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15:36 One more period before school is over! #

17:25 @owen_s This is like, one of the things that irk me the most. #

19:48 Photo: Mitsuo Katsui tumblr.com/x4wce5j9n #

19:50 Photo: via poolga.com tumblr.com/x4wce5l6m #

19:50 An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla: TokyoScope Talk Vol. 5: JAPANESE SUPERHEROES! tumblr.com/x4wce5lzi #

19:51 Gloomy author turns hip during recession blues tumblr.com/x4wce5mxm #

19:51 Video: SparkPlugged - Plugging the best of Japanese indie, rock and alternative music » Blog Archive »... tumblr.com/x4wce5nq4 #

19:51 Video: SparkPlugged - Plugging the best of Japanese indie, rock and alternative music » Blog Archive » Toki... tumblr.com/x4wce5odu #

19:54 "For Santos, 41, chef and owner of pastry shop and school Ecole Criollo (School of Criollo, with criollo..." tumblr.com/x4wce5s51 #

19:59 SHIFT CITY GUIDE | TOKYO | THE MONOCLE SHOP TOKYO tumblr.com/x4wce62kj #

20:01 Photo: via 1.bp.blogspot.com tumblr.com/x4wce66l5 #

20:02 Photo: Featured Photography Portfolio - Kurtis Wilson (Cheaper Show Edition) tumblr.com/x4wce67w9 #

20:03 Joker in the pack: Bruce Davidson's photographs of a Brooklyn gang | Sean O'Hagan | Art and design |... tumblr.com/x4wce69gy #

20:07 "In her work Andrea Stultiens tries to tell stories. Stories about people and their relation to their..." tumblr.com/x4wce6i3x #

20:08 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6jqv #

20:08 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6k5p #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6kfq #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6kv3 #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6l51 #

20:09 Photo: via kenshukan.net tumblr.com/x4wce6lf0 #

20:10 Photo: Zander Hodgson by Kai Z Feng | Homotography tumblr.com/x4wce6nk2 #

20:11 Photo: A Photo Editor - No, You Just Own A Camera Now tumblr.com/x4wce6or7 #

20:11 A Photo Editor - Ask Anything – Showing Wedding Photography With Editorial And Commercial Work tumblr.com/x4wce6po9 #

20:14 Guest Blog: Everything You Know About Concert Photography is Wrong - The Photoletariat tumblr.com/x4wce6uvo #

20:16 Guest Blog: Inside the Promotional Music Portrait - The Photoletariat tumblr.com/x4wce6y09 #

20:16 Photo: via bferry.files.wordpress.com tumblr.com/x4wce6zjb #

20:20 Photo: Mountain Research A.M Jacket | LIMITEDHYPE tumblr.com/x4wce76vd #

20:21 Photo: Louis Vuitton x The Selby in Tokyo tumblr.com/x4wce797j #

20:23 Photo: Bird House by Katsuhiro Miyamoto | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4wce7cc1 #

20:25 Photo: (by hiyokoimai) tumblr.com/x4wce7f1d #

20:32 Todd Hido tumblr.com/x4wce7tbj #

20:34 The Japanese have done it again - a Menstruation Machine. bit.ly/9eJTXc (via @lbgoh) #

21:48 @electrictapirs All the best! Also, CATALOG is looking for design interns! #

22:17 「twilight」is singles of the week on iTunes JP tmr! RT @pdis (cont) tl.gd/271at0 #

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