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Woo. Trying out XJournal right now, because it has pretty awesome tag-remembering features and I have too many tags to actually remember.

Anyway, I am unbelievably tired -- just finished doing research for Dr. G's paper (nearly 3000 words of research for a 1,500 word paper x_x) -- and I have four hours of classes in store for me. It's a warmup y'see, before I plunge into writing that Pamela essay that's due. Tomorrow. At 2pm. What I really want to do now is sleep, have a long nap, curl up in a pile of blankets (or just a mattress would be suffice), sink down into a nice armchair, put my head down on this table -- ANYTHING to get some shut eye.

Well, in anycase, I finished my never-ending Gender paper. I'm quite proud of it so here, let me shove a chunk of it down your throats!

Eat this! )

Yeah, you're probably snoring by now. I wish I was. I kind of want to write on how restrictive language is in Pamela or something original -- unpack the word "incarceration" and just play with it the whole time. But 1,500 words is rather short to do a full-blown thesis on characters being bound by language or something like that (1,500 is deceptively short. It takes a hell lot of time to write, sadly.) but how do I make it concise. Like poprocks.

'slike attended the Buddhism in Asia (henceforth known as BIA) pre-trip briefing yesterday and to be honest, it feels dodgy. I mean, it's a student-run affair, more so that last year's Japan trip, but still. Dodgy dodgy. I wish there were more friends/Japan people taking part. It seems like a good platform to get started on whatever pseudo-academic career path I have in mind so... yeah. Prof W-B was there (he's on sabbatical wtf) to give a talk and once again proof that Lit Profs are generally more interesting and witty than your average speaker. Or maybe I'm just biased lah.

Okay. Need to pack up and head for my Gender class. Sleeeeeepy. I'm really, absolutely, positively sure that I will fall asleep. Sorely tempted to not go for Dr. G's lecture and just head hope to nap write his paper. I mean, he's been rather happy with my work so far so I want to write a smashing paper.

wtf. Why is iTunes playing a lullaby.
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I am 868 words into the essay and no where near completion. The deadline is 5pm tomorrow but I have to complete it before I leave for work which is at around 10:30am. WHAT THE FUCK. ARGH. I should have never procrastinated.

There goes my shot at actually winning this thing. =_=;;

Kids, don't procrastinate!

Okay, back to writing pseudo-intellectual things. I wish I was so motivated for the subject back in school. Then maybe I could've had a higher chance of scoring an A and kicking the ass our of Kurtz's grades.

In other news, I am quite disappointed with myself. Sigh.


Nov. 11th, 2006 06:45 pm
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I'm doing some research for a 300-word writeup I have to do on the Israeli-Lebanon conflict - besides the BBC, would any of you happen to be following the crisis and be able to point me at some good articles?
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Hmm. So what qualifies as my "past writing experience"?

I wish I was in Editorial so it'd seem more substantial. :\
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But otherwise, here's an extremely thoughtful and well written piece.

From this blog
A government for all its intelligence, is nothing if it lacks empathy.
October 30th, 2006
Mr. Ngiam Tong Dow in his recent speech to the Oxbridge Society, brought up the examples of the Plato Republic and the concept of the philosopher-king, whereby one exceptional and capable person would be groomed to lead society. He would be the wise man, the most intelligent of the intelligent, but he would also be one that was loved by the people, and one who loved the people in return. Mr. Ngiam spoke of the imperial meritocratic system in China, whereby in the early days scholars would be chosen from the people and examined on policy issues pertaining to governance, as they rose through the ranks of the administration. The system began to crack only when these scholars began to be tested mainly on poetry and the regurgitation of the classics, because these scholars could not really relate to the people. Closer to home, he mentioned that in the early days of Singapore’s history, Parliament was made up of people including a carpenter and a barber. People chosen from the masses. Now, you will at least need a univerisity degree to be an MP, and you have to do very well in your field of specialisation. Of course, camaderie with the masses is not a necessary requirement.

Another person died today. Another MRT suicide. This time, it happened at Clementi MRT Station.We don’t yet know who the person is, where he (or she) is from, how old he is, whether he has any family, whether he is unemployed or not, etc. But I have a strong feeling that he will probably fit the profile of a middle-aged person, probably unemployed, with huge financial difficulties, and with a family to feed. And, after seeing that Mr. Tan Jee Suan’s actions could bring his family $500, 00, this person probably hopes that his actions will confer a similar benefit to his dependents.

Practically speaking, I honestly don’t think that he’s going to get a lot of money. Definitely not $500, 000. He might get a bit of money, but I don’t think the public is going to be as sympathetic or as charitable. This might seem too easy a way to get money, to most people. In fact, if you’d read the New Paper on Sunday, you’d already know that Madam Lian (Mr. Tan’s widow) is already getting a lot of flak for the money that she has received. Besides people asking her for her husband’s death cert numbers so that they can go buy 4D, and people continually pointing at her and gossiping about her “sudden windfall” every time she goes out, a lot of people have also questioned her about her money and what she intends to do with it. Charity has turned to jealousy and envy, and the results are blatantly ugly. Nope. I don’t think the public is going to be as sympathetic now; they might feel duped, especially if they believe that more of such suicides will occur in future.

In fact, just last week, someone did voice this fear to me. That although Mr. Tan’s suicide was a sad thing, the fear was that it would spawn a spate of copycat suicides. Although Mr. Tan jumped out of sheer desperation and depression, he did not expect any windfall or any form of charity. However, most people will speculate that today’s suicide probably hoped for some kind of monetary benefit for his family. I’m sure that he must have been equally desperate, equally depressed and at the end of his line. You honestly don’t just kill yourself, not when you have a family to feed, a family that cares, and a family that will grieve for you and be in pain for you, long after you die. There is a kind of irresponsibility about killing yourself and about giving up, just like that. However, if you think that you might be able to get a monetary gain out of it… Maybe it makes it easier to take that step and to make that jump. That is worrying. Who knows how many more people may eventually resort to this in the future?

continued on the aforementioned blog

So, that's a snippet. Go to the blog link above to read the whole article.

For one, I do largely agree with what Kitana says.

Then again, do we middle-income proletariats-of-sorts also acknowledge the state of the poor? It's a Singaporean concept we're talking about here, that's been drilled into our head.

Now, I'm being really jumpy and throwing out random thoughts and ideas here, forgive me for the complete lack of coherence.

Still, I get bristly everytime people call Singaporeans 'leeches'. I might be sounding a little pompous here, but hello Singaporeans? Give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back and stop calling yourselves 'dependants on the government'. Do you even realize that what the government generally does is to just give us a blazing ready-made framework of the CPF and Medisave etc etc (AND I MEAN, ETC ETC!!!) and then whatever comes next is our own damn effort.

So shut the fuck up and stop saying that the majority of us are leeches. If we find that the CPF and all those other policies aren't enough to cover our own welfare, who is to blame then? The government for not forseeing this, or the people? No seriously. Think about that.

I need to think about it too.

ARGH THE BIGOT! Oh my god, what is happening to all the young 'uns in Singapore? AND wtf, if you are so 'elite', spot the fallacies in your argument dude!
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Lalala, The whole Wee Shu Min saga is...... wow don't we have better things to talk about?

If it wasn't for like 10 essays waiting for me I'd probably go like "OMG WSM HAS NICE BOOBS I WANT NICE BOOBS TOO" but yeah, no problem with that. This proletariat actually punctuates and uses capitalizations on her blog. O:

So you know

when i tok lyk dis when i'm forty it prob means tt i lyk lost my job or sumthin. n i probly hate the govt for letting all tt foreign talent NO I MEAN FOREIGN TARENT INTO MY COUNTRY.
waaaaaaaaaah nice satire there! 9_9

but then again since i am william blake i might as well become an e.e cummings and type like
this to
gain; full effect of
whatever shit i
am writing. :)

(Actually what WSM says isn't the problem. It's what her father said that makes me what to chuck my Converse Chucks at him.) Chip off the old block, like father like daughter I say?


I actually noticed that my previous posts have been of the "oh" kind. :\

Anyway, from the future of Singapore, we've jumped all the way to freedom of speech in this post that restarted all the hoo-ha about Singaporean society.

Now wait a second here, why is no one blaming the mother for showing the article to one Miss Wee who then blogged in response?

I just jest.

So anyway, this post is actually an excuse to post my AQ for the classmates who need AQ references. In other words: more fodder to fuel the cannon of "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ALL FUTURE LEADERS?!"

CJC Prelim AQ 2006, and all its errors. )
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Oh, and by the way?

Guess who won 1st Prize for the dumbass CISCO Wireless LAN Essay competition and got herself a new wireless router?

And got the school's canteen wired-up for free?


So I fucking don't give a damn about school competitions yo, it's all about the nationals baby.


Jul. 14th, 2006 10:14 pm
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Ugh. C for Lit. I am missing an inch of a mile to my B, and 20000 leagues to an A. I fucked up big time.

See, I told you writing that Tyrone was the sun = a D for LDJ. I hate it when I'm proven correctly, quite paradoxically. I wish I was proven wrong when I said, "I screwed up literature". What's worse is that the Atwood paper (while though not my favourite text, but my favourite paper to do... only because it has LDJ and Atwood at the same time...) got an effing 26 when my assignment got a 39. I guess I should have taken JTan seriously when she was certain that I couldn't reproduce the same results during exam conditions.

But one can hope, can't she?

There's this thing about me and lit. I can't perform during exams. At least, not to my expectations. Whatever A I get during assignments, whatever slick new insights that I concoct all just die before the presense of exams. To quote that horrible Irish, "Some people just cannot handle exams. Some people just cannot perform up to their standards!"

Yeah thanks for going for the jugular. Hit, punch, 1 2 3 4 5 6 - K. O.

I am sufferring from writer's block. I have a vague idea for a short story I want to write - but I'm completely lost on how to convey it, how to create my own writing style without sounding too long-winded - maintaining that old quality of verbosity I used to have. I had it, once - the ability to weave true stories with trickles of honey in them. Reflective of the books I read. Now I'm reduced to writing essays. My short stories are possessed by the worst kind of demon - pretentiousness. I cannot. Cannot what?

Cannot what!

Haha, just sent my WLAN essay. It's really like a badly done GP essay (much worse than my real GP essay) due to the whole technicality of it all. Read 'em and weep. )

The last techie, Ministry endorsed essay competition I took part in taught me the lesson that these competitions don't look for writing style much - they focus on ideas and ideas alone. Or rather, they don't look at practicality much. If you suggest building a collapsible robot you win. If you be realistic and talk about something like WiFi used nation-wide, they'd ignore you. So I went for ludicrous ideas this time. All in a day's work I say.
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Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been;
I am also called No-more, Too-late, Farewell.

Philosophy Meme )

And the highlight for the day! My acclaimed LDJ essay on women.

On women... )
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1. Analyse the view that superpowers’ intervention in the Middle-East was ‘a necessity and a tragic error’. )

My call out to the public, friends, enemies, whatever, if you have the time to go through it. Does my essay seem remotely argumentative? Nevermind the factual inaccuracies, if there are any. I'm more concerned about whether I'm actually trying to get my point, whatever you perceive it to be, across. I'm not the world's most effective writer, but I try my best and I'm proud to be consistent in what I do.

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!!!!!!!! 4.2km cross-country run at MacRitchie Reservoir. x_x Major tiredness for me now. Ironically I wasn't tired after the run, but only feeling the strain two hours later?

I really want to sleep but I need to finish my GP assignments.

29/50 for my Death poems' comparison essay. Okay lah. Tied for top with a very unlikely person. I think I didn't do a good job as what PChua said, which is probably why I didn't get above thirty. HOI NO ONE CAN GET SAME MARKS AS ME. EITHER HIGHER OR LOWER HAHAHA. Joking lah. Got praised a bit? <3

OH WOW. You know what? The in-class timed GP essay test marked by JTan's results were finally returned to me.

36/50 leh! By JTAN! I feel much better now, like I'm haha good at something.



My dad asked me if I wanted to go and pray to my tai shui this year because apparently the Dragon clashes with it and I need to go pray at a temple so I get good luck and stuff like that.

Which brings me to my next point. My dad said that I probably would not go (my brother too) because we're GOD-BELIEVERS.

Now I think that's bullshit.

I firmly believe that its a Chinese tradition and part of our heritage and culture. Forgive me if I sound blasphemous for saying this but if God was really that compassionate and kind and etcetc he'd understand that although we're under the same religion, we are of a different race and culture. I don't see how occassionally praying/offering joss sticks to Tua Peh Gong or Kuan Yin a violation of Catholic or Christian rights. Then again, I'm a heretic. Honestly, I believe that if you are blindly following tradition (as do people who blindly follow religion), there's nothing wrong.

Smite me with a bolt of thunder.
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Brief note I want to put in before I forget:

O: All the videos I took in Marche are RETARDED. They mainly consist of Ketsu doing RETARDED things for the camera and me shouting IPOD VIDEOOO IPOD VIDEOOO when Imran and Yansheng were talking about iPods. XD Yarr. :\ Tsk. And Imran looks like some... brownie (the ELF-TROLL KIND) because the camera mutated him into the brick wall behind him. :\:\

So this morning was the big day for me? The TODAY Student Reporter Programme essay test. Thanks to Kevin and Amanda and GASP SIR for asking how it went. It was well, weird to say the least. Using a better word, unique. I met Mindy and Rachel Law at RafflesPlace where we spent a while looking for the venue. Firstly, of all people (thank GOD) to be our invigilator, they got Neil Humphreys. Not that seeing him was a sigh of relief, but the candidness and mock-seriousness did soothe the nerves a bit. More along the lines of, oh hey he's as crazy as I am.

The test itself was probably as crazy as Humphreys (no offence meant, just incase reporters are scouring the web :\) It was fairly informal, similar to having a Mafioso sitting in front of you and interrogating you. Or actually, come to think of it, a New York cop. "Here's lookin' at you, kid"-esque. Anyway, to keep it short and as UNREPORTERISH as possible, we had a few sections consisting of general knowledge questions (Who is the Prime Minister of Japan? "Koizumi Junichiro" I answered, being politically correct about Japanese names. What does FTA stand for? "... Food and Trade Association". I think Kevin said something like "Free Trade Agreement" when I came back for band and so on and so forth.), a questionair based on observance ("...there, there and here") a pick-a-scenario and tell us how you're going to approach it question and finally the ESSAY QUESTION. Which basically was to write a report on the whole even which I'm doing rather haphazardly now because I don't want to repeat it again. It was an interesting experience nonetheless and hopefully I left a mark? I made some cynical remarks about trees not being here anymore ("ah yes. good point." -humphreys)

And thus I arrived at band with half the time already gone. Time well spent I must say. Well anyway, SIR LIKES HARRY POTTER. Its so... absurdly... WEIRD for HIM to like HARRY POTTER. He should be liking Dungeons and Dragons or Warcraft, not HARRY POTTER. :\ Yah, so I arrived just on time for lunch (whee!) and then I sat with the usual bunch of WS, Wee Min and Kevin. Then Sir came to join us with the HarryPotter-fan ramblings. Haha, no Sir I will not be writing your three University essays. I'm good but not that good. :x

Band practice itself was alright. It was draggy for one thing. I didn't enjoy myself as I did the last two practices. To this Amanda would protest. SHH. KEEP QUIET. Everyone must think I had a lousy time. I sounded really harsh today, I think I need to rotate my reeds more and argh practice. A week more to proficiency test and I'm no where near memorizing all the sharps and flats of my scales. I am having TROUBLE. Help me! That was a rhetorical help me.

And so, after band the percussion section was supposed to go out and paint the town red. Okay, no but you get my point. I was sort of informally invited so I tagged along with Ketsu (oh darling Ketty) and Yansheng. Brinjal and Corn were the lucky J2s who got to enjoy the J1s' company. Hoho. They wanted to go to Starbucks or Coffeebean to relax and talk but the places were too crowded. We ended up at Marche of all places and Manda, Marc and Ho Yuet departed because well, home beckons.

MARCHE! I haven't been there for ages! I stuffed myself on crepe and calimari where the rest, for some inane reason ate rosti. Only like Ketsu and Angel ate something different (steak and roast chicken respectively). Yar Corn ate chicken but he ate rosti FIRST. Then we got to see Angel and Corn talk about alcohol. I LIKE THE WHITE WINE I HAVE FROM AUSTRALIA AND THAT'S THAT. My bottle is good. I like that bottle. Other than that... Ah. South African Wine is good.

After dinner, we walked around the Heeren because the guys (read: Corn and Brinjal) wanted to go shopping. Ketsu and Yansheng left halfway and left me and Angel trailing around and losing the two VEGETABLES. Annoying lah. They go off on worlds of their own. Apparently they were walking all around looking for things like WRISTBANDS (yah lah I call them wrist bands okay?). Angel and I kept on losing them. When we finally found them, we walked all the way back to Far East because Imran, I mean Brinjal, wanted to buy something. ...Walking back I was wearing my jacket because it was really hard to carry around and OMG CORN AND IMRAN KEPT PULLING MY HOOD UP! More of Corn I think but I couldn't SEE. >:O!!!! And wtf they're the 2nd and 3rd people/persons to make the Star Wars comment. Only I'm... I don't want to say now. Last time I was VADER. WTF.

Walked, popped into stores and lost them again and then we were brought to the Atticus store (Oh Yen! I visted the Atticus shop already! I'll go there another day with you okay? :Dfuahaha GMUFC outting But I'll probably get lost so you lead?) and found out that they didn't have what we came here for. HMM. The guys went off again looking for wristbands. Or did they do that first? I don't remember.

In the end Imran got a black one ("Eh which one?" "Uh. Brown." "Okay I'll take black." WTF) and Corn got... WHAT DID CORN GET I THINK HE GOT A BLACK ONE TOO. All I remember was that it wasn't so thick. On second thoughts, I think it was brown. suspenders. get me suspenders for my birthday

OH! I saw my bag at 2cm! <3 But its considerably more expensive than online. Kinda weird if you ask me. Well, at least I know where to get it if my dear friends don't get it for me. We went to 7-Eleven to grab some booze for Corn and Angel (which I plead guilty to drinking ALOT) but they were disappointed because the one they got only had a measley 4% of alcohol. Hardly no alcoholic taste at all. Corn tried sunglasses at KOOLOOK haha. And I got my glasses tightened! Woo!

Angel noted that people whose birthdays are within 1 week apart are usually on the same wavelength or similar. In the context of Manda and me that would be quite correct. Except according to Angel, I'm louder than Amanda (XDXDXD convent girl syndrome perhaps) and we're more or less as emo as each other. Just that I'm a bit more emotional at times. HAHA I AM AN EMOKID. Rarr.

I'm too pale. I need to get back my old tan.:\

There's probably more, but I'm too tired to think. To sum it up in the most bimbotic way possible on the net (to me, of course) I am feeling (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((: many chinned happiness right now.

you're like single silver bullet, shot right through my heart</i
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Okay there goes my first shot. Well it wasn't a PURE ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION anyway and no one else from CJC took part (you guys don't read the newspapers!!!!!!!!!) so that's a consolation. And uh I don't think many JC students actually won something. We're all too practical y'see.

Nevermind. I'll go get the internship for next year and wallop the crap out of my lost recognition.


On retrospect with regard to another event, yah sure I sounded and looked like some bloody idiot but hello? Then again, I'm titchy because I think whatever bad things people write about all refer to me. Talk about reverse egotism.

So anyway, I am who I am. I like to do whatever I like to do and some people just don't deserve the best of my ability and apparently dumb wit. So fuck off? Yeah, thank you very much. :D

I'm detestable, I'm spazzy, I'm drugged, I'm on coccaine mixed with heroin and a shot of ecstasy. I'm eccletic and eccentric and I ramble off and keep silent for hours on end. Thank you very much world, that's me for you.

And not you for me. :)
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!!!! Results to the IDA competition will be released on Nov 17!!! I HOPE I'M SHORTLISTED. PLEASE LET ME BE SHORTLISTED!!!!

PLAYPRAY for me yes? :D Sankyuu!


)))): Sad. Sad. Sad.Sad.


Sad. Sad. Sad.

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Thoroughly BAD. Not very satisfied, I think my whole train of thought was very stunted. It shows in my essay. But anyway, I'm putting this up because I need to get it printed in school and it's haha, for convinience.

Winter Song - analysis )

I do feel a sort of pining-feeling now. Stupid poem. I'm not supposed to go drifting off to that horrible place now.

'coz here in my mind, you will stay here always.
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This is all that I can take/ this is how my heart breaks

Mustapha Mond his Fordship should be proud! I'm an exemplary citizen of the World State: an avid consumer of material goods and transport; I rarely think and even if I do, I don't often put it into action; I live a hedonistic life; if possible, I'd be the most promiscuous bastard ever that would beat Watson hands down in any Kama Sutra position (just joking); I am dehumanized to a certain extent, I don't feel as much as a human should.

Yes, it does feel good being a mindless drone in this mechanical world of ours. Ask no questions, receive no answers.

I finished reading the two new plays assigned to us: Long Day's Journey Into Night and The Glass Menagerie. I don't know if the staff realized it and did it on purpose, but both families in the said plays are Irish. Perculiar familiarity. Well, the Wingston familiy isn't Irish but O'Connor is. Alright, so my statement on how both families were Irish was wrong. Only one is. :x

Augh. Everyone's at the SJI band concert I suspect. Whatever possessed me not to go?

blank verse )

Where do we go now?
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Oh hey! The deadline has been extended to the 22nd of July, accordingto their website.


I can have more time to do a decent essay now. :3

And now I can pack my school-bag and retire for the night. I wrote 200 words today. Measley, but meh.

A Letter

Mar. 21st, 2005 05:47 pm
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A letter penned by a young 19th century girl to her father. Due to unforseen circumstances, her family is now stranded in the present (circa 2005). Her father is currently in Siberia. (c) A. Tan

Dearest Papa,

Mama, your daughter and the littlest one are anxiously waiting your safe return. We all sincerely hope that your expedition goes well, and that this 'woolly mammoth' the professors at the school have been talking about will bring glory to your name. I do hope you are doing well.

Siberia is cold and Mama worries about whether you will be warm enough. I have assured her that your coats could extinguish a whole population of Chinchillas!

Technology has improved leaps and bounds from our time. I still remember what a shock we received when we first arrived. Mama's cough was treated promptly and cured within a week! And it was even thought to be terminal. Papa, science is such a marvel!

I can't continue.

This post was supposed to be a plea for a new computer.

But I'm in no mood to request for one.

Shit. Why did my whole life become so fucked up. We aren't evil. We don't do bad things or kill people. God, why are you doing this?

EDIT: You know what, I don't think I want to buy those shoes anymore. I really want them, but no. Just no. They cost around S$150. I really really really want them but I can't afford them.

Textbooks and school uniforms will easily amount to S$300. I need to buy assessment books, books for further reading, art supplies (if I start art), there's school fees...

I'd be enormously selfish to insist that I want a pair of limited edition shoes that cost half as much as the stuff I really need.

Having too little money is a problem.

Having too much is a problem too.
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I'm having this love affair (one of my many >.>) with lomography!!!!! I've always wanted to own a lomographic camera, but I can't find the shop here in SG!!! *wails* Ultimately, I'd love to have the World Lomography Box, but that costs a whopping USD$630, which is waaaaay out of this spiderpig's reach. But to satisfy my lomographic needs, I'd settle for a lone Supersampler. My cousin has a yellow (limited edition!!) one which she used to take a photo of me. I didn't move much, so the picture wasn't that fantastic, but I've seen the other shots she did, and boy, they're dandy. O_o||| I just used the word dandy.

I think I shan't rant on the cameras. I'd do no justice to them, XD so I SHALL CONGRATULATE MYSELF!!! On what, you may ask, on my Higher Chinese marks! I passed! Woohoo. XDXDXD I failed the test on Set Language and Matrices. Go ahead, pelt me with potatoes. >P I didn't really study for that math test anyway. Though, I'm so proud of my Chinese marks, even if it isn't the highest (some freak got 85%)...

I've finally mangaged to play The Sims without a hindrance, now that my brother's off at boarding school and all. And I've done a coupla PoT yaoi pairings! Joyous joy!!!!! Actually, I don't see how I was so enthralled by the whole idea of controlling people's lives. >.> I spent the last night, slogging over an essay, from which my teacher pointed out that she didn't understand a single thing I was saying. X_X I think I didn't organize my ideas into coherrent setences. Bleh. Here's the draft, so feel free to pull it apart.

Essay Draft )

Honestly, I only like the first paragraph (which took me ages to think of). I think I'm starting to make excuses now, but I did the rest in less than an hour or something. Hence the slipshod work. :\ Moral of the story: don't do your work last minute.


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