Feb. 22nd, 2010

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10:30 Japanese camera collectors are CRAZY. I had to fight tooth and nail to get to the front of the counter at Matsuya Ginza's fair. :\ #

10:40 @mijonju Hahaah, I camped from 10pm last night. Which was totally unneeded. Totally shagged and heading back right now D: #

10:40 @mijonju The non 8500yen, 100 pieces only selection is pretty good though! If I had more cash on me, I would have gotten a Leica rangefinder #

10:41 Spoils of the 12hour wait and 1/2hour fight with Camera Collectors: Leica C1 and Nikkor 135mm f3.5 #

10:44 @mijonju When I left about 1/2 hour ago, there were still a good number of 8500yen special deals on sale. Not sure about now. D: #

10:47 @mijonju Aside from the Anniversary 8500yen counter, not many! I was there around 7:30pm last night and not many people too :O #

10:49 @PerpieWerpie I get the teeth falling out thing a lot too :( #

10:49 @mijonju Hope you have fun! :D :D It was great looking at all the cameras! #

11:23 ăȘぜ〜! RT @mdnjp: Meiji University robs Waseda of popularity crown bit.ly/daUkzq #

21:37 Had an awesome dinner + tea ceremony with the Hattori family! #

22:52 @usagijen Strangely enough I wouldn't be surprised!? XD Mr Hattori is an antique dealer/conserver #

04:17 Sending stuff out tomorrow, and using the remainder of my money for groceries. #

05:49 Photo: Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination tumblr.com/x4w6o66x3 #

05:51 I'm tired. I can't sleep. Even though I've only had 2 hours sleep in the past what, two days. I am going to take a bath with the bath bomb. #

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