May. 16th, 2010

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12:18 Design Festa なう #

17:27 One day for design festa is not enough #

20:51 SNOW Magazine » Monocle Shop in Tokyo #

21:04 @perpiewerpie YES PERPIE? #

21:22 Augh augh augh, translation is hard. What did I get myself into. I need to complete this by 12midnight. On the bright side, prelim is done. #

21:37 @usagijen ありがとう!Hmm, would you approve of a translation which isn't 100% like the original but conveys the same message in different words? #

21:38 @usagijen It's a translation for something like this I don't know how close I should stick to the original. #

21:42 Man, I take my hat off to professional translators. There are many things that don't translate well from Japanese to English. Vice versa. #

21:52 @usagijen Yeah! I wish there was some way to convey the EXACT MEANING of things without sounding strange. It's such a strange language limbo #

22:32 @usagijen Muahaha, @owen_s is too busy!! #

22:38 @perpiewerpie Hahah, you should coordinate it so that I'm spammed at the same time :p #

22:38 @usagijen But yeah, 時間がない!I have to submit this trial thing by tonight D: #

22:54 Done! Going to read through it again and find someone to proof-read it... #

00:07 @perpiewerpie TMI dude, TMI. #

01:30 今日@monimonimalsから、すごく可愛いシロクマさん買った! #

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