Mar. 27th, 2010

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10:11 Don't know if I should head down to the anime fest at big sight #

10:22 Haha, the fact that I'm actually considering NOT going is telling. #

10:33 @perpiewerpie Yup should be no problem :) Muchos gracias Senior Goat! #

12:12 @milkred I hope therell be a truce soon! Japan`s been alright i guess? school`s starting soon! #

12:14 Tokyo International Anime Fair 途中で #

12:29 @perpiewerpie Terrible! LOL, maybe ive watched it? #

12:39 豊洲なお。ゆりかもめ乗り換え。 #

14:21 Gah! TAF was pretty fun but im definitely out of the rabid fangirl stage! #

16:54 @perpiewerpie its not a love note so read away! if its not too much trouble could u scan the docs? or i can get parents to pick up from u^^; #

17:11 Katsu bento for dinner? mmm, hopefully sakai still offers that mustard katsu. #

17:41 @perpiewerpie That would be fantastic. :D I owe you many many. And probably a Tenga. HAHAHAAH. #

18:10 @perpiewerpie You can drop it off in the mail box? :O I dont' think anyone's home now :'( #

21:09 thelichenpress: #

22:24 @perpiewerpie Ok hold on! #

22:26 @perpiewerpie OMG Why are you making me hungry! #

22:48 Wow, @ladygaga caught on Chatroulette: (via @iA) #

00:14 @perpiewerpie Yup it's there! #

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