Jun. 11th, 2010

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14:45 OSHIMA Nagisa leads this year's lineup with the first film to be revealed. Read more about BOY here...bit.ly/dfXXog (@jpfilmfestival) #

14:47 @trufflepuff I have no idea what the squiggles mean, sigh :( #

14:53 Just sent in the application to volunteer at the @jpfilmfestival ! #

14:54 Video: Lady Gaga - Alejandro (via LadyGagaVEVO) tumblr.com/x4wbajk7e #

15:03 @trufflepuff Hahaha yeah but I wish I could just understand it w/o running it through a translation. HM I SHOULD LEARN KOREAN. #

15:28 @trufflepuff Same here. It's like, I don't know how to react -- which makes me feel like it's a failed vid because I SHOULD have one! XD #

15:29 I wish I had oodles of money to do both a creative writing (fiction) MFA and a course in photography. Thing is, I could do w/o both! #

15:48 @trufflepuff :D bookmarked!! #

15:58 @trufflepuff Exactly! I don't entirely understand how it's supposed to reflect the love for her gay friends. :\ #

15:59 @trufflepuff XD Yeah I gathered that much from your (very helpful <3) blog/FB posts! But I'm still very immature and haha, want to go to NY #

16:01 @trufflepuff Which from a cursory glance at GradCafe & the Blog isn't funding friendly. Though, I'm sure in two years I'll think differently #

16:16 フワフワ〜タイム?
The guy sitting in front of my in class today, he had K-ON! charms attached to his instrument case. I wanted to ask him about it. #

16:38 Piercing migraine! 痛っ! #

16:39 My culture class went to watch 「鳴神」today at the National Theatre and um, I fell asleep. I love kabuki, but I always fall asleep! #

16:42 @trufflepuff I shall be awful and visit you in the US when you're there ;) Yeah, I've got family in NY, Figured it'd be good to start there? #

22:57 @perpiewerpie Do you need someone to tuck you in! LOL #

23:14 @perpiewerpie "it was a dark and stormy night...." #

23:20 Video: SNOW Magazine » Queen + Leiji Matsumoto tumblr.com/x4wbb5xm5 #

23:33 @LadyGaGaSource1 Ah hello! Yes I have. I'll try to scan/take photos of the Gaga images ASAP. #

01:33 Video: My JET Experience tumblr.com/x4wbbcrs3 #

01:48 嵐のチケット…申し込むかな… #

01:48 @melvineatworld @zqrtsdv :( I want to go too! #

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