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Hey guys!

Oh my god!

I got in!

To the Top 23!

I've got to do a video now to convince YOU and THEM why I should be The World's Coolest Intern!

If you don't really know what I'm talking about, check out my blog post or follow me on twitter at kaitensoshi!
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Deleted the holdingout folder finally. No more holding out.

Rebuild of Evangelion just opened on Friday. I wish I was in Japan now to catch it. ;_; I love the fact how glasses are a recurring motif.

So the weekend was unfortunately not spent with my crazy number of papers due, but rather with me chasing the illusory Masi Oka of Heroes fame.

Chasing after a Star )

After that crazy day, I vowed to track them down on Saturday because I needed to get him to sign my bokuto.

But fate would have its way with me.

I totally missed them by a mile, someting which happened twice during the weekend. Something that I totally didn't need for my already bruised ego.

Spiderpig By The Merlion )

I've been drawing lots of attention these past few days... I've been up on the Heroes website in their Singapore Tour video (where I look like a deranged fangirl), my photo has been up on various blogs and websites due to my crazy banners and my doll... I was actually recognized when I was waiting in futility at the airport on Sunday for Masi and Co to show up. In the end, only Ali Larter came (I must note that she was such a lovely person, polite and accomodating!) and I had some fellow fans come to me at aronud 3:15pm to tell me that Masi had already left the previous night.

Crestfallen doesn't begin to describe how I felt.

So anyway, here's to me receiving my prize for 3rd Place in the Open Category. I still think that I should've gotten first. Then again, who cares. I know what I wrote was good - I can write. And I can write well. I don't need no 1st place to tell me that I can write well. My first short story anyway. By far, a very good attempt at something other than bad poetry. And I'm published!

Due to some logistical error (this seems to be the buzzword nowadays), my cheque will be coming in the mail. I need in. I bought a whole lot of Threadless shirts for me GeekOut wardrobe. Embrace the Otaku/Geek. Be Geek. Now all I need is a pair of shorts and I'm all set to conquer the campus with my ultimate Geekiness.

Received my NUS Debit Card and the renewal slip for my Kinokuniya Privilege card. I like having cards, no matter how useless they are. I'd probably stuff my wallet full of poker cards if I didn't have any other cards to fill my wallet. Yeah, I'm that screwed up.

In a while, half the week will be gone and I'll have to start working on the draft that Mr N went through with me on Monday.

I hate tutorials, in a way. I'm frankly dreading having to go for tutorials. But I have one tomorrow and I can't skip it. So much for having a wonderful time.

Well, there's a rug shop visit at Tanglin in the evening, so I suppose that's something to look forward to.

I wish I had someone to look forward to.
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According to my mum, I am particularly lucky these few days )

Well of course. I definitely need more luck like this!

ZOMG. Best prize to win! (Minus the fact that er, it's Microsoft :D() ) BUT YAY FOR VISTA. I think the Singaporean Otaku/Geek God has answered my pleas for some sort of luck in the area. Hurrah! Elatedness.

So er anyway, I hung out at Chatterbox after 5 hours of lessons, while waiting for the rest of my group to show up. Hahaha, I think that I should hang out there more often and start residing there because there are... many... well... interesting things that happen. Like, how there were random guys doing splits and flips at one point. Plus, it's information central. For example, I would have never known to never mention Itule and Anderson on my LJ ever again because apparently the gnola eay (what you're reading right now if you haven't noticed =A=;;) appears on the search list. I think Mr N. would be proud. >__>;; It's second on the Google list. Hur.

Secondly, Xintian mentioned some nuggets of information which has made me realized that for some reason unknown to me I am er, actually quite known? I thought I was supposed to be the wallflower that blends into the background? What's up with this sudden "oh hello I know who you aaareeeeee *cue twilight zone music*"!??!?! I AM FAILING IN MY GOAL IN SWMMING UNDER THE SURFACE LIKE JAWS. Oh, and Heather (hello thar!) and I discovered, courtesy of Guangyi, the wonders of iTunes sharing.

Next thing I'll find out that I'm related to everyone else. D:

So anyway, ignore the blatant and many grammatical errors in this post. I need sleep. Even though it's er, only 5.
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argh, the formatting for the E&C piece I'm sending it rearranges itself EVERYTIME I reopen the file and it refuses to register in Microsoft Word.

The problem here is that the rules explicitly stated that it needs to be in a Microsoft Word documet - or sent in through snail mail which I'm too effing late to do so!!!!!! - and I'm royally screwed. I really want to submit this one and I'm taking a huge risk of being disqualified by sealing all its formatting horror in PDF format and hope that they'll accept it anyway. :D()

I think the calluses on my finger tips are set to grow huge and wide.
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Dear Ms Tan,

I am delighted to inform you that your entry, On Throwing Out Strawberry Shortcake, has been chosen as third place in the Open Category of the Inspire '07 National Writing Competition! On behalf of the Inspire team, I would like to extend to you my warmest congratulations.

The judge for the Open Category, Ms Hoh Poh Fun, has complimented the work of the Open Category as innovative and richly imaginative. However, before publication of the final manuscript and the final public release of results, she would like to invite the authors of the winning Open Category prose pieces to edit their work and to tighten the structure of their writing.


I am a little :< over the fact that it isn't 1st place but like whut the hell! I got 3rd in the Open Category! So that's GOOD ENOUGH FOR NOW.


I just realized that my height and weight will be taken during the medical checkup! I NEED TO STARVE MYSELF FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!!!

I desperately hope that Urban Outfitters will come to Singapore soon.
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Oh hey! The deadline has been extended to the 22nd of July, accordingto their website.


I can have more time to do a decent essay now. :3

And now I can pack my school-bag and retire for the night. I wrote 200 words today. Measley, but meh.
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Mmkay, for my essay then, I'm definitely going to use much techie jargon, because I love it. Style-wise... I think I'll go on my usual psuedo-satire tone.

[post to be editted]

Post-note: wtf? I can't believe I'm eking out a living on a measley allowance of SG$25 a week. Not that I'm complaining of course. I'm surviving very well thank you very much. But seeing and hearing how much other people my age have for their allowance (sometimes, a horrific unlimited allowance), I feel that I exploit myself sometimes. Don't get me wrong. My mum's a lovely person for the fact that she asked if I wanted an increase from my secondary school allowance (by the way, the $25 doesn't include transport fees, which is around $5 a week SHIT I AM BEING EXPLOITED). But being the self-righteous, high moral-ed kid that I am, I have so far vehemently denied her a chance of doing so.

Then again, she paid for my $200 textbook bill, which covers... a few months of "normal" allowance costs.

wtf. I'm such a scrooge.
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Oh orgasm. A brilliant idea of course, but colour screens? You buy an iPod for music, not to stare at it's mmmm-oh-so-good screen. Now I just have to decide whether I buy the iPod now, since Singapore doesn't have the colour one yet, or wait for the new one. Which actually serves me no purpose, except that it'll look cool. :\

I do need a new mp3 player. The shared iPodmini's dying. Barely enough space left and I need to replace the battery for my brother. No. Don't tell me to get a Creative Zen. I'm sorry but I don't support Creative outside their amazing graphics cards and sound systems. That's all.

Backlash from economics: Apple and Creative should just work together. Apple's design. Creative's sound. You can't deny that the iPod family's quality of sound leaves much to be desired. I mean, if you've made a deal with Intel, why not Creative? Then I wouldn't get snarked at for not supporting home-grown brands.

Anyway, why am I even talking about all these material posessions. It's not like I can afford it at the moment. Maybe by the end of next month, hopefully. I'm taking part in a few writing competitions where I hope that in some freak stroke of luck, I'll win the first prize and thus have the funds to refurbish my room with Mac computers and buy a graphics card for the wonky PC at home so my brother and I still can play games. Well, that can only happen if I win first prize two times.

I just want to win something, damnit. Consolation's good, 3rd's even better, but the prize money for first place is ohdearlordiwanttodienowandgotoheaven. That kind. Not to mention that it'll contribute to my portfolio and up my prestige in the gahment's eyes. <3

I'm looking for a newboy cap. *hint hint* The only hat I have that's suitable for my long skirt is those kind you see Japanese tourists wear. (Thus dubbed, the "Japanese-Tourists Hats" by my mum. :\) And uhhh, I don't think it's really good to wear that to a concert. Worst still my Charizard cap. I'm still contemplating over whether to wear the skirt to Jubilate or wear jeans. Hmmm. It's not that important anyway. I'll still be going clothed.

A second ago (alright, two seconds), I realized how hard it is to be human. If you're a girl and you're seen hanging around guys a lot, you're usually classified as a:
a) slut
b) flirt
c) you get the idea

which, by the way, is very detrimental to people like me, who don't understand the human psyche of general females of the world. I mean, hello? I'm certainly not bimbo/slut/flirt material. I'm just a good ol' fashioned tomboy. Well bimbo maybe, because I am an air head at times.

Yet, if I were a guy and was seen hanging around girls too much, I'd be called a:
a) gayeffeminate man
c) flirt

same old same old, as you can see. We can't live without stereotyping, sadly. It does make generalizing easier and it's amusing to a certain extent.

On another note, I'm might take part in NaNiWriMo (if I remember that correctly) during the month of November. So I shall start planning the gist of my (minimum)165 page novel and see how it goes. I need to decide if it's going to be character-driven or whatnot. What genre? How exciting! Mmkay. That sounded really forced.

In any case, I'm off to read John L. Gaddis' We Now Know, which for some reason I like to call 'Now We Know'.

I'm always available on MSN for a chat, and since I've semi-retired from brain-stimulating pursuits for the week, I'm welcome to senseless natter on the intarweb. I'm sorry to AIM-ers. I'm too lazy to log on. ;x


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