Jun. 30th, 2008 05:37 pm
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My STCC haul

Plus the full photoset for the STCC is here.

Oh man. I hope they come back again next year. Esp Mori Chax and DEVILROBOTS.
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Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a summary of your personality:
Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You love your house and family. You are a gifted artist as well. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes. You are very tidy person. There's nothing wrong with that because you're pretty popular among friends. son.

You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.

You are not a romantic person by nature. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.

Draw a house! :D

so. I'm dreaming that my teeth fall out )
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It's been ages since I had a dream that I can remember.

I came back after lunch today around 5pm, dead tired from the exhaustion of the past few days and just plonked down for a long 4 hour nap. God, it felt good to sleep. My whole body was aching from yesterday's PE - my abdomen was crying, my legs were screaming... I welcomed whatever Morpheus brought me.

What I do remember is that the school had an exchange program with these Japanese guys which started at a food bazaar. It was cute because I was struggling to speak grammatically correct Japanese (hahaha, it was really funny...) and seeing the amused looks on their faces which traversed the "wtf you're speaking Japanese" to "what's up with this chump". But for the most part, the guy partner I got (who seemed more interested in pretty girls than little ol' me) could speak rather good English, so we had conversations which mixed both English and Japanese. I remember going "ah... shit. What's 'high school student'?!?!.... Kou...KOKOUSEI!!" in response to what he asked. X3 He was cute, and really patient with the fact that I couldn't speak well and was totally embarrassed about it. When I was all "..eto... Gakkou e ikimasu... Gakkou ni ikimasu?" Then seeing him shake his head and mouth the correct answer, I quickly changed it. <3s I love kind hearted Japanese High School boys. Lastly before my mum stormed in, I remember exchanging e-mail addresses with him so he could like, get updated on this hot chick he liked.

XD AHAHAH. I get slighted even during my dreams.

area 51

Oct. 30th, 2005 11:28 am
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My mat/maht brudda (coined by Manda) is going to Johor Bahru with his friends when I have done no such thing before.

This is double standards through and through and I feel like a bona fide nerd!

Post note, I dreamt that I got a 49/50 for my GP essay and very gloatingly gloated it over to Imran because the alkerj;akncva; got 37/50.

But we all know what I got in reality.

I am super paranoid that the PostOffice will lose the package.
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Okay. 3 things happened today: I had my PC paper, I studied in school and I turned into a mangkali I spent four hours doing library things. Now into detail.

It is definitely NOT GOOD FOR MY IMAGE when I'm covered in black ink all over (even my face) and I have this 'touch me and you die' look on my face. And its NOT GOOD FOR MY IMAGE when I have caused 2, oh maybe 3 photocopiers out of the ...3. Oh hey, I spoilt all of them!!! The photocopy shop aunties are totally exasperated with me. "YOU ALL MUSIC PEOPLE", music people being band people.

So I went to the library to hopefully uh breakdown more copiers do a quicker job but it was even more crowded and I didn't get a chance to wreak mechanical havoc. I was standing in line and Imran, who just finished photocopying something (omg he actually does work?!) was like, '...what are you doing here?!' because I was in the other photocopying area before. ... You know telling the mass public "I'm here to break more photocopiers" is... not as good as I thought it would sound.

Anyway, me and Marc and DARLING KEVIN (librarians owe you!!!) managed to finish the stupid High School Band Drills thing. We just need to bind it. The school bloody charges $2.50 a copy lah!! DAY LIGHT ROBBERY. I survived it albeit BLACKENED and WHITENED (by the wall). Stupidlah, I looked like a dead zebra.

Studying with Ketsu, Amelia and Amanda = not studying. CONCLUSION! Haha. AMESOH. HELLO ITS "MOLEST IMRAN" LAH, what "Moness Imran"!?!? Thinking of some French Chiobu arh?

Speaking of chiobu, come for the band tune-in at CJC this Saturday! LOTS OF PRETTY IJ GIRLS.

My PC paper was okay lah. I quote Xiao An, "You should hand up your question paper instead." Yes I agree THOROUGHLY. Hopefully can PASS, because I didn't FINISH. Sorry PChua, your 32/50 cannot be repeated. D:

I am a happy girl today. Quite so. :D

Last night I had this fucking weird dream (shut up, I have dreams every night) where me and this friend were shouting across the class room, "WELL I DON'T LIKE YOU" and "OKAY LOR. DON'T LIKE DEN DON'T LIKE" and "YEAH, SO I DON'T LIKE YOU" and then "LIKE I CARE" over and over again.


Tired. Hungry. Sleepy. I need a break.


WOOHOO! THAILAND TRIP PROBABLY NOT CANCELLED! :D Please don't let it be cancelled! It's not so much so that I want to go to Thailand, but the whole fact the the trip SCREWED UP MY HOLIDAYS AND MY NYAA so don't waste my time by cancelling it!!!! Besides S$500 is quite reasonable for 6 days there, plus air-fare! I'll give up buying all the things I really want!

i heart you


Oct. 2nd, 2005 11:28 am
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Eh you, stop turning my dreams into nightmares. Annoying. 4/7 days = ETERNAL TORMENT y'know?

Today I was trying to save my mum from a ghostly assassin who tried to kill me to.

Then I was a super hero.

.... I like to commit suicides in dreams now, don't I?
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Well no thank you for 'blessing' me with another weird and funky dream last night, Sandman. I've just come to the conclusion that sleeping without my radio on induces weird, very very weird nightly escapades.

So last time it was this person and I and the whole student population being like carvorted off somewhere. Carvorted seems to be the wrong word. We were friggin' kidnapped wholesale for someone's evil plans for schoolworld domination. So anyway, that person was being dragged off in another direction from me and he was chucked this strip of paper at me. I could remember what it said, but now its GONE.

Anyway, I ran away with Yen and WJ and we managed to escape to Upper Thompson. We were like, a few blocks away from WJ's house and I suggested that I go first to make sure that the coast is clear. So they crouched beside a wall and I darted off.


I ran and ran and ran until I reached a busstop. It was really a spectacular chase-and-run scene. I saw this old women in a wheel chair with two pots of plants by the lamp-post. I asked her if she needed any help because she looked really lost.

"That's very nice of you! I'm bringing this to visit my relative who lives around here!" she said.

At this moment, the psychopath old lady catches up and is about to catch me when she sees me trying to help the old lady. So basically she pitches in too.

Then I woke up and dreamt about mooncakes.
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Okay lah. I admit. I've actually finished studying International History. Just that I need to revise everything because every single thing is slipping out of my mind.

So I took a nap just now. The paper starts in the afternoon tomorrow which leavesme tonight and tomorrow morning to revise. Enough time I suppose.

The nap was absolutely crack filled. Probably because econs fucked my mind inside out.

I dreamt of Manda (happy aren't you), Wen Seng, Liang Bao and Imran and dozens of other people.

It was weird and complicated, because I think watching FFAC right before I fell asleep affected it somehow. I was like some FF character a.k.a person that can throw punches/fireballs/swords/rods more than humanely possible. Anyway, there was this party and the absolute best scene was when LB came interrupting me trying to get into this net-chair thing ("YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO JUMP INTO IT") and harrassing me about it someone shot something at him and

big round earrings sprouted on his ears. Complete with streamers dangling from them.


As for Ah Seng, I remember seeing him and the CJ guys (which mainly were LB and Imran lah) walking very late and very tua tau (big headedly) into the house/party place and I walked up to him and went "EH BROTHER" and we did that fist-punch-fist-punch thing. HAHAHAAHAHA.
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Current SNSB lure update: I've got a million of "dunnos" and "prob not". I MEAN. UHM KIDS. PROBABLY IS SUCH A VAGUE WORD.

Anyhoo, I had this crack-filled dream last night. Immy don't ever change your layout to uh ocean blue because it'll be just freaky. And for some reason I was self-bashing in my dream. The default entry line on the tagboard on Immy's blog was like, "I HATE BABA".

Like whut?

The weirder thing was that it was Teacher's Day and all my friends went back to OLGC to celebrate. Even those that didn't come from there. And that includes guys. Lots of random CJC guys showed up, which is tre creepy. What, do you all have lolita complexes? Tsk tsk tsk. And what's more, the whole CJC band room had transplanted itself to OLGC. Ummm??

I think this is like, the after effects of downing 2 mugs of beer. I don't get drunk in real life but only in my sleep. :\

Ouch. I suddenly remembered that there were cats in the roof that made this huge racket a few years back. I thought they were restless spirits. Probably, from fucking around too much.

EDIT: Probably the wrong time to be panicking about this but omfg Music Proficiency test. Has anyone realized that oh I suck so bad in this whole aspect of music?


Why did I suddenly torment myself? (As if History and Economics and Lit wasn't enough :\) I inexplicably found the old SNSB booklet of yonks ago in my piano chair-compartment. I was happily reminiscing about all the pieces we played and then POOF

Here come Mr Alvin Seville s/o Arumugam's voice going, "MUSIC PROFICIENCY TEST HA HA HA". Way to pressurize.

Anyhoo. Back to that thing call studying.


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