Mar. 25th, 2010

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11:28 It seems to rain every time I cover an art event. Eating lunch now, then preparing to head out to Watari-um before having my first trial 英会話 #

11:39 @mma323 Yup! #

13:07 @PerpieWerpie Perpie! Could you do me a favour! #

15:33 @perpiewerpie Hurhur, now I'm damn paiseh. Could you help me pick up some form from the Lit Department? :O #

15:51 Geh. Rain. I shall postpone Watari-um to tomorrow and head for the 英会話 only. D: I'm such a bum. #

15:52 Not to mention that it's sleet-ing/hail-ing outside! #

16:09 Drafting John Lurie article... #

16:27 @perpiewerpie Yay awesome! I'll pass your matric. number to the counter? Basically it's AS5 Level 6. You'll be picking up my SEP forms ^^;; #

16:44 @perpiewerpie You mean your name is not Mr. Goat Loves Cheese? #

16:47 @perpiewerpie Admin says to avoid 1-2pm. :D #

17:03 @mma323 Bring an umbrella! It's raining heavily here D: #

21:27 I knew I wasn't suited to teaching people anything. Or interacting with human beings, for that matter. #

21:28 Hopefully the trial student hates me enough to not contact me for any more lessons. Who cares about extra cash, I don't have an extra ego. #

21:47 @circlerectangle What's on! #

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