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11:29 今日の昼飯 campl.us/bzF #

11:48 Mmm, that kimchi onigiri was good. #

13:59 So I think I got the job for the legalese translation (!!!) but they need it by Friday evening which is neigh impossible because #

14:00 I have classes until 6pm tomorrow. I took an average of 3hrs to translate one page (IT IS HARD.) So if there are 3 pages left, I need 9hrs! #

14:06 I asked for an extension to Saturday evening (which means I stay up all Friday because Saturday I have a 工芸fair in the afternoon + 日本語クラス) #

14:08 でも、初めてお金をもらえる翻訳の仕事(←変な文法!)だから、受けたいです。 #

14:27 @yokotkmt よかった!ありがとう〜:D #

17:38 At the debriefing orientation, sitting by myself. as usual. <-no not being emo #

20:28 RT @Durf: Kurodahan Press Translation Prize (¥30,000 + publication of your contest entry): bit.ly/aLiugg (via @japanecho) #

20:36 ポラロイドフィルム届いた!! campl.us/bAy #

21:35 I cannot figure out if Japan Post or Yamato is cheaper. I am also paranoid about my books getting damaged. I should go with Yamato... #

21:44 @perpiewerpie Got the job! #

21:47 To-do list: 1) Japanese essay on でき婚!(土); 2) translation job(土); 3)bit.ly/b4EEKe on 土曜日の昼; 4) Religion class application (日) #

22:33 @NoriakiYamada When I shipped with Yamato a few months ago it was quite expensive, but a lot faster & cheaper than JPost's EMS! :) #

22:33 @Heathe Hahaahah, probably because my twitter name is pretty alien! #

22:33 @perpiewerpie Private & Confidential! Haha, it's pretty good? #

00:17 @perpiewerpie Hahaha, I need to actually finish this one first then if got pay then can offer what ;) No money I can only treat tissues :P #

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