Apr. 22nd, 2010

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20:49 PET PEEVE NUMBER 1: IT IS "DEADLINE", not "dateline". SERIOUSLY. #

21:44 いやー、やっぱりメールで業務を行うは難しい。敬語を分かても、使う場合はまだ苦手です。なんか、guidebookがありますか? #

22:12 @kurage313 いいえ!本当にまだ勉強して、日常的な日本語だけ知てる…今日本で住んでいるので、いつも日本語を話さなきゃ。なんとか徐々に上げていくことです。 #

22:21 Reading up on the basics of concert photography. I've been asked to shoot for a band(!!!) and all I've done so far is amateur stuff. #

22:22 Amateur stuff from Singfest while in the middle of a moshpit, with my PnS. Though I've got some awesome shots. Still! Totally unexperienced. #

22:23 The most annoying thing is that I've got only my 50mm 1.8 and my kit lens to work with. Well it's not like if I have "better" lenses I'll #

22:23 take better photographs but I wish I had purchased another piece of glass for wider shots. Or intense closeups. I have to wing this. #

22:42 Photo: Andrew Kendall - Andrew’s Favourite Photographs tumblr.com/x4w8wj62l #

23:06 Anyone has a Canon EF 28mm lens in Tokyo that they're willing to loan me for a day (6/5/2010)?
Canon EFレンズ 28mm が一日で借りて欲しい! #

23:35 Photo: via www.thesartorialist.com tumblr.com/x4w8wl26z #

00:10 10. Magazine - So 10. Magazine stumbled onto my webpage via a friend who photographs for them. tumblr.com/x4w8wm8pa #

01:51 @lbgoh 500D! Why!! :O #

01:57 @lbgoh HOLY CRAP ARE YOU SERIOUS!? CAN I TOUCH IT WHEN I GET BACK! Haha, I'll be back in mid-August! #

01:59 @lbgoh Yay can share lenses hurhurhurhur. But man, 7D! One day I will own one... one day... #

02:58 @lbgoh I've only got the 50mm 1.8 and the 18-55mm right now. The 15-85mm looks sweet! #

02:59 @lbgoh Oh man, when they released the 550D I cried inside you know!!! The 7D + lb = awesome films? :D #

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