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14:37 I wish I could stay a little longer! id love to learn about japanese antiques from the hattoris #

16:45 Syabi isn't replying my e-mails in English so I sent them one in Japanese. If they don't reply by Wednesday I'm calling them!!!! :< #

17:11 一万年と二千年前から愛してる #

17:18 Video: Rango is coming. | Halcyon Realms - anime|photography|film tumblr.com/x4wcnfo9z #

17:19 Video: Rango is coming. | Halcyon Realms - anime|photography|film tumblr.com/x4wcnfoy0 #

17:22 Video: Jamiroquai Cup Noodle / Nissin Light commercial | Halcyon Realms - anime|photography|film tumblr.com/x4wcnftec #

20:38 @scyll24 @milkred omg my dad is actually entertaining the idea of adopting lysacat. #

20:46 @milkred @scyll24 I really hope it works out. I'm just really happy that he's actually talking to me about it :O #

21:29 @usagijen I'm so addicted to that song right now! :O #

21:53 Sidenote: Angels On Bare Skin is working wonders for me. D: This is not good because I will never get a steady supply of it back home. :\ #

22:01 caught the Full Monty Show this afternoon. Adrian Pang is HOTSTUFF; would totally do him if i had the chance hahaha (RT @electrictapirs) YES #

22:09 “Can there be art”-started "Roppongi Crossing 2010".Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition! #moriartmuseum (via @mori_art_museum) #

22:14 Photo: HI + LOW: L’AMERIQUE tumblr.com/x4wcnstti #

22:16 Most Boring Children's Museum in the World - Brand New tumblr.com/x4wcnsywc #

22:17 Photo: UPPERCASE - journal - Beautiful Binding tumblr.com/x4wcnt0jz #

22:18 Photo: Martin Wilson tumblr.com/x4wcnt1qq #

22:20 Photo: Vocal, Tatsuya Matsui and Yasumichi Morita for Louis Vuitton | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4wcnt4sq #

22:20 Photo: swissmiss | Hipster Fashion Cycle tumblr.com/x4wcnt5nx #

22:21 Photo: KN | Kitsune Noir » Postcards to Alphaville tumblr.com/x4wcnt6s4 #

22:21 Photo: “At the time harrier jump jets were at the cutting edge of… - but does it float tumblr.com/x4wcnt7fj #

22:22 Photo: They move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the… - but does it float tumblr.com/x4wcnt8zf #

22:25 Photo: tumblr.com/x4wcntecu #

22:33 Photo: via 4.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wcntsu1 #

22:34 Photo: via 1.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wcntu8r #

22:36 "Our mantra for this one is simple: Don’t take the picture, make the picture." - Tips and concepts for Taking... tumblr.com/x4wcntxxx #

22:38 "What I’m getting at here is that the key to making great photographs is not necessarily being the person..." tumblr.com/x4wcnu1h9 #

22:39 "With photography, as with any type of artistic craft, such as music or painting, I would say that being..." tumblr.com/x4wcnu2yf #

22:46 Video: Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man | Open Culture tumblr.com/x4wcnugmy #

22:47 Photo: “You gotta be alone and work alone. It’s a lonely occupation, if you wanna call it that.” (via Leon... tumblr.com/x4wcnuigm #

22:48 Video: Franz Kafka: The Animated Short Film | Open Culture tumblr.com/x4wcnujmq #

23:15 I am going to volunteer at Shakespeare & Co. once in my life before I die. #

00:30 Photo: plussixfive | Online Magazine for Fashion, Lifestyle, Art, and Culture Within The +65 State » Dr.... tumblr.com/x4wco02mm #

00:32 'Let Me In' trailer is a shocker -- the film actually looks good | Hero Complex | Los Angeles Times tumblr.com/x4wco07oa #

01:11 Number 1 frustration is never being able to get to participate in Arashi's shows. #

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