Apr. 3rd, 2010

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08:55 Heading off to the TAB office in a bit. #

09:24 おは〜 アートフェア東京へ行ってきます! #

14:34 Art Fair Tokyo blew my mind away, for the simplest reason that I have never been to an art fair proper. #

15:19 Help! I have a $1.00 outstanding fine for NUS. am wondering if any kind soul could help me pay it first before they cut off my privileges. #

15:22 As fate would have it, after reading about Mizuma Art Gallery, I've been tasked to writing about it. Awesome possum. #

15:24 @mma323 I've never been to any art fairs before this so I can't compare; but it was eye-opening! The exhibitors were very forthcoming. #

15:25 MAM invites visitors to take photos of latest show and share them on Flickr! bit.ly/9F0Hqw (via (cont) tl.gd/n825d #

15:25 @trufflepuff <3! By ez-link or cashcard I think. My matric. number is U072176N (or U0702176). I OWE YOU ONE <3 (literally hurhur) #

15:30 @trufflepuff 谢谢!如果不可以,不用jing (because I have forgotten the character for it omgwtf) #

15:31 @gssq Not sure! Am going to find out soon! #

15:49 @trufflepuff thank you so much!! :D #

01:25 Wrote my first invoice! :D #

01:42 Photo: Kazuhito Shibue – from The 18th District of Paris | japan exposures tumblr.com/x4w84mci5 #

02:44 Caved and preordered the platinum version of TMGS3... #

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