Mar. 11th, 2010

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14:49 Testing out Tweetie right now. Seems to be working pretty swell! #

14:56 @melvineatworld ORLY? :O #

15:25 @melvineatworld Chey~ #

15:26 Packing light for my 10 day Kansai/Chubu trip. One extra set of clothes and I think that's all. Lots of socks and underwear, definitely. #

15:27 @zqrtsdv I DO! I DO WATCH IT! ..I'm just...not...awesome...enough... #

16:09 See the evolution of English literature in Hong Kong (via @cnngo) #

16:10 @kenleewrites Kind of! I enabled growl notifications and they just spam my desktop every once in a while. #

16:55 I'm half thinking that I'm not exploring Osaka properly. But I've only got a day. Which I'm spending half in Takarazuka/Takedao. #

16:56 Then again considering how I've been to Osaka at least three times before... It's really no big deal seeing as how I'll be back soon enough. #

19:02 Damn. Will have to start throwing out food soon. Before I leave for my 6am train at Takadanobaba. #

19:02 I should get up at around 4:30 and leave latest by 5:15am. #

20:27 Going to run around Kansai/Chuubu with my Tekkon Kinkreet shirt. :) #

20:49 @alafista All the best! #

20:49 The British Journal of Photography has had a complete redesign and becomes a monthly (via @CreativeReview) #

21:16 @Heathe Hope you have an even better day tomorrow! #

21:28 perch on the ceriph birdhouse | blankanvas #

21:35 Photo: Introducing the Tokyo Art Beat Official iPhone and iPod touch app | TABlog | Tokyo Art Beat #

21:40 Photo: via #

21:40 Photo: swissmiss | Mug and Milk Jug with Chalk Area #

21:41 Photo: Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » living in: alice in wonderland #

21:59 @trufflepuff I hope not! I thought I was just a bear... #

22:05 @trufflepuff Apparently I am a "Growmeow" D: #

23:01 Mum might be coming over in July/August! #

00:05 @rainbowtrippin !!! When did you change your Twitter!!! #

04:15 @rainbowtrippin I've had barely 4 hours sleep and have a 10 hour train ride ahead of me! Wish me luck!! #

06:20 WTF. Why cant i get a seat?! damn rush hour. do i have to stand all the way to atami?! #

06:34 富士山見える! #

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