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Just finished re-revising Tristram Shandy, finished Equiano last week (but need to go through again tonight or tomorrow morning because I has memory of a goldfish); need to finish Crusoe, Betsy and Pamela. The latter two I'm fairly familiar with, it's what writing an essay and doing a project on the books does to you. That said, I cannot remember substantial quotes for the life of me.

It's actually a surprise how I managed to finish most of my revision. (Minus Dr WL's exam, which I was and am very unprepared for.)
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Exam results will be released in 11 hours. No, I didn't check when there was the leak, because I didn't know about it until the system was shut down again.


I just want to maintain my current CAP, that's all. Please.

EDIT @ 11:15am:

....... CAP improved this semester, but overall CAP is still down. I was expecting a higher grade for UQR but... sigh. Should not get my hopes up next time. Looks like I have to work my butt off next sem. I hope this doesn't jeopardize my SEP application in any way....
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I am utterly screwed for tomorrow's test. And the test for the day after.

Totally useless at remembering. I am not familiar with my texts enough. Let me sleep with them for a few more days, let me have my fingers through their papery pages a few more hours.
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Ehhhh, the USE2305 paper was............. it was ".........".

The questions that I predicted would come out, came out. So that meant PREPAREDNESS. Well, more prepared than not prepared. :\ But wtf, I had NO TIME TO WRITE ANYTHING. Which left 15 minutes for my last question (yes hurray x_x) and I only managed TWO pages. oh em gee. On the bright side, my CA marks for the module seem to be good so hopefully my VERY HORRIBLE LAST QUESTION doesn't screw me over. The first two questions were painful, but still fine.

And my Shakespeare essay was a pleasant surprise. :D JWP > CW! Lulz. My affection is easily won by the changing of alphabits.

So anyway, going to take a nap before I chiong my notes for EN2111. It's openbook (wao. my first open book exam!) so I'm going to do reams of notes for me to bring into the hall. It's be advised that we have sort-of answers ready. Like, ready-made, instant answers. Just add hot water a lot of ink and hand cramps.

Etrian Odyssey news:

For reasons unknown to me, I suddenly picked it up again despite telling myself NOT to go into crazy dungeon crawler mode till AFTER the exams but look at me. I just spent an hour plus trying to kill all the friggin' FOEs in basement 20 but THEY REFUSE TO DIE and what's worse, they keep on multiplying. I've died two times and each time my painstaking hand-drawn map is erased from the face of the earth labyrinth. Not a pretty sight.

Nap. Then notes, not Etrian Odyssey.

!!! Oh! And my figmas and Death Note nendoroids are coming~ Hopefully they'll arrive by next Monday so I can have comfort-foodtoys for my post-exam trauma.

Speaking of comfort food, I shall have to do a post on the amount of food and snacks my dad bought for my exam-cravings. From Meidi-ya <3.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:26 pm
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I am contented.

I can go to Japan without nearly any worries at all.

Please let me get shortlisted for Law.
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Writing/Vocabulary: 73/100
Listening: 61/100
Reading - Grammar: 145/200

Total score: 279/400

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It's called, "Friday".

26 February 2007

Notification of Release of 2006 GCE A-Level Examination Results

  1. The results of the 2006 Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Examination will be released on Friday, 2 March 2007.
  2. School candidates may obtain their result slips from their respective schools from 2.30 pm on 2 March 2007.
  3. Private candidates will be able to obtain their results through the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s website after 2.30 pm on 2 March 2007. They will also be notified of their results by post.

oh snap

Nov. 26th, 2006 10:56 pm
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examination review. )

O Dear. I finished clearing out the shelves! All my O Level things will be thrown to my brother or recycled and A Level things.... Will be kept lovingly. :D

There's a Kinokuniya 20% discount today and tomorrow! I'm grabbing some cash to spend mad dollars and cents there tomorrow after going to Vivocity with Sim. :D Ah, the joys of living.

However! I do feel slightly at a lost at what to do. You can't blame me, can you? I've been dedicated to beating this academic, government sanctioned rat race for the majority of my life and now you tell me that I'm free... I feel like a house-dog let free in the streets. I need work. I need stress.

I need to find a job.
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Only one font size bigger than normal because of the friends who still have S Papers (you smart bastards) and Art (you artistic bastards).

Ironically, those two are two subjects that I got rejected from. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhack.

Paper 5 rocked. I suppose. I did all essay questions - it couldn't get any worse or better. I mean, of course it can always be better, but I'm satisfied with myself. Except for my LDJ question (gack 4 pages) of which I stopped halfway because I felt overwhelming sadness. D: How cheesy. But it's true! I felt the sorrow I was trying to write about and nearly went off track.

I shall do a detailed autopsy on my papers sometime tomorrow. Or later.

Anyway, went out with the class and had lots of fun - and walking. We had a horribly full lunch at the Scotts Food Court (nearly none of the girls finished their food) and wandered around some shops before catching Bus 7 to Haji Lane!!!! Alex, Esther and Manyan wanted to look for their prom dresses so we followed them and gasped at expensive dresses at the concept stores popping up around the place. Like cabbages. Haji Lane is the new Chinatown.

I made an impulse buy of a lovely black HUGE tote bag from Iggi's at Bugis Street for $25 thanks to Desmond. Haha, I must endlessly thank him for the great price I got it for. The shop's planning to release rucksacks and backpacks soon, of which I am going to buy.



I received the Amherst College catalogue in the mail today.

I very much want to go there. I was reading through the prospectus and the whole catalogue and I just wanted to cry. That much. So much that I might actually consider taking out a loan and then waiting one year (I suppose I'll take a 'gap' year then) just to apply. That is, if when I get straight As and have time to retake my SATs (I don't care what some people tell me but my score is rubbish) and my SAT subject tests.

Tempting to put off going to NUS for one year just to have a shot at applying for Amherst.

Of course I have do a transfer there....

ARGH. I JUST FINISHED MY A LEVELS I SHALL NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ACADEMIC FOR THE MOMENT! >___> I need a new layout for November-January. Haha. How bimbotic and brainless of me.

But hi there? I can read books for fun now! I'm going to abuse my library card now, since the Bishan Library just opened and it's the nearest library I have. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. AND MUSIC.

When I find a job, I can enjoy both. AND THE NINTENDO WII AND PS3!!!!!!!

Sidenote: Architecture In Helsinski is my new It band. Whimsical and fun. But Annie DeFranco's Pulse owns the playlist at the moment.
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Last paper tomorrow. Soshi for the Win!!!!

So things I need to remember:

  1. I love Literature! I've got to enjoy myself tomorrow.
  2. Paper 5 is my pet paper. Along with Paper 8 and Paper 3 HAHAHA Because we all know how I love LDJ.
  3. I know my stuff. CJC markers (a.k.a JTan and Damo) think that I do.
  5. Because like, you never get any higher because of that fucking problem. XD()()
  6. Hiiiiii constant references to the text again!
  7. Don't flake out.

Yarr. So homeward bound, home run, I'm going home on the midnight train and all that schtick. I'm going to kick ass for tomorrow's paper because hey yo, Cambridge? You're not sending this little piggy wee wee wee all the way home!


Haha, I'm such a sob. I just finished re-reading LDJ (1hour!!!!!) and I teared at the end.


Nov. 20th, 2006 05:51 pm
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philosophical? i think not. )

Aw yeah! History is over!

Now I can have a complete casual and fun relationship with Tarling, Fieldhouse and all those crazy cats over at the IH side. Today's paper is going to save my ass. Majorly.

So anyway, I AM RARING TO GO for Literature now that the beast of burden has been left behind. Oh mannnn. :)

How ironic, and symbolic, that I dreamt of like the ultimate History symbol last night. IT WAS A SIGN FROM GOD.

Plus, I think it's totally funny because before I was sleeping, all I could think about was naming my future Shiba Inu, Tamaki. XDXDXD
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Ugh, Can anyone guess why I don't do conventional poetry?

Yah! But ANYWAY. I AM NOT WRONG! HURRAH! I thought that I was going to die because all the CJC Lit Greats (yes, you you and uh not you!) all talked about civilization and hubris and here I go talking about wah seh, oppression so sad and arrogance and all that sad superficial shit.


Yah, I get pleased easily.

But after that day, flowers in Hell are a pleasant sight.

Neh neh, it's a sonnet lah! I didn't recognize it because of its weird and unconventional rhyme scheme and verse form. NO WONDER THEY ASKED ABOUT VERSE FORM.

Anyway, I did the Ozymandias ones because I had a vague impression that I did read the Ozymandias poems before and I enjoyed them so yes. I did that. :)

Hahah, you know the reference to LONDON? I went ahead and wrote, "JACK LONDON (I assume!)". Wah, I made an ass out of myself. YOU KNOW WHY? Because Jack London was born 1876. The poems were published 1818. I don't know why I talked about Jack London. I saw wolf, and went "Ah, Jack London". >_<

And I did the Brokeback Mountain, boy did I snort Annie Proulx prose piece. Enjoyed making weird connections between "WOOD/NATURE = MAUREEN ; STONE = NETTA"

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm screwed, but I enjoyed myself.
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So my dad asks me "How was today's paper?"

I want to shout and say "IT WAS AWESOME, IT WAS GREAT! I AM GOING TO GET MY A" but I cannot.

Instead, I almost tell him "Because Cambridge got drunk on some hoochie mamas and decide, 'Fuck you Singapore! We're going to screw your Dragon babies up!' and gave us the weirdest batch of examination questions ever'"

So my mum tells me, "Why's your face like that, get over it!"

I wish I could yell at her, "AW FUCK! I CAN'T KEEP THAT GRIN OFF MY FACE, YO!"

Instead all I can do is say, "Shut up, can't I even have a few hours to get over it then?"

My best subject after Literature. My sometimes best subject before literature.

What the fuck happened? CHINA! WHY DID CHINA COME OUT AGAIN!
I can't fucking get lower than anyone in my class. My ego, my spirt, my self will be shattered.
My A is probably flying out of the window - unless my some miracle stroke of luck my arguments (I resorted to Raffles-styled arguments half way through) impress the pants off my examiner.

I'm trying to tell myself that Narindar assures me that my arguments are just fine, that my approach is a-okay, I'm going to do just fine and not fail or get a horrible grade or anything. And I know it sucks when I think "fuck, so am I going to get a C then?" But no, I'm trying to tell me that 'hey, I'm just going to be fine because I've been working hard all year round and God rewards smart and hardworking people with good grades.'


Anyway, SEA, honey, you'll have to save my sorry skin now.

And the saddest thing was that my legs were positively shaking for two hours after the paper. Totally numb, drained out of energy.

Oh God, please let me get my A for IH. Pleasepleaseplease.
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I've been saying that I'm going to be okay

for my ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is.

Whether that force is The Force, or God, or Jesus, or Pookong the Eagle... please don't fail me now.

Mid-chlorians AWAKEN IN ME NOW!

Odd, but I'm gaining more confidence as the night progresses.

Sad that I have to sleep soon.

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Oh My God.


This was probably the first time in 2 years that I looked at an econs essay paper and knew what to do.

Awesome. Kickass.

I'd kick more ass if I actually finished question five though. :\

More later. Sleep now.

.... ;_;

Nov. 8th, 2006 12:27 am
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I honestly feel like crying and screaming right now. My whole body is tensed up, my brain is in constant pain but

I need to study.

Dear ALL,

I'm at the stage where I'm extremely worried for your guys based on the essays I've marked. It looks like for many of you (if you don't rectify this before A'level), an "A" grade is beyond your grasp because you're VERY CARELESS in your QN ANALYSIS!! My alarm bells went ringing again cos another potential 'A' grade student nearly failed an essay she/he sent me cos it was OUT of point!!!

Please read this essay uploaded in col@c & REMEMBER the mistakes (more than just qn analysis, but organization & phrasing of T.S. as well) that she/he made and DON"T REPEAT AT A"LEVELS. You all have worked hard and don't deserve to do badly because of carelessness. - Ms Koh

is not helping me at all because she's sending me into throes of panicked despondancy and I just want to slit my wrists with paper everytime I see like, an annoucement on COLAC. (More specifically, grab my Zubok and Pleshakov book and rape my arteries, are they called arteries?, with it.)


Even like her going "yes you're right" for my query on the dicussion forum doesn't make my day better

and I'm drowning in waves of economomics essays

and don't worry guys, two more weeks and you'll never see this kind of academic suicidal lines again.
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MUAHAHAHA. Thank God, I didn't do question 3or 2 for that matter.

I seriously contemplated about doing technology - I mean, I'm good at it, I've got a good track-record, and I've got examples that no one else would use and blah blah blah. But I was correct. The whole world and their mothers did question 3 for the sheer easiness of it all (you can't fail the question, I mean! WE USE TECHNOLOGY NOW? HIIII) and the rest of the world and their fathers did question 2 on "are pictures more powerful than words?".

Plus, a quick scrounging around LJ (I am such a stalker) reveals that well, question 3 (and 2!!) was significantly popular even in the top 5 JCs. Lest I lose out to them with my torturous expressions (hahaha) and my glib grammar mistakes of writing too fast which makes Cummings seem positively readable, I'm glad I didn't write anything on question 2. I would have discussed slightly, okay really abstract matters which in the end, wouldn't pertain to the question. Dangerous, when I write about things I love so much.

So I did the last question on the paper.

Yeah, the one about whether newspapers and magazines reports are increasingly more trivial rather than important. And I know I badly paraphrased the question. So far, I only know Chung-towkay did the question. I have no idea who else has done it. Which reduces the competition for me. Ah media, I love you. I just piled on the Culture of Fear thing (NOAM CHOMSKY I LOVE YOU!!!!) and nice cliched(?) but well-phrased ideas of how 'importance' depends on the region, age group and so and and so forth. Anyway, I shouldn't do too badly for the essay.

Now the comprehension was a disaster. There goes my usual 7/8 for AQ!!! I think I managed to 'ace' the short answer questions. And for me 'ace' is getting a fairly good pass, noting that I usually fail the short answer questions. The summary just killed me. It was mind-bogglingly annoying to do because of the numerous parts. :\ Which in every respect, killed off the extra time which I usually used to nap.

Uh huh, usually I finish my comprehension with 15 mins to boot. This time, I couldn't complete my AQ (WHICH I HAD LIKE GOBS AND GOBS OF THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT, THANK YOU CJC!) and only managed to zip in 3 points. Hopefully the 3 points can garner a safe 5 ot 6 depending on the quality? D: I am SAD for my AQ!!! I mean, arrrrgh the prelims just tested us on teh FREEDOM OF SPEECH (7/8 thank you very much, I'm very proud of my numerous 7/8s which has NO MEANING NOW!!!) and yah I'm quite devastated.

Anyway, I have to up my gears for Econs, History and Lit now. Gah.


After the exam, we headed out to Subway for lunch (mmm meatballs) and I waltzed down to Kino to get a new mechanical pencil. The Pilot Opt, to be precise.

I also found this very informative website.

So it turns out that I've some how inadverently become a fashion icon of sorts (wtf, I know that sounds totally incongruous) with people cashing in with my headphones-style and now my mechanical pencil choice.

Maybe I should go dabble in fashion design.


So the point of this is that I won't be online for most of the day tomorrow because I'll be at the airport mugging my ass off on things called History and Econs. Or maybe History and Lit depending on how I'm feeling.

But definitely history.


... I feel rather sad for submitting my GP essay because I do think I did write it quite well (there is something wrong with that sentence, can you tell?). I mean, it wasn't super cheem, extremely sophisticated used latinate or bombastic words - but it was effective, it got the point across and it was entertaining. Not E! Entertainment entertaining, but more of the docu-mentary... Anthony Bordain kind.

So I just said that because I was feeling insecure (!!!! what??) about my writing skills after reading a random essay floating on the interweb.

No, not that AJC one. Haha.
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I'm reading through past GP essays and AQs in order to prep myself up for the GP exam next week.

And I had a revelation.

Bullshit, man. I'm sticking to my trusty old satorial style of wit and irony for the essays. Of course, I have to avoid making the whole essay into an overkill of irony and puns. Still, I reject the idea of total sophistication for my writing. My style isn't like that. I can't do serious things with a straight face on. I need to inject humor.

And come on, all you Cambridge examiners would be bored of reading stuffy old essays by the time you come to mind. Let me, as Mrs Sng says, bring "sparkle" into your life. No seriously. She wrote that for one of my essays.

Trying to be sophisticated only makes me sound convoluted, which brings down the overall effect of my writing style. In other words? I don't get my As. Haha. D:

Anyway, I'm experimented enough - I know what balance to strike. I mean, I know very well that my forte is in technology (minus er, business technology, CJC you nut!) and education. Why sacrifice what I'm good at for something like... I don't know. I can philosophize about.

Back to LDJ.


HAAHA. HAHA. Guys, read tthis and pay close attention to the beautiful monument.

What does it look like?
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Good God, I feel like absolute rubbish.

I got back all of my prelim results - which would have been satisfactory and actually quite good... Except for fucking economics. I don't understand how I can put in effort and nothing comes out in fact, I dropped grades.

I should have done better for Lit. Still, I think I did alright with the fact that I didn't study for it. :D()() Fuck, how on earth can I get an A... Tell me how can I hit my projected grades of AAC?

Oh well. One more month to go. It's the last stretch, the final hurdle - all those lame-ass cliches. One last chance to kick ass. Whatever it is, I just need to get it.

ブッツバス!!! >O!!!!!!!

EDIT: I feel weird but hey guys, go get last.fm and friend me! I think I've been on it for at least 6 months (maybe even a year?) and I have no friends. HAHA. No but seriously, music = love yeah?

I think I should think up of a new profile for the LJ blurb and the info page. I remember how happy I was with the current lame one. :D()()

EDIT: ARGH. My mind is too saturated. There's too many things floating around inside. I wish I was a fish. I wish I was a duck. I wish I was a snapping turtle.

I need to write. Writing is my form of exercise - my form of running on the mental synthetic track. I hate it when nothing comes out.

But it eventually will.


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