Feb. 8th, 2010

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15:23 Oops, spent at least 100sgd on photo books and muji goods〓 #

18:47 Photo: plussixfive | Online Magazine for Fashion, Lifestyle, Art, and Culture Within The +65 State » Dr... tumblr.com/x4w67sjjr #

21:05 LOL-ing at how a lot of people are going ZOMG at WonFes when I couldn't even be bothered to go. :\ #

04:33 Slept at 10pm, awake at 5am. Wokaaaaay. Anyway, today shall be laundry + massive cleaning up of room day! #

05:25 Photo: the celebrated new miscellany of mr simon collison | blankanvas tumblr.com/x4w68a7xn #

05:29 Photo: Finally!: New And Improved Ketchup Packets - Geekologie tumblr.com/x4w68ach4 #

05:29 Video: The Evolution of Remix Culture (via normative) tumblr.com/x4w68ad3k #

05:31 Twilight's Shirtless Werewolf Spies A Stretch For New Movie - ' - io9 tumblr.com/x4w68afkm #

05:33 "Once we got over our shock at the rumor that DC Comics may be planning a sequel to Watchmen, we started..." tumblr.com/x4w68ahge #

05:37 Video: The Evolution of Remix Culture (via normative) tumblr.com/x4w68anjc #

06:13 N-natural系<3 #

07:40 Photo: wickedlaundry’s online store - Showcase 5// Accessorize for your love! tumblr.com/x4w68f23z #

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Alright. I'm not a big fan of Valentines' Day, what with the tradition of giving out chocolates to every other girl in the school back when I was still in school (it was Stressful and Expensive); but Single Pride Day is even more ridiculous. No, I'm not saying that we shouldn't be proud to be single and independent and i-bought-that-car-with-my-money but think about it. Is there a need to make such a big deal about it? I don't think so.


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