Feb. 12th, 2010

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17:28 Video: This wins on so many levels. I also want Hetalia parodies. tumblr.com/x4w6cbdw5 #

17:51 I miss my homies (LOL) @PerpieWerpie @burnoutfirefly and @futurachel #

17:52 @PerpieWerpie What about "I come in peace"? #

17:52 So I was at the #JMAF at the National Art Center today. Great inspiration to all the ideas in my head. Now to learn the technical know-how.. #

17:58 Creative Review - MTV logo changes, stays same tumblr.com/x4w6cbyjn #

18:03 Photo: Annapurna Moonrise: Night Photography at Base Camp Gorgeous photography and equally luscious prose. I... tumblr.com/x4w6cc1mp #

19:21 Photo: マッド ティーパーティー ポット ネックレス グリーン|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdgyi #

19:22 Photo: マッド ティーパーティー ダブルティーカップ チャーム ホワイト|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdh8h #

19:22 Photo: DRINK ME ネックレス|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdhtt #

19:23 Photo: アリスの鍵 ネックレス|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdi4s #

19:23 Photo: Pitcher Necklace White|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdik9 #

19:26 Photo: アリスのポケットウォッチ ネックレス|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdka8 #

19:27 Photo: EYE Love Strawberry Chocolate|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdl9w #

19:32 Photo: アリスのミントクリーム ブローチ|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdopy #

19:32 Photo: Mustache Brooch|Q-pot.ONLINE SHOP tumblr.com/x4w6cdp1j #

00:27 @PerpieWerpie OMFGWTFISTHAT. #

00:42 @PerpieWerpie WHAT ELSE WOULD I OMFG TO? #

02:05 Photo: Library Card Catalog File by amsuarezfl on Etsy tumblr.com/x4w6cncuw #

02:06 Photo: Stubborn Foot Bookend original drawing on solid by auroraleehales tumblr.com/x4w6cndwm #

02:06 Photo: Vintage Black Industrial Desk Lamp by vintagecottagegarden on Etsy tumblr.com/x4w6cne4l #

02:13 Photo: Vintage 1940’s Wood Drawer Desk Organizer/Receipt by VintageScraps tumblr.com/x4w6cnk8d #

02:13 Photo: Date night tuxedo dress white grey jersey pearl by Minxshop tumblr.com/x4w6cnkk2 #

02:13 Photo: The Library Book by rookery on Etsy tumblr.com/x4w6cnkqy #

03:13 Photo: Green Marker | Yuruliku | Spoon & Tamago tumblr.com/x4w6cp7k6 #

03:16 Photo: iv. What is thy mouth to me? A cup of sorrowful incense, A tree of keen leaves, An eager high ship, A... tumblr.com/x4w6cpa1n #

03:17 Photo: via modernica.files.wordpress.com tumblr.com/x4w6cpbhn #

03:17 Photo: ShareSomeCandy: super furry tumblr.com/x4w6cpbm7 #

03:17 Photo: via modernica.files.wordpress.com tumblr.com/x4w6cpbol #

03:17 Photo: via modernica.files.wordpress.com tumblr.com/x4w6cpbsi #

03:17 Photo: via modernica.files.wordpress.com tumblr.com/x4w6cpbw4 #

03:40 Style that's top, sweet, masculine, temporary and trademarked | The Japan Times Online tumblr.com/x4w6cpyrh #

03:47 Photo: ShareSomeCandy: valerie roybal tumblr.com/x4w6cq5gp #

03:48 Photo: Alexander McQueen Summer/Spring 2010 | theartistandhismodel tumblr.com/x4w6cq6mq #

03:49 Photo: Vintage Japanese industrial expo posters ::: Pink Tentacle tumblr.com/x4w6cq7kr #

03:49 "And yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is still slightly involved, but only because his company, Appian Way, is..." tumblr.com/x4w6cq85f #

03:54 Ambassade de France au Japon tumblr.com/x4w6cqctp #

04:42 "The body itself became a vehicle through which the artist could communicate mood, tension, atmosphere,..." tumblr.com/x4w6crsko #

05:05 A Beginner’s Guide to Tokyo Gallery Geography | TABlog | Tokyo Art Beat tumblr.com/x4w6csi0m #

05:38 Photo: Creative Review - Seb Lester’s new JD Salinger book jacket designs tumblr.com/x4w6ctgms #

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