.
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250 words is really too little to talk about anything - even concisely. I feel so restricted by these 250 words. I know that the word limit is to prevent rambling and excessively long essays that the tutors have to read, but still 250 words is not enough to concisely talk about an argument. It's going to be so superficial! Like what I've been writing!

Now, I have a thing for religion. I like to attack crazy Christians and Catholics (ahahah Benjamin! Remember how in J1 I used to hound you about God?) and well, so far it's the Christians and Catholics who have been after me. Buddhists tend to be more subdued haha. Still, I'm intrigued by religions in the world and how they are all similar (that's what I'm really looking at).

In particular, since I'm going to become some crazy academic in Japan (;__; I am increasingly aware that my Japanese is HORRIBLE), I'm kinda fixated on the whole Aum Shinrikyo and other 'new' religions popping up in there.

So anyway, here's my 250 worded (I think I went over by a bit) horrible and disgustign analysis of Reiyukai and Aum Shinrikyo. I think Dr. H will keel over and die after seeing it. First of all, hahah AUM SHINRIKYO. She's going to think that I'm some kind of CRAZY PERSON because my first reaction paper was a comparison of the Meiji Restoration and Wagashi!

Second Response Paper )

Now wasn't that kinda painful? Like an injection?


Oct. 1st, 2006 03:41 pm
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The weekend was supposed to be devoted to full and proper timed practices for History and Econs - well obviously I didn't follow the instructions of "proper timed practices". While I did do all my essays within 45-50 minutes, I did them at a fucking don't-know-how-many-hours interval within each other, switching from econs to history and so and so forth. God, brain freeze and brain drain of the massive kind. I wish I could just type all the essays out but I'd probably get snarked at by the teachers for being a lazy ass. Well sorry but I like to preserve the saddened state my hands are in and not make it worse.

So yesterday's family get-together was horrible. The aunts and uncles (the adults) were sitting around a table and discuss, very loudly, the bowel movements (actually the lackthereof) of my cousin who hasn't done her business in a week. Good God. I told them in an annoyed manner how their talk of bowel movements made me have indigestion and that I'd probably not be able to shit after hearing all that fucking nonsense. :\

Meeeeeh, I haven't studied in school for a long time. I need to plop myself down in the library sometime next week (other than Monday) and try and get more than 6 hours done in a row. Human studying machine eh? I hope so too. Besides, I haven't seated myself in the library since it reopened! Blasphemous I know!

meme? )

I feel like the Hitachiin Brothers in my userpic. Like all =_= right now. dafj;ejrke;rj;aejrqiwepq;zwe

Mmm. Listening to L'Arc~en~Ciel, LAST ALLIANCE, hyde and The String Quartet <3. Mika Nakashima is on the way.

ZOMG. MATA ASHITA BY THE OURAN CAST IS LOVE. I love this song so much. The little bits of conversation inside makes it even better. ESPECIALLY TAMAKI-SEMPAI HANI-SEMPAI. <3333333!!!!!
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Since I have, haha, excellent time management (my ass!!!), I have to just revise for my econs test tomorrow.

My SEA outline part needs to be completed by Tuesday, and CW by Wednesday.

So far I don't think I have anything else besides any extra work I want to do. :3


kdja;rkj;ar. looking at that photo makes me want to cry. but i can't delete it.


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I took one of my hands from his and placed my glass of wine at the edge of the table.
"It's going to fall," he said.
"Exactly. I want you to tip it over the edge."
"Break the glass?"
Yes, break the glass. A simple gesture, but one that brings up fears we can't really understand. What's wrong with breaking an inexpensive glass, when everyone has done so unintentionally at some time in their life?
"Break the glass?" he repeated. "Why?"
"Well, I could give you lots of reasons," I answered. "But actually, just to break it."
"For you?"
"Of course not."
He eyed the glass on the edge of the table -- worried that it might fall.
It's a rite of passage, I wanted to say. It's something prohibited. Glasses are not purposely broken. In a restaurant or in our home, we're careful not to place glasses on the edge of a table. Our universe requires that we avoid letting glasses fall to the floor.
But when we break them by accident, we realize that it's not very serious. The waiter says, "It's nothing," and when has anyone been charged for a broken glass? Breaking glasses in part of life and does no damage to us, to the restaurant, or to anyone else.
I bumped the table. The glass shook but didn't fall.
"Careful!" he said, instinctively.
"Break the glass," I insisted.
Break the glass, I thought to myself, because it's a symbolic gesture. Try to understand that I have broken things within myself that were much more important than a glass, and I'm happy I did. Resolve your own internal battle, and break the glass.
Our parents taught us to be careful with glasses and with our bodies. They taught us that the passions of childhood are impossible, that we should not flee from priests, that people cannot perform miracles, and that no one leaves on a journey without knowing where they are going.
Break the glass, please -- and free us from all these damned rules, from needing to find an explanation for everything, from doing only what others approve of.
"Break the glass," I said again.
He stared at me. Then, slowly, he slid his hand along the tablecloth to the glass. And with a sudden movement, he pushed it to the floor.
The sound of the breaking glass caught the waiter's attention. Rather than apologize for having broken the glass, he looked at me, smiling -- and I smiled back.
"Doesn't matter," shouted the waiter.
- By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, by Paulo Coelho

I'm in a slump. A real bad slump. I hardly feel inspired to finish my HOD essay, other than my utterly selfish reason as to preserve my current 40/50 status and be the first person in class to get 40 twice, because... its so analytical. I hate being forced to be relevant, to be precise in minute detail. I want to freedom to throw out ideas, to analyse even things like why is that fullstop there because I can, and because of the intricacy of things. Like Tsu, its the desire to know - to be kaypoh - that's the best part about enjoying literature, not fitting into whatever box they give you. I want to spill over.

So when you give me a question on how the effects show the themes... I can't do anything but to aquiese to your request. I enjoy analysing and interpretting the passages, the books - but there is always that moment when it's just forced. It's a chore.

2 themes through and I'm already hitting the 800 word mark. Looks like a long essay and a long night.

What pisses me off now is the fact that the ensemble people were only supposed to assemble at 5pm. I end at either 1 or 2pm and I gladly accept the time in between to effing finish my work and catch up on a bit of studying in the library. Now I get the mesasge that we have to assemble at 3:30pm. Well excuse me, I never signed up for any of this ensemble shit. While I love my instrument and the music I play, I think the song is absolutely boring and I'm even more ticked off with the fact that I'm only performing because there are no effing J1 baritone saxophonists. Now listen here, I do not want to spend my last week of band, much less my very last time in band as an official band member slogging away for more than 3 hours being shouted at or yelled at. It is beneath my dignity to be submitted to such banalities. I am honestly sick and tired of all this shit.

So ensemble, you get to rob 3 hours from my life. Are you happy now? Are you absolutely joyous?
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  1.  What do you call a rhyme that looks like it does but actually doesn't?
  2. What is the specific literary term for a regular four line stanza?
  3. What do you call the form of poetry that contains an octave with the rhyme pattern abbaabba and a sestet of various rhyme patterns?
  4. A 19 line verse form.
  5. What is the specific literary term for a double stressed pair of syllables?
  6. Who wrote the following novels - Far From the Madding Crowd, The Trumpet Major and Under the Greenwood Tree?
  7. According to Mary Shelley, was Frankenstein a monster or a man?
  8. Complete the following line from Wordsworth. "I wandered lonely as a _____"
  9. In which century was Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus written and performed?
  10. In Shakespeare's Othello, who has mor soliloquies - Othello, Iago or Desdemona?
  11. Name two novels written by Joseph Conrad other than Heart of Darkness.
  12. What style of theatre do we associate with the following playwrights - Bertold Brecht, Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett.
  13. The following books make up which triologies and by whom?
    • Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
    • The Good Earth, Sons, A House Divided
    • The Fellowship Of The Ring, The Two Towers, Return of the King
  14. Identify the novel or short story started by each of these famous opening lines:
    • It was love at first sight.
    • The boy with fair hair lowered himself down the last few feet of rock and began to pick his way toward the lagoon.
    • It was a dark and stormy night.
  15. Why would the cat in the title of one of Robert Heinlein's well-known books be such a great buglar?
  16. What do these 4 sentences have in common?
    We all make his praise.
    I swear he's like a lamp.
    "Has Will a peer?" I ask me.
    Ah, I speak a swell rime.
  17. One to one thousand! What books did these authors write with the numbers "1" and "1000" in the title.
    • Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1)
    • Arthur Schelsinger (1000)
  18. Long Day's Journey into Night is best described as:
    • A) A statement to his mother about how he relates with his own wife
    • B) An expose piece on his r/s with his sons
    • C) An autobiographical account of O'Neill's own family
    • D) A biographical sketch of the life of Arthur Miller
  19. In Long Day's Journey into Night, Tyrone maintains that the only literature worth reading is ___.
  20. In Brave New World, what famous 19th century German philosopher is indirectly alluded to in this sentence: 'All the air of the fourteenth floor was sibilant with the categorical imperative'?
  21. What languages are spokein in the world as BNW?
  22. Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale can be classified with Orwell's 1984, Huxley's BNW, and Burgess's A Clockwork Orange as ____.
  23. In The Handmaid's Tale, Offred's real name is ____.
  24. In The Glass Menagerie, how did Tenessee Williams refer to the 1960s?
    • A) As his 'everlasting summer of love'
    • B) As his 'stoned age'
    • C) As ' the winder of my discontent'
    • D) As the 'age of revolution through theatre'
  25. What, according to Tom, is man by instinct in The Glass Menagerie?
    • A) A lover, a hunter, a fighter
    • B) A dancer, a singer, a cook
    • C) A sprinter, a builder, an achiever
    • D) A poet, a martyr, a soothsayer
  26. What is Jim O'Connor's nickname for Laura?
  27. Which poem, in Blake's collectoin of poems Songs of Innocence and Experience, offers a perspective of innoncence that seems to parallel the proverb "If all do their duty, they need not fear harm."
  28. Name any 2 poems in Songs of Innocence and Experience that touch on Blake's view of the tragedy of a city oppressed by laws and regulations that reduce its inhabitants to mere cogs in a machine.
  29. What do Kurtz in Heart of Darkness and the lead character in the famous movie The Silence Of The Lambs have in common?
  30. What does the name Kurtz mean and which language is it from?

Every class has to do this? So hay guys, if you don't mind helping with some of the questions.... ;D
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I see this and I just want to break down and cry sometimes.

I should be there, getting my ass whooped by Fahy. I should be there just soaking up whatever intellectual going-ons there were, and occasionally throwing in something of my own. I should be there, just there.

Don't tell me it's for the better. Don't tell me how I can concentrate on my subjects better now. Don't tell me that this is 'a blessing in disguise'. Don't tell me that S Papers are over-rated. Don't tell me that my life isn't ruined and now in shambles.

Because all you're saying is unadultered, sugar-coated lies.

Not that I appreciate them, because people actually bother wasting their saliva on me.

When I want something so bad, it nearly always slips out of my reach. Rejections are so hard to take sometimes. Japanese at O Level, inital SNGS rejection, Art at A Level and now this.

This is all my bad karma getting back to me.

I'm wounded, and the blood hasn't stopped flowing out. I'm not lying, and I don't plan to, when I say that I'm just ripped and wrecked over it. I'm not going to use fancy schmancy phrases that try to imply that woah my structuring/syntax of sentences is oh so good. This is me plain and simple. No "Of the days I've etcetc". It's just: I AM FUCKING SAD. Not depressed, not melancholic, not any of those multi-syllabic words that prove your intelligence. None of that cheem, mysterious sounding words. Just, I AM FUCKING SAD.

I think I'm going to spend the most of next week huddled up in a corner of the library trying to study. Not because I'm hardworking or anything but that's the only thing I can do at the moment, and the only thing I can be good at.

Being a sponge.

who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

I hate it when people pretending to have no facades of their own, or who pretend to wish no one had facades all just covered in layers of paper-mache. Fucking idiots. I'm here saying that I am not genuine. I don't know whether I'm genuine. I want to be honest, I want to be truthful but that is not possible. We're bulit in such a way that anger is a Trojan Horse for deep disappointment, where a grimace is disgused as a seweed of a smile. THAT IS JUST IT. FACE UP TO REALITY. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PROFESSERS OF "LET'S BE TRUE TO OURSELVES AND EVERYONE" and "LET'S ALL BE HAPPY FUCKERS".


Other than that? Happy 19th Imran!
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Q1. How does the play convey a deep sense of 'isolation within isolation, but at the same time isolation within a togetherness.'?

Q2. 'That the Tyrones try to understand the past, that they listen to one another, that they endure together, is a measure of their heroism.' Do you agree?

HURHUR. 1200 words for either question by tomorrow! I'll urhm, probably hand it up late, being the irresponsible Literature representative of the class.

I personally think that they're very good questions. I don't mean that in an academic sense (which they are obviously well-thought out questions), but rather in a way that really gets you to think and appreciate the play. Now, I haven't had much exposure to plays much less modernist plays -


so my expertise is quite skewed since the only other modernist playwright I've 'studied' other than O'Neil and Williams is Ibsen. While I am in love with A Doll's House and Peer Gynt (quite certainly because you've seen me mentioned them above his other works), it is Long Day's Journey into Life that really renders your heart and delve into the inner depths of man. That sounds very superficial doesn't it? Like I'm some n00b trying to pass off as a Literature Great as Michelle would put it.

That's one of my faults. Being unarticulate despite having all these ideas and feelings in me. Sometimes I can't translate transpose transfer them onto paper, blaming it on the fact that "its more than words". Plain excuses. But don't we all feel that way some point in our lives?

I wish I got some easier question like the one on how O'Neil uses symbols in the play. WTFTHATISSHITEASYGUYS! Now I have to define the quotations, structure a coherent argument with references to the techniques of the play (stage directions galore, the speech/diction, setting, themes, literary techniques) with constant cross-reference to the play.

Something about stage directions. While Williams and his tableaux (see I can't spell for nuts) style of movements concentrate on the amount and the impact of movement in my honest opinion, I feel that O'Neil relies on the extremely subtle actions to bring across the most important of themes. Sounds like something very explicit? You don't know how many people don't see that. Implicit, subtlety, underlying intentions whatever whenever.

I still have to choose an essay to write. OR SHALL I BE A PSEUDO HARDWORKER AND HAND UP BOTH ON MONDAY?

yeah right, you still have one CW essay due, a test to study for, paragraphing and fact sheets to do... but there's no band!!

I think I should inventory my massive manga/books/novels/literary collection sometime soon, with all the Sweet Valley (hahahah) and Babysitters' Club novellas too. HEY! AT SIX ANTYHING MORE THAN 40 PAGES IS A NOVELLA TO YOU!

Hur hur, I was pimpin' some of my music in class today (over the lovely speaker-system, rightfully abused) like the Numa Numa song, the SARS rap and hurhur Shatner's Ideal Woman because 'tis hot. Rachel likes Radiohead and Belle & Sebastian!!!! <3 I love my class more and more everyday now? Of course some people are left much to be desired.

I can never get that phrase correct.

Okay lah, I'll go get started on my essay!!

EDIT as of one hour later (the same):

I've more or less decided to do the first question. Not because it's 'easier' or anything (I hate to submit myself to 'easier' questions for Lit), but rather because there's so much more to talk about. Of course I'm not saying that the second question doesn't have anything to talk about. On contrary, there is! Just that I feel lazy enough to not contend with the question's definition of heroism.

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I am t3h clumsy. I have scraped my knee very badly during soccer today and proceeded to ram my OTHER leg into a doublebass.


Things I need to do this weekend:
- Finish my Japanese homework
- Read Middle East chaper in International Relations since 1945
- Read UN readings
- Redo Origins of CW essay
- Middle East Essay
- SEA Essay






haha, my brother's such a sweet kid. he was saying how he's going to spend all his angbao money this year because of his ipod and stuff. and i was like, "huh you go so many clothes to buy meh?" because he's the fashionista of the house. to my absolute amusement he replied "no lah, your birthday present."

me: huh, but my birthday is over.
bro: this year's birthday present.
me: aiyo!

<3 rabu for my very sweet and welldressed brother. who has cut his hair into like... i don't know, its very punk.
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I so very badly need my caffeine fix now. Thank God for the cans of coffee and coke I have stored in the kitchen. Ahhh, late nights here I come!

Currently am still plodding my way through the Glass Menagerie essay due tomorrow. I actually can do this much faster but (har har) perfectionist me needs to make sure that I'll at least get above a 32, because duh I need to improve from the promo grade, which was a farce. Kids, the commentary and synopsis in the book are your best friends. Read it. I love it because it gives me something to work on, like a thread that will hopefully turn out to become a beautiful shirt.

Excerpt: "Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie in short is a play about family. What makes it so surprisingly appealing to the audience (because one cannot deny that the premise of the play was and is not a ‘novel’ one) is the sheer focus placed on “sculptural” image of a situation, relying solely on the movements (or lack thereof) of the characters to establish the ‘charged stillness’ and sometimes contributing to the ‘deliberate understatement’ of dynamic interrelationships. No doubt does the emphasis on the only the significant and essential physical actions help to allow the audience to fully concentrate on what is being said at the moment, to notice the nuances of the subtext."

One essay, one essay outline for history, two GP essay outlines and Econs MCQ to go. And Mr Tan blames me for hibernating in class. Tsk.

You know, when he said that to me, I packed my bag and left straight when he ended. X3

Thanks for raining on my already drenched parade.


Sep. 17th, 2005 03:31 pm
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things to do today and tomorrow:

  • Study Econs
  • Do Japanese homework
  • Study History
  • Read drama texts
  • Re-read BNW
  • Make more notes on Blake's SoI&E

Not that I'm neglecting literature or anything but I've let my economics suffer to the extent that I can actually misread questions. YEAH. Depressing isn't it?

YIKES. My mum's having a house party! Like those TupperWare parties but its with AMWAY. Like wtf I have a crazy boy making boom-boom noises and a whole crowd of aunties and a few poor uncles in the house.

Like whot.

EDIT: "Do you want to wash an ant behind your toilet?"

That's what I heard my mum say. Word for word.
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Thoroughly BAD. Not very satisfied, I think my whole train of thought was very stunted. It shows in my essay. But anyway, I'm putting this up because I need to get it printed in school and it's haha, for convinience.

Winter Song - analysis )

I do feel a sort of pining-feeling now. Stupid poem. I'm not supposed to go drifting off to that horrible place now.

'coz here in my mind, you will stay here always.
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I think I'm...

My work list. This hardly applies to any of you 1T04-ers.

  • Technology Essay, deadline: tonight
  • Medical essay, deadline: august 10
  • Education essay, deadline: 20 October
  • History tutorial outline, deadline: Tuesday
  • History CW Essay, deadline: 22nd July
  • History debate proposal, deadline: 20th July
  • Econs tutorial Perfect Combination, deadline: :p

@__@ I'm screwed. History is like a full-time subject. I'm just glad I have the Swing Girls to accompany me. I feel sort-of cowed. Most of them are beginner-intermediates like me, and I think they do play better than I do. I NEED TO WORK HARDER.

By the way it's always a friendly MSN file-transfer away darlings! ;D

with you...

EDIT: wtf. There's the student conductor session tomorrow. I wanted to go out and get my turban with mum! Awww man. I'll try and squeeze it in anyway, since I don't take Chinese and all that. ;D


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